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DH - Layla Flint, 7, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), Fall River, with her mom, Lynn Landry

Aug 29, 2016|

Layla was diagnosed this past January. Her pediatrician did blood work because Layla was experiencing stomach pain. She is on a protocol 2-year treatment that includes chemotherapy. Layla attends the Berkley Community School. Her hobbies include watching and playing sports, arts and crafts, and she loves country music. Layla is a fun loving, brave and strong little girl. She is such an inspiration to everyone she meets. This past May, Layla participated in a photo shoot with Jimmy Fund Co-Captains Brock Holt and Pablo Sandoval. After the photos were taken, Brock showed Layla the inside of the Green Monster!

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And we are very happy to welcome in our house now Layla is with a high Leila. Howry ill. Layla is seven years old Layla Flint. Sure mom is here as well Lynn Wright got that right. And Leila. Has been battling acute limp full blast it leukemia ALL kiwi and say that whole word. Now completed it any better I had a hard time whether it still hurts our. But I you know I heard something that I wonder if it's true and it is true I need you to tell me about it I heard that. You were once inside the green monster here is that true that's true and allocate justice shall. How that happened did you who showed you look around and how'd you get in there so I. I learned back. And hand people friend again knee trying to have me do a photo she'll let crackle and pop looking it up and congrats. And Mac and Nash backcourt if I could go. In the F I could keep the green mind saying he said yes and he brought me and he let me sign. So so what was it like being in the air and what's Brock hole like what kind of guy is easy. And it. We gave the OK all right now I'll while he's there he's even he's Mort good either a great guy and I. Ultimately I'm glad we got right down to a because before you brought in someone told us that your his girlfriend and we just hearing rumors are is that true actress Kim okay. He just does a lucky man does Brock now at this. Point so it's okay with that that you. How long have you guys been boyfriend and girlfriend. Think apple is here pat. I don't you always have the inside of the green monster that's that's nothing that not many relationships get this. Write your name inherited by the did you and Mikey come back at eight Nike staring. While you've got a lot of interesting things happening there are wonderful Brock called. Let me see the inside the green monster oh that's just where is girlfriend knowing that Rezko for. Don't think he wrote that the implied here really eat. You can not younger and then he. Okay are going to have got no idea how I I. So high grade math and out on the right now is gonna try to say that I ignited two years old you don't believe that. Now how how do you think I'm I'm an outdoor Alan Cowell Paula holiday they got him. And people eat out. And a public learned each dollar burns asked Arafat under a good job object that I take it lets them in range and it went where to go higher Palin look good. Let me ask you because she seems to have such a cheerful disposition and such a great personality he she'd been this way all through this whole thing she. Always smiling like this is smiling now even days that she'll feel well she'll just keep that it. She doesn't let it bring her down she just keeps going and going through. She did her first really like to share. And she was actually act can't really think she was bombing cam and I didn't he wanna go home in Houston. Absolutely not and on the campus from the site common illness in mind you know amazing and but is just huge inspiration from. How is it going through the treatment feel Leila I mean yeah you'll last year hair that that body a little. I'm. And and that they get they get and secondly nobody nobody wants about how did you manage to fight through that no one donor wants the for a lot even on their best day. I hate gang last time. And I mean and and innovative and just happened right in LA Alec and that mediums means I guess. Do like Burgess went into account that content forget about it. Mom and dad how are you guys. How are you guys tell what this. We've leaned honey China. You know this time as lenient on this time and money killings and a yeah I think. Diagnosis just. On you and you come back and you reunite and you think OK look at her I mean why are we actively disease. And let a smile on her face and went on the ones she's feelings and just an. Angel I. We go to the game tonight yes I am nice do you go to a lot of the games. Did you see Brock called the first time the tour at the gains city do anything good. Think he's so you'll being here will help Brock all that. I think you being anywhere would help anybody. Now. Mom and dad you've got two more years of this treatment it. Yes we spotted a tree that I announced in January. Then we went seven days in hospital and and speaking out like weakly. To me. Now like that there are. Can you give me give us a little indication of the people led the work in with you that the that the doctors the nurses the it to caregivers and and and what kind of support they've been fully. It's incredible I mean we actually look awful to go to the Jimmy Fund. It's weird that we found not for the fact she's got picket chemo treatment. Just use in the and we like Jimmy went there cool you know we. Grown you know relationships. And we're taxed. On injured on our end. You know we want us in treatment. You know also comes along with its patents because. Our doctors and amazing and nurses and we just the actual bullet going. Leila Flint Lynn Landry thank you guys for coming here tonight. Can eat yours at oh sure absolutely. Many think that app. And I asked her at that and at. That. Can't. Attract cash and. Very well shadow it's done good to CF Ian thanks for comedy.

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