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DH - Red Sox SS Xander Bogaerts

Aug 29, 2016|

Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts stopped by the Jimmy Fund telethon to discuss being knighted, David Ortiz' legacy, and the 2016 season.

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We are very happy to welcome in the shortstop for the Boston Red Sox that are okay it's good to see if I know of the question I have Fauria is who has the nastier baseball cap you or reports hello this time a year. If I have the same pattern that we mean by change plans if I mean it's. Too bad. It doesn't give you got this white signal into the back and I grab it is that it I viewed their allotments bit so I guess money in and I. All the talent just might have so. The umpires about being it's like Alpine taller and some it's. Know what what what started the tradition it's just something I don't know on me this is trying to get a good I don't like pine tar. If I totally fine on the book the book clubs will be thankful flight testing it and it and mean it. It helps me through the natural elements no big deal right that didn't really ought not to admit I haven't been artists Claudine in in. I went to a game earlier in the year and I I swear on the message what they put the following fact. The you've been knighted by the government of Aruba. Yeah that was about 2011. In India. I was in Louisville I went to a it was like a World Cup tournament after you've been out of his camera champion. The united most of the guys. OK so it's it's not just. On all of you would feel a particular mean like it what does that involve you get like free dinero again who do we call you sir is in there. You see the prince in the green when Nico from the Netherlands he can get the if they have especially been back at home do you wanna guess it's a lot of focus is not any in this line when it singled to even say that. You might be the only. The professional baseball player who's ever said to me is she did a few minutes ago. You like Dave baseball yeah I like it I'm from Aruba all my gaze mostly when going up a news daytime. I enjoyed this on so I'm I think that kind of gets me going a little bit more always from a career minor leagues in the biggies have always played better in big games and this is what I like more. And so. So day day games how about no one obviously this week you have 1 o'clock game. How about patriot games and things ought to like 11 o'clock yeah yeah like Elena I'll take you out there. I feel wants the ball we better in indie games sometime tonight is kind of tough to see it but the invasive new in. I tend to do better how did you let your season so far mean you know you guys yet bunch of guys with long hitting streak you had want to let you guys with. This career numbers prize is specifically and team wise how do you feel about this year. I mean we've had a few tough losses. Which again have at least one or two of those that we would have been a better position but. I knew we we ought to go as far right as well as of now so he's got a good team win games. Is we're all matters and all that coming into the last month and off. Winning these meaningful gains on is this is who announces the end of division disputed site. I know whenever it comes into the major leagues without having a a couple of rough patches at any point did you ever feel like. Maybe you don't belong here. You know lot. Not in the big leagues when a problem Boris thought maybe thought it was a WBZ. And document for the WBZ in Japan it was a if we travel so much. So it came back just mentioning a probably got like ten at bats and in my releases two sticks of Nebraska got a nice strikeouts while walking outside. This is my idea for me in all this might be not not a good thing for me with no spot from all the traveling in was tired and I hobble I guess it was in that book I really almost a plane. Good Goodridge decision by the content you've got a you've got a young core here you know yourself and Jackie Bradley junior in smoky bats and unfortunately it Rubin intently as her right now which got a bunch of young guys he gets the feeling this is a team that could be together for. But while here to sort hole before you know law real for that. As you see got a lot of veterans also in there that helps us so the way and assist to lead by example especially being Pedroia one of those. Thought rises always of their own field regardless of how good or physically how good or bad physically he's feeling so he's a few wanna grace now all of our young guys and guys in a minor leagues. You know guys in baseball operations. He even manager John Ferrell is that about you. Eat from as long as we can remember he's a guy who's been curious who's asked a lot of questions always ask why why why. Is that something you've always done and if so we know what. Why LSU. I thought I just I just off. I just view you or is he wants to be made it all off and just trying to pick the brains of of the bad guys that. That's been on the game but also a David. W moments as Korea and is this just wanted to be set point at daylight while you don't like this. We wanna wanted to become. I'm glad you brought up David's name you know he's doing things at the age of forty. No forty year old has ever done in the league. Can you see yourself seventeen years novel line still playing baseball on advanced. Knowledge that answer right now not like that if I don't care if he's at the a.'s use of prisoners and he's any changes. To when he's on its. Unheard of and he's definitely going out on top. We gotta tell him not to go wow now I hold so I hope so you've talked him out of this I hope you guys give her half an hour ago we can't go. I don't know man I mean Willis Hewitt when the season and blood. He had his family and has those who wants to do also before we let you before I let chatting and I'm just curious how many languages do you speak. I speak for yeah I used to speak French it was a fifth on what I thought it was gonna get to offer sites off that and I seek for fluently early down to four fluently now we area where is English and that went on one. And I was just I think I'd like home is a few bones I speak English at home. What does that can be meaningless. Analysts say Jamaica but some like. Beckham intimately Donna not a Mecca yet exactly not American English so that's less about that they've been on. To say the way it's gotta gotta put in the betting news. We think and you do it better than us Africa whose eye is speaking a language between us. It's it's great to visit with you thank you so much for coming down here and lot lending your support to this we really appreciated I think I hear you gotta thanks that was Red Sox shortstop center Bogart's joining us here.

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