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DH - Paris Prinsen,12, osteosarcoma, with her dad, Ed

Aug 29, 2016|

Dale & Holley and Thornton met Paris during their recent visit to the Jimmy Fund Clinic. Paris completed treatment a few weeks ago! Paris was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma in October of 2005. She came home from daycare with a bump on her head that looked like she had been hit with something. Her parents called the daycare and they assured them that nothing had happened that they were aware of. The lump didn’t go down so her parents took her to the pediatrician. The initial thought was that it was a lymph node reaction to a couple of bug bites on her shoulder. Her mom kept pursuing it, she just had a feeling something was not right. Her mom noticed another mass on Paris' thigh. The doctor’s initial thought was that they were fatty tumors and she had an MRI to see about removing them. The MRI revealed over 30 masses in her legs! They scheduled a biopsy right away and discovered it was neuroblastoma. Her treatment plan was originally 5 rounds of chemotherapy followed up with 2 stem cell transplants and high dose acute treatments afterwards. After the 5 rounds of chemotherapy they still wanted to get her disease a bit more cleared up so they added 2 more rounds from a relapse protocol. The first stem cell transplant was a 7 day round the clock chemotherapy drip with rescue stem cell. The second was a 5-6-day total body radiation and focused radiation on her kidney and her thigh. [This is the treatment that lead to her secondary cancer now.] In October 2015, she was being scanned for routine follow up from first diagnosis. Ultrasound of kidneys showed some nodes on her liver. She had a MRI to confirm FNH from the first treatment and they noticed tumor on her pelvis. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and has been undergoing chemotherapy and just completed treatment a few weeks ago! Her hobbies include, playing the piano and violin, crafts, her pets, baking, heavy metal music, YouTube videos, swimming, and math. Paris dreams of going to Harvard one day, and becoming a doctor or nurse. She has a younger brother, Caden, 7.

