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D&C – Celtics owners Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca

Aug 30, 2016|

Celtics owners Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca join John, Gerry and Kirk to during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to talk about the off-season and to help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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The fifteenth annual. WEEI messenger be on radio telethon is on gay role. And so is the sports franchise board next who two guests the Celtics brass are your what one of the this year and one of them is on the phone with prospect joins us on the AT&T outlined Steve Pagliuca in studio. You guys are beaten up here Roger. We are really excited about the upcoming season yeah you know what excites you the most about. Well you know we edit Horford whose yes plastic inside player right great gift choice and in them. Jalen brown and and are cast coming back to do so well last year so we're real excited wicker you project and pumped. On the phone but at the way I project and pump are what hundred appear on camera app to beat off camera. Or traffic and pale white why the Celtics affinity for the Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund in the telethon Ellis. I. And since that game we got here he took these really ensure that this is such a community. Asset and a few community opportunity we we believe together we never relate you know don't old routine worked taking care of it was atrocities of it. It's owned by everybody and if somebody community really. Being part of the chimney under the game. There we can do that are really are but what makes it worked well in the big part of what trying to do. That anybody in New England takes for granted the Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund and all that sort of thing but it's so. Ingrained in all fabric portion of our lives and I think we look at and say well that's the way it's supposed to beat but if you live in some other major city you don't have this asset available to Steve. Yeah it's been an amazing charity for many many many years and obviously. Cancer is it's a tough tough disease were experiencing in our own family with my my niece. Telling Acer being treated by Dana Farber the last six years for a young girl ten years old ushers or coma. And Dan has its failure treatments and then and and and she's been battling cancer with them they've been their step of the way so. We've we've really been in if you really support the Jimmy Fund and it's fantastic we have it here for the Boston area. It just curious you guys what if the Colin happening thing catches on and you guys in plays in the MBA or Celtic players it. I'm not known to us and them thing anymore we use it. Up. You we are players are very respectful and we're very respectful and you know will will will cross any kind of bridge would come to have but that we're really happy with our team and how to comport themselves and think we have great group of individuals. That you do seem to have like good character guys and I think it starts with which Stephenson. Yeah absolutely. Quick if our if our ownership and it goes up. We are really we really liked it would actually Brad and he the best side or our post. Guys they selected players seem to fit. A ball of these young guys getting better but he's hungry and tell you to a couple of years older but you know four time all starters took a lot of Jews accuse. Left and the rate Europe and go there with these Olympics. It was her moment during the entire process where you thought you were going to get Kevin Durant. I think we're very close. Be put on a great presentation the players did a fantastic job Tom Brady helped us him. I think we were very compelling but but we we kind of the I know that the doctor did you think any any Camby guys usually we're gonna get this done. But we always hope for the best. And and we prepare. For otherwise but I think we had a real shot or don't want take away from Brady's presentation always remembered always tell tell people he did or. He tried to do with actor. You know he he he he made a very compelling case how it so special. To be of the play in Boston the number one sports town in America and and went in and winning champs of Boston's like nothing else than he made a very. Compelling presentation on the on the fact I think really impressed around. It quick I'm sure you more than anybody else know about the old slot and it's probably three or 45 may be the longer than that ago when people that we're a free agents high profile people don't wanna come to Boston. It's cold. Play you know whatever the case it would other complaints would happen to be that seems to have been sort of washed out with the tide eight would you agree with that can be how's that happen. Well I I do agree and I I always felt like we get them here if we may play with opting a chance to win a ring. And one of the fact that contending position of winning a ring we're wearing our rings and their what we're searching to rehab and mr. And rings are really important players there's some money in the NBA you get money at any city you can only get a ring. In a couple of opportunities a couple of places and we wanna be one of those places minimal continue to attract people like or what's to come here. Because of the errant because the tradition they want to be the next. The next engine and and charge more people. It one more direct question for bogey if you don't mind were you surprised that he did not want to assume the mantle being the alpha dog. You know to be believed pack here as opposed to being one of three or one of four to place it was already established and by the way a team that beat him. You know those are always very personal decisions by the players that we we really can't get into their heads but he would have been a great fit here for sure. And we were excited to have primaries class act they just came back from the Rio Olympics and you know he carried himself extremely well down there knew what went into teams so. Look forward competing and to be very close David Bradley and you know I think we're gonna bother him defensively and we want the one of the only teams to the guillotine to be. Both Golden State and Cleve Wright their own port blisters or exciting plan we. You assume he's gonna get booed every time we touched the ball in Boston you never know. You went to victory at the miscues by its. And not that I know of her. But I'm I'm done having kids those I think it's good besides basketball when you see him. Saw saw fantastic you know volleyball match young beach volleyball and that's incredible moment on the beach there. Sought who's involved when the 200. That was a tough ticket just swimmers taking a leak on the set of suspicion it didn't see that here. A quick end and and mr. packs of Steve thanks very much for spending some time with us this morning good luck going forward and all the cities starting to get ramp up and amp a about the Boston Celtics as. As summer turns in the fall. We you know we. We see what you guys do to the Jimmy under your right to make our nation and commitment once again this year and real honor to be. Part of this we thank you guys and in our fellow special teams encountered in itself it's Jim. Grant Iowa Iowa and our our our personal thanks from selling in the him hurting Dan Farber is done and will be senator between 5000 dollar alteration off rates all right thank you very much and thank you we appreciate that Rick what you'll do. Steve thank you pacts thank you very much we'll see assumed. OK okay thanks a lot.

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