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D&C - Dr. Allison O'Neill, pediatric oncologist, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Dr. O'Neill completed her fellowship in 2011. She is a clinician and scientist who spends 50% of her time treating patients with solid tumors, with a special focus on treating patients with liver tumors, and 50% of her time performing clinical and preclinical research. Her research focuses on targeting tumor cell surface proteins to enhance diagnostics and therapeutics. Dr. O’Neill’s recent projects include: The creation of a humanized antibody – targeting a particular sarcoma cell surface protein – with the goal of improving the detection of disease and delivering therapies directly to disease sites; work on an international liver tumor protocol designed to treat children with hepatoblastoma and hepatocellular carcinoma (this will allow us to learn more about tumor biology and drug efficacy in rare disease); work on a whole-body MRI protocol designed to screen patients with cancer predisposition syndromes.

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Joining us for the second year in a row here are broadcast night at Fenway Park. Doctor Alison O'Neal she is a pediatric oncologist Jimmy Fund clinic and Dana Farber good morning doctor Neil Howard you don't. That you went quickly that it not make it what did you accomplish my handicap up to like thirty over the course of the year when you accomplish in the last year. I read pan mass challenge will. You get an idea that's fantastic and and at what point did you pass Callahan it's it's easy for scheming I have to say that that she passed me on the who they think he's getting your accent yet. Fit this. If people liked people that you passed me going up in Illinois I'm legal and now. Yeah there was one they're able I did when I did an excellent and yet the value of our time yeah they're trying to I guess I just your tickets are fifty Georgia right now. I started that next year out how what it always fantastic yeah you know I mean I've wanted to do every year acting training equipment and where that is an event. The struggle but on best event and done I mean I think I was telling me this evidence is uniting as she knew my anxiety going into this I never clicked into bike pedals. I'm certain person default meaning they're going to roll over roll yeah yeah everything my my my app fear. I wrote on the team of that that patient father and my patients others are and his team. He's been riding for years yes he exceed and donate money researchers wonder and I join their team this year to ride. And and there's that stretch right after lunch and you guys CNET and ice and engineers against is that eight pounds and don't tell you about this. But there is that the last out right before the break where there's all the pedal. That that keep it pediatric articles list on the infield it's the most beautiful. Elephants offense and it was a really long. Miles that would assigns are and they're not a science laggards with their faces in there to ask. When you know actually in jail Michael and every kid's in a beautiful smiles and. Each smile is attributed they're going through it many of them are currently on there in their pictures. In that and it's emotional you don't even notice on the last you yourself give it a rest stop but you're so distracted inspired by these faces on many who rhino. So I think after I mean is it. Hey it kind of speaks to why do I do but also just the inspiration in my experience nurses can become a somewhat attached people at least. Come attachment. Doctors have to remain at a distance you know seem like you keep that distance. Not perfectly but I think that's the beauty of the doubt I think it allows you to establish relationships that you never. I think family means you at their hardest times that you have the ability to create relationships and only get them through the medical peas I really am glad you insight to their families. Their struggles their lives and I think. It allows you to be a better position. But he does say personal connection make it more difficult or easier to do what you do. For me easier because it's probably unfair. I think I mean really allowed to treat a person not just the disease right. And I think as relationships. They laugh now I think in handling is nine siblings it's really. I had asked that my first in Kenya atmosphere. It into an apartment was what a loss to a team heroes aren't happy birthday party Jerry Jerry goes the plate so don't. Cassie got it together Novo cooking over at they've married but I didn't I didn't have one of those of what you don't know you know are going fifteen he did air. Quite a few. And yet you your whole photo thing is that part of your musical interlude here do you go to their funerals I do. In my personal nations. And I think it's an opportunity to say hi I think it's attribute to the child. And some doctors don't. I don't think many of us do you via the Jimmy Fund I mean again it it's at the type of institution and establish just such report patients and their eyes. I Hersh of the programs and just the waiting institute runs in that department of pediatrics and I think many have us do it ends this. You our coalition and a scientist and you spend 50% of your time treating patients and 50% of the time doing research that's like back in the old date a football player would play offense and defense do you prefer one over the other. Now now. And and the reason I. Do you recent nine to act but it's not that in street. That clinical times and there you mean by that I can't record on either. And seen cases still don't do nearly as bluntly. On the basis it. The diseases which they diagnosed. Am really is inspiration for the he's a really big breakthroughs research wise is in the last year or so last couple years were were people can see real changes. I think I think the next decade is going to be a decade from in there I think we're seeing more aren't into outside and it's trickling down to the pediatrics side where I we're utilizing the patient's own immune system to recognize the cancer and awaited his. And so. A lot of research on doing is in that field app currently. And I think it's a means by which to create more focus there is that are less toxic utilized agents on defense mechanisms to back. Wouldn't say humanize. Antibody. Explain it to reelect him five girls yet okay. And we knew when her vaccinated. And entry into bodies against ascent and things that's that the body can I am content and and lot of times and we are doing research for doing research in mice and so the antibodies are using to target analysts are mice generated. So they can never be used in human reaction are we so if we able to find a particular target for ticket. To get tumor type that we can target with an antibody to allow gaming system to recognize hitting Killen we can't just use the mouse antibodies that are actually out. We need to translate them into something that's usable in and so that's. Some of the work and currently dealing it's taking an antibody for heart and I hope will be beneficial in tumor called healing thing karma affects both children adolescents and about our at this. Is a stupid question bottom very good bet on the game that you go win to do your research work. And you get your cup of coffee in you when you sit down at the with your lab coat on. And at the table like what what are looked like the first thing you do like to take something of tests to be put under a microscope goes honest to. & Associates would ask guests and check it sticks out of last makes a bloody Mary shot at a patent or at least it. The now I had complaining. Out of my answer the aid. I. Am coming into the clinic at Emory implications and Nancy plans and data treatments that are. I locked lavender anything. I'm lining tactics parents and for the day I know. An Indian medical trying to cheat you get by and that there and weeks a lot of its plan and then. She is that doctor Alison O'Neill a pediatric oncologists the Jimmy Fund clinic Dana Farber a great to see you for the second your enrolled by the way I assume your affiliation with the team on which with which you ride in the pan mass for the guy who contribute to you. We'll give you a good reason to add to ignore Jerry's advances when he tries to get you one of the reindeer. And here this it is. Human experiences and Adam but it's kind of a flirty. Then because everybody. For slow all of most of the women of race it's people behind right of the electorate and their name actress on the oil pools I have for. Welcome hometown I think I sold Iran drag their friends that ride with and these hills and from. I. I don't know what stern and as a few hours and hours on the bike and he's not like really acting that is a guarantees probably made the moves islands under on you how you'd. Doing the Elvis Costello songs mean. I'm Alice I'm. And advocates say that America president forgot my name is an act of hate and you can forget this picture and a I mean there but I think the bottom line the event is incredible on that. People in the time at the time people spend on raising money for this to their prize and in the same people calling into the ocean spray and ain't. I can speak from the research perspective and the comical ones that I am. The effort and the I love that people pour into it in terms of raising money and dedicating time is unbelievable and so very appreciated and needed I think we have a long wait again. Doctor O'Neill great to see you really go back next here are some pretty ready Kirk. And listen. Mind and not much room of one products won't Elvis Costello. You think Alison fan yes yes yes pace since 1993 wanting to remain constant the Boston Red Sox baseball to.

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