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DH - Patricia Hernandez, 61, with Dr. David Jackman, lung cancer oncologist

Aug 29, 2016|

Patricia is 61 years old and was diagnosed in April 2014 with a malignant neoplasm in both lungs in Miami. She was getting chemotherapy at a hospital in Miami and it wasn't working, so she did some research and looked at the best cancer institutes in the U.S., Dana-Farber was by far the most responsive and efficient in providing her with information. She met with Dr. Jackman in July 2014. Patricia has been doing great. She has been participating in the “Crizotinib” (Chemotherapy drug) Clinical Trial for almost two years now. She works in public administration for Miami-Dade County in Florida. She likes to exercise, travel, play cards, swim in the ocean and make necklaces Patricia feels this experience has made her a better person. She says, "I am very grateful for my life. . . for the opportunity to live another day with my family and friends. There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have dealt with this ‘not-so-great’ situation as well as I have without my faith….and Dana-Farber.” Dr. Jackman can talk about a new targeted therapy called ALK Inhibitor's and how Dana-Farber is running clinical trials on the next generation of the drugs. Dr. Jackman's clinical research interests are focused on clinical and molecular predictors of response to drugs that target certain gene alterations like ALK and E-G-F-R.

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Happy to be joined by her right now by a couple of guests doctor David Jackman is here we'll talk to him and just a couple of minutes. Patricia Hernandez is here I've got a couple of issues with the bio information here. One obviously there's a tight focus there's no way you're that age now what I'm seeing. There's a type called there. But it also says your from Key Biscayne Florida. You were diagnosed initially. Lung cancer in Miami. Which are getting treated up here. I now how did that come about. Well because. I've when I was diagnosed in Miami I was diagnosed with numerous tumors in both loans and with a huge. Mass in the bottom of my last month. And my oncologist basically looked at me and told me that the only therapy that was available or me were standard chemotherapy. And that this standard chemotherapy would only be effective or perhaps the first three or four rounds and that thereafter would lose activity meaning that. The cancer would start to Grogan. I asked him about other possible treatment options and he said basically that there were no other treatment options. So I bombs and thank you so much and I'm gonna seek a second opinion. Before I did that he made it very clear. That I would probably become immobilized. By the fifth month and then probably. Lose my life within nine months of an issue basically a 99 months that sentence. In Miami in iris. Certainly not accept that hands down so I started looking. For other institutes that had. That we're rich in resources. And that could possibly providing better treatment options. And so I called the four top guns I called Andy Anderson called Dan farmer calls Sloan Kettering and I called Mayo Clinic. And I did before institute stamp forever was by far the quickest to respond and most willing to accommodate me. But in addition to that. Aid. Are very rich in resources when it comes among clinical trials and diary is that. In addition to the fact that on some medical recommendations. One medical community while respected doctor's in Miami all pointers and. That level of comfort. And then going and heading calling in apartments and please I want to schedule an initial consultations so that's what I did it. I called them the first week of July 2014. By the fourth week of July 2014. I had boarded planes flown to Boston and met with doctor tuchman that's how quick us. And that's why I ended up and Dana Farber. You mentioned doctor Jack for doctor David Japanese here and we saw him last year. He's intelligent guy for many reasons one he knows Joseph Montana is one of us quarterback's time not only that but. But also like you you work on in my clinical trials and and can tell us about well one of missed AOK tell us what that means well. Actually I think I'm gonna talk not about Al but about met because that's what Patricia. What was fascinating is there's this drug that was approved for AOK actually but we knew in the back of our heads that it was really initially designed to be imagined him that are. It was a drug would without a problem we've we weren't planning met in lung cancer we start looking more aggressively. We found that it's in about 1% of all cancers and so we started clinical trial looking at this drugs in patients with met rearrangement and mold the whole. Perfectly timed. You know when pictures came to see yes we were able to study her tumor now this testing isn't approved stuff it's not standard therapy. But it's stuff that we're able to do in part because of scientists. In part because the generosity of our philanthropist. That we're able to do this kind of testing on our research basis. In a way that doesn't cost our patients that group and just do the testing we found she has mutation. We treated with the drug and here we are two years later. And she looks great. And now we're here right after one deficit it's your. You maybe have found another typo here because it says that. You feel like this experience has made you. A better person you came in with an entourage to begin with you got to as a yeah Katy Perry doesn't have as many back up into his skill. I'll look I'm guessing you're a nice person before but what good can expand on that I don't know what what about this is me you know. When you get told that you have end stage cancer. Because that's what they told me. In Miami. When you get told they only have nine months to live. It kind of shatters your world. It transforms him. There is I can't imagine. Going through. Having gone through. This experience. Without turning to my case. Which is really really helped me get through it. It has enabled me to achieve a sort of inner peace that I did not house for. Allman got the first two or three months after the initial diagnosis I was. Shuttered I was overwhelmed. I was saddened. I didn't know which returned and it was too. By turning to my faith and I really just in golf and myself and prayer that I was able. To achieve some clarity of mind that I could move forward and start making the decisions that I have made. That enabled me to come Dana Farber. Because the tendency is that what you're given a death sentence like that just sit back Crowley and here bed would covers over your head and just start shaking. And I was outweigh for the the first maybe two or three months but I was able to get out of that when a person goes through an experience like that. You talked to become do you change you become a better person you become more compassionate and more empathetic. You just become a nicer person and I I feel that I have been transformed them away and how these guys helped. On my god they are my bus and angels. They live here won't with the exception of Mary and Robert Moore got there my Virginia angels. They accompanied me they came with me to Dana Farber. Girls. State Department payment doctor Jack man I didn't come for the initial consultation or myself that came with me. They took into their farms it took him to dinner we went on road trips together we went to Canada Mary took it can. Brian and share and have spent a whole week in which means they have just. Carried me through the first part of the journey there really. And there there are one big happy Italian them. Better. Patricia Hernandez doctor David Jackman thank you guys for coming in here and sharing your story it's it's inspiring. And I'm and get this type of effects they will not calling it say anymore after this because this cannot be true. Great seeing it. Thank you very much richer and and as doctor David Jackman joining us here at at Fenway Park.

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