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Paris prince and is in the house rock in the sweetest beat dec beat dazzled Red Sox GAAP I have ever seen hello Paris. How are yet. Did I read on line didn't see something online that you just recently completed your therapy down there. It's Lisa sure percent out of picture and I sought and you stand there with a picture outside the united it's that Paris is all done. Of them make. You happy. I bet that's great about Paris I don't know if you remember the last time we saw you and you have heard the agreement we said. Parents we're gonna give you. Is this space to talk about whatever you want to wonder radio. As that you think about it wherever you wanna talk about and you wanna go to Harvard talk about Harvard could talk about dance where everyone. So what what it what do you what do you decided to talk about today nice story all of us here. Well and he's going to. It. Yes he used to. Well. That was the first diagnosis. By the way this is dead her dad and his fellow terrorist attack that costar here you know I'm always costar. Yes it usually gets come for two reasons pain Kerry this time especially look at back. So yeah Paris was originally diagnosed which was nineteen months old with neural blessed moment. And that was October of 2005. She went through seven rounds of chemo two stem cell transplants. And we thought we are and you know. From the sale from the aero and you've been followed by all the doctors and then Barbour ends the Boston children's and turns notes. In the fall. All of the radiation that she went through one of themselves was actually 1% to transplant was total body radiation. And one of the protocols were no words to radiate the primary tumor. And because of all the that radiation. She ended up with the secondary. Costumes are coma on the area that they irradiated just behind the kidney. So you we are. What was it ten years almost to the day shoes secondary. Just a moment diagnosis. And she. Went through 31 weeks of treatments and lose. Here we are near the side of it it's. Relatively intact. A couple of surgery seasons. Should be back to normal. But that parents pick it up there's looks like you say you're ready to say right now that's enough but you now it's that the now with a pair show. Well and one. Talk about it leave you on the second we sell. It started when. I was at. So in six straight every six meter at my school gets to go to camp in me but for Nike's. And that's when I noticed and started limping and Penang island Elvis night. And it it was really that camp and I didn't think there's anything really important. I so that those blocking line in the but. And we had a Lehman at Boston children's. And found something island. Yeah she had a ghost who's been seen by the kidney doctors and they wanted to be an ultrasound just a routine ultrasound. During the ultrasound they noticed some masses on her liver. Goes. Mass is apparently are something that kids and going through the extensive team that she'd gone through as a child. They end up with something called at any age. Don't ask me what that stands for oranges it's a hyphenated. Really long. But they decided. In order to tell for sure they need she needed an MRI. Was there an MRI when they found these secondary. Tumor the appellate. You know Paris you've got a crazy amount of hobbies and interest you play violent. Rage played piano. You get pets. Crafts. Art I mean what. Have you been able to keep up to one all these things or to the 31 weeks of of you doctors have visits take over your whole life. It just go over and gets you nice animals as knives is weird because given you relationship were all very close. They don't even get along with a cat. That's weird that's just who is so weird that's that's the Paris effect. And I actually have the cat named Oliver and he's like a dog he'll be outside of countless Amy comes. And at a penny stamps and he's not even in the. Why not why isn't why the newspapers that one is just troubled peace. Yeah it just a tease you he's just truck. These are cap yet is it involved a litter box and Heidi didn't use the litter box well Lebanese Lebanese letting you know written anything. Fox. When he's bad he's got a target sisters. And I will say it is definitely that would step up. Quite a bit after diagnosis. It's almost like we're paying for her not being home. This cat is actually hurt that. It's in her room only likes me she can do whatever she wants to I shall in the room with cat. Rounds where his life like it's and undermine. Paris where he won at school. And go to higher when he ones that we missed. An acute. I had a feeling you can pull down. You know and and and I I have a feeling there might be few students at Harvard were better qualified than you. To take them on the thing. You've been through. You've done it. In here's the thing you want to go to Harvard and to a cancer that doesn't surprise us in the least. Really there's one thing about you that I find surprising almost unbelievable. You favorite kind of music is heavy metal. Well we'll look like. Everything else fits the profile of a nice twelve year old girl. Simpson key and then it kind. And that's that's the sort so. It's great but we are liberal men who are how happy how happy if about a what are you talking about well let's just say mom Mamas and. Not a big fan of that mud and I'm the big fan let's nurtured this soul mom says okay after treatment we have to come up with a quote unquote an epic gifts. So just so happens that her favorite band her favorite heavy metal band is. Five finger death punch. So old. Mom I kept telling us as well mom look he's been through two bouts of this let's not wait and let's get her to concert moms is no way no way that was concert happened on school night. That just so happen to find one that is not a school she's is well known usually you guys when you do this it's too far to drive it's one house forty minutes from the house out. So moms Judith beaten at this point I. Broken into at this point I said OK I heard bought the tickets sold. The day after rounds of the Friday after Thanksgiving. Harris who go to their first ever heavy metal concert how violent locating no app always it always coming up thanks guys coming. Now but forgive me if I got this reference Rondo might my son just went to left ten hour. Like metal concert. It is five finger death punch is that there's a big ones that do ice pick lobotomy. No okay if it's not okay about it but that's that's what others I don't know we have got okay we know we've gutter. Either in an assistant at this adorable child is quite the same music is my twenty year old. Marine One that is to completely rates more what do you like about repairs were like about the music presides as effective your dad's favorite music what do feel like. Well. Eat and all is listen to Iraq funeral even on the increase. Those as heavy as it is now. And we've we've we've either we would still isn't it she Feagles and pound things you have an effect in out on the violin idea. No I'm not fundraiser at the violent yet because. Everything's been getting in the way. My analysts. To practices. Here because now I have time. And also could be doing piano on the allotment. Of. I got saviors your your T you got to quote of this program so part two. Pullout quote some number one quotas. To go to Harvard cure cancer that's the winner that's the winner OK that's number one but number two. Listening to metal even on the way to preschool I mean. It everyday so that's pretty good news that it was dying and I should not on my watch in effect and I like it like I think he got a good to see you wouldn't know what do you honestly you let your twelve to twelve. So looking for you are saying maybe even get in the harbor early I'm thinking secures enough but maybe even Mike fortified yours now. You know Harvard you start your journey. You are gonna go to Harvard and like the fact that you dreaming about it you gonna do it and blimp I'm putting I'm put in my face and that you can do it. You and Ed what's next for like is it just. Follow up treatments or is it just exams yet she actually just had her follow up scans umps who actually go for scans that debris. Three months for the next. Two years. Just to make sure that all the work that she's she put in all the time she put in that it stays that day. And that's really just it and right now with everything you know going through second protocol a lot of the same key Moses tees child lot of complications she had you know. They the scheme was effects. The higher the you know the kidneys so that all should be followed along with a lot of these bunkers that you seem so just a matter of you know picking up those those normal appointments again and just. Every every three months you know you do have to go back and visit researcher Bernard body once in awhile because they will miss you. You'll miss them too I think. I have one thing to say I'll get a disorder I tell my pet verde teaching donate lots of money. That's there. Well let's hope he does Paris it was fun when we got to meet yet when we went to visit the Jimmy Fund it was fun to be with you then it's fun to be with you now. And I can't wait to read about your exploits after you go to Harvard. As you're going to be great. And sent us a picture from the concerts up and let us know how to concert look at art yeah please I'm begging you. It's that's a that's mandatory girls would not gonna go to Harvard graduation. Deal just make it to send us send us pictures of you at the concert heresy Princeton her dad and. It was great to visit visit with you guys in thank you very much for coming by here.

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