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Former Bruins Shawn Thornton stops by to lend his support with Dale, Michael and Jerry. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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Well I mentioned here at the annual WE guidance Jimmy Fund radio telethon we get an opportunity to reconnect with old friends that I mean this sincerely it's great to see. Former Boston Bruins now Florida panther Shawn Thornton. Back in town is you have been all summer long anyway but it's good to see candidacy best of Iraq and you've had sort of hang around here all summer got stuck out and Athol. It's stuff I love it here. I was senate keep coming back so closet cam like at my place here. Kevin Miller rented it for now face on his big deal I think you bought a mansion somewhere. Terrified senator in my place. The notes to get him back since middle legitimate travel a little bit but based leaders and Lejeune. He says former Boston Bruins still still think. If they create these years it's just weird is that strange fewer dollars just like I am. Now I mean I'm I'm right I'm likened them unlike life in Florida I mean I loved here too obviously you come back but. Not delighted when I sent pictures of you know driving range of February and user someone else. I don't miss that too much. You know and look some of this is just WR but I've wondered if there's a story that goes beyond that went. But I think about. Your impact in this community. And how you continue to stay around not to stick around here a computer contributor to the community is there something that was an incident that you know it. I got to do more or in what was it. Pick my parents heated and to me as a young age and it give back. No and no real insight. Think ever since I started playing pro when you went way back to saint John's new in my group mates back then we used to go visit the hospitals and stuff just because we enjoy doing and I mean we're pretty spoiled with. Play a sport for a living and I feel like you say the same thing every year Ron here but it's it's pretty easy to get back in a lot of guys are are really good about it and across the board on all sports is a lot of people get back and if it's great to see epic. This town has a sense community when your. Walking around everyone sand below knows he Arnold's stuff that makes things a lot easier in what you know a more comfortable about. I gotta say is a guy who's lived here my whole life that Bostonians people from knowing I have sort of an attitude about athletes that. It seemed like they don't wanna be here in and take a old weird kind of pride and guys who. Come from elsewhere and stay here in considerate they're home in and you strike me as one of those guys that this is always going to be will you say you're from. Yes I think. I don't get home my own hometown out about their too much not anymore Thelma but here we knew we moved here I said if I'm gonna put up the winters and enjoy the Summers and suit it's like we just fell in love with the city. It. Asked these people when you first get here I mean I remember going to Warren tavern you stick in half hour to get appeared to against nobody and I wanna say no idea that the greatest people laurel now once your in your end and there's no let me go so. Yeah I mean I've kind of embraced it and they've definitely embrace needing around so on well. You and I talked about this in the past I always thought when your playing career was over whenever that is. That you were gonna go into this into the business out broadcaster but now I'm Reid and you're going to be management or let's thus the plan now as it comes to your job. I know and and most states you can have a club and I left side like just so it took a little something else that that. Now I had the opportunity presented itself. I'm playing another year obviously. That they offer more years knows. Happy to take it I was sort of you know I'd play as longs exit. The van. Yup all your transition of the business side of sports in the Panthers organization afterwards they approached me when I was. Trying to figure out what I was gonna do others come back here to stay down there and ownership approach in us by the Anderson. Definitely now I think. It's a huge opportunity for him and another Imus confidence in me. Says a lot here so I think they might have more profits and even have mice. I'll Celtic. Step out of look forward to seeing a hockey team shaped by Sean nor is there now. It that I'll be more on the business side and traffic got out alive or not you're Beatrice and that and that kind of thing you know that may be. Maybe I just. I've been moving around for twenty years I feel it is more security on the you know sweets business and budgets than. You know cheat in Kansas City councilors in all of us that that. At that elect. The mess that job and you put a good effort and you get sick now a bit longer mean GMs coaches kind of come and go with what the team's doing in. I've had that in security cameras and live laughs you know when he went here's my life and that that doesn't sound as interest to Myanmar so why do you prep for something like that today. Show you the ropes to UT business class I'll be shot at going our president CO mortem told if everything goes according to plan got my Mac called welcome Florida and that Peter Lugo worked through fires for a long time our. Because it's the chairman for the Panthers and I'll be shot and those guys will be trying to teach me. Show me the ropes and post any part of that evolve that the business deal doesn't go through aegis drop the gloves and pound on the yes yes well up now that or use those skills like choke out probably going to go I don't have any marks that. You know I around here the joke is that these two think that Tom Brady's gonna play at least like 45 years old. Jeremy younger will that he has he has 45 or help any letter team in scoring last year it's amazing I agree I think predicted which is forty these thanks so we think. Stoudemire important obviously work ethic you see what you watch younger every day I mean how do you do that that I don't know. I don't know I mean he's he's young at heart that helps you still having fun I think. That's the biggest thing we eyesore and joyous or out on with it doesn't feel like work when you're going to the gym doesn't feel like work when your. Do a little bit extra are rage if you're salaam fun with the game I respectfully keys to big kid when he's in the room so the public keeps on. A lot of not that you're in this category but a lot of older athlete all I am not yeah I'd say nine or say how hard it is just prepared you know. He can't do what you did your 2829. Do you feel that if you do feel it just gives the example of working out ten years ago vs now. I just don't recovers quickly they used to it and so do all sorts of things as in seventy years ago it's just a little bit more sort that for the next day itself. Yet to mix and a little bit more to you know. Do little more card he'll have to watch stuff we watch but he wanted to drink. Mixtures it's not easy to keep the all of these off and I think it's the same and anyone like diseases are creeping up that. It's a little bit harder but. A guy I enjoy it embrace that so I don't mind on her second run Malia and honored jump on the bike it's its morning. Like that's the nightlife takes a little bit more mental than it did when you're 23 just I guess that's. I'm so personal now I meant that at 9:30 at 10 o'clock now I don't know for dinner at Saturday that the couple people who like 1130 Ike on I can't get a candidacy midnight anymore we have. I have this question is not designed to put you on the spot but when you left Boston I'm among many people felt. You left behind but a bit of a leadership vacuum on the Bruins now when you want to. I solved without Willie Mitchell we signed the same time there MacKenzie you CO can and we were. We're told we got their basically like we have a very young team. They're gonna they're gonna power of the ship that we need you guys to steer it I mean we have our top act last year ago we got a plethora young talent. And use that we're trying to like. We is on track and groom on the right way in and show them which direction how to work you know. UC's almost one and maybe did like him never Mitch you want I've I've won a couple. So. Just try and and we got two young kids and acts that they listen inaugural Verizon now whatever old man out here and you're talking about they actually they're really good about it so now we. That was put those definite part of the roller Rodham. Michael mentioned that you have continually given back to this community since he left you've got your foundation. And you always make a very generous donation to this this and endeavor as well yeah I. I'm not sir I don't taken away from it allows. Trying give to a bottom via hotels hostels around here. The Jimmy I mean I'm not sure anybody has a better job domino of children's too and it's like when you go in there it's amazing so now we re we cut a check today and happy to keep doing is longs Ike and the foundation stone while senator golf tournament and we have I think eleven or twelve honest truth all of her ovaries are raised. The good amount money so it is easy to cut a check and commend