WEEI>On Demand>>DH - Rich Smith, 52, metastatic kidney cancer, Saratoga Springs, NY, with Dr. Toni Choueiri director, Genitourinary (GU) Oncology Disease Center and the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology, Dana-Farber

DH - Rich Smith, 52, metastatic kidney cancer, Saratoga Springs, NY, with Dr. Toni Choueiri director, Genitourinary (GU) Oncology Disease Center and the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology, Dana-Farber

Aug 29, 2016|

He was diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer in July 2015. He went to Dr. Choueiri for a second opinion and began a clinical trial. He has been on a trial with a combination of drugs including new immunotherapy and doing very well with disease well controlled. Immunotherapy is a relatively new advance in cancer medicine that shows tremendous promise in treating melanoma, lung, blood, and other types of cancers. Immunotherapy harnesses the body’s own immune system so that it can recognize and fight cancer. Immunotherapy has produced dramatic remissions in patients that had previously untreatable disease. Rich's wife is originally from Winthrop and so he had a local connection and knew Dana-Farber was nationally ranked. He is a simulator software advisory engineer proudly supporting the US Nuclear Navy. His hobbies include model railroading, road biking, and is a Red Sox fan by marriage. He is also the chairman of the Great Train Extravaganza, a train show in Albany, NY. His family includes his wife Maureen "Mo" and son Samuel. He recently completed the PMC, the 50-mile route. Dr. Choueiri can speak about the challenges of treating kidney cancers and the importance of clinical trials. He can discuss the clinical trial that Richard is participating in.

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Welcome in a couple of new friends now rich Smith is list watch Michelle Loughner now OK and doctor Tony issue there how is that. Europe most of us are you musical let yours out and you need to separate better regulated please say your name is wary Hornish we area. Our whole. I'm I gave it a little bit Erica you make of some like the nicest menu item on and that's an entire restaurant messed up at night at all yet. I'm an order that orange where I just column doctors. If you don't dare try to let lies like we did hear come on now rich got rich is. On the task stick kidney cancer patient he's from Saratoga Springs, New York. And how did you end up at the Dana Farber for all of this others in the fact that you got to Winthrop connection in the family. Well the Winthrop connections a big deal because. Having my wife being from a Winthrop originally. When we decided to actually get a second opinion. On a course of treatment. This was like the natural choice to come to Dana Farber. Having family in the area and coming to no real literally one of the best. Cancer centers in the country there was kind of a no brainer. These guys are talking off the years and I was I was halfway listening but I was kind of being respectful but the first couple times it that you met. Can you tell the audience. What that was like. Well my my cancer stories kind of two parts. I developed. Tumor about the size of a tennis ball. In my left kidney and I had my left kidney removed. And I went through about two years. Being clean had periodic scans and such. And after mile that last scanner at the other end of 2013. I noticed a lymph node above my collarbone. Kind of ship presenting itself. Am at that point in time we had that removed and tested positive for root for the same kidney cancer. And it was at that point in time that. I have another scam and it was actually clear at that time and they told me. There's nothing more to do you don't have any cancer presenting but being an engineered. And to me not doing anything and select the right thing so I wanted to get a second opinion. So all of a what I just talked about was back home in upstate New York. And we decided to come here for the second opinion and when we called I asked for the top dog and we got him have a kidney cancer department. And that's when we first met here. Rich and Republican in your eyes when you said I had a kidney removed and. You said with less emotion and I talk about getting to people like me. What is it like for them this we're gonna take a major organized of you a minute if it must've been refining did he seem like so Blase. Yeah well when you when you've been through this I guess you you know I talk about it with your friends and family announced that it it it becomes something that's easier to just talk about. Was a little painful to get a removed because it's a major surgical procedure and everything. But. Rome actually. When it when it spread to my lymph nodes. Was whenever they got more scary then than the original doctor issue wary tell me about the clinical trial that riches apart heaven what's involved. That. Game my idea. Famous line when we did this staging on him and look at that imaging. There was only intentional that was anymore so patient usually it was kidney cancer and don't get additional treatment they need to be followed. We see an imaging so I looked at him I said I hope I never see you again as in the U you know and they followed locally but. Unfortunately three to four months they that he got another set up that. Imaging that sort cancer that spread to multiple other areas of them and an hour so he came back and then that time I looked at him and they said. Let's discuss let's have an open and frank discussion this disease is unlikely to be curable but it's beatable and then when that school. What is not just the standard of care. What's can happen maybe in 510 years become the standard of care. So way you may know a lot of work done from Dana Farber actually showed that that is in new class of him in the head up the agent. That worked differently. From that all of immunotherapy that gave immunotherapy it's bad reputations are instead of just humidity being. They're immune system any kind of good vibe about it Quaid in the oval mean. Cannot be called immune checkpoint to block or simply takes this break off. You know that enzymes and proteins and inhibit immune system and we had a clinical trial. That vandalized this station through the standard of care they pale. That work on the blood vessels that feed that tumor. All are that this standard called an attendant or another. Arm of the trial that has to all of these drug I mentioned immunotherapy. And rich wasn't randomized to of them immunotherapy are mine on there when this statement luckily we validate that that well and it's gone and clean. Doing very well he went talk about that. Wellman my favorite two initials are CR. Complete remission. And great but instead of value. Yes well I gotta tell you when we ask that we've met some really interest in people over the years dale more than both left he's been here. All fifteen years but I this Wednesday had. That is an interest in line and you need to educate us on this rich computer that it had that he is rich. Is a simulator. Software advisory. Engineer. Probably supporting the US nuclear navy. So what does that mean. Well it means. I write software mathematical models for training simulators to train nuclear operators for nuclear submarines. So it's a simulator while of the control room which in the neighborhood all the maneuvering room. And it's a full fidelity simulator sound effects every possible switch page meter it is actually driven by a computer program. Can I couldn't work with you 1800 that is like no I didn't is gonna pay at register. The blood work if I don't you know I won't say anything I'll just watch. It's their learning and and the navy guy. A tremendous that's awesome there. It's great to meet all of you we we get to meet everybody here including your son and doctor thank you very much for being here rich it was fun to visit with you was well and best of luck to you. I like this to letters to see aren't to great letters and PM see you wrote fifty miles of the him. Yes I did and you know it's it's important suit you know on and on so well within a farmer I mean world class place you know can't say enough about the place. And the like to give back a little bit wanna. So I love like driving it trained up by only did the fifty miles so far. But I'm a web. That's fifteen more than any other tennis world I might I could go to a bullpen the my plan next heroes the dues to do that eighty miles born at the town. And while fully implement an upgrade nice thank you very much and we appreciate owning your visiting thank you thank you out.

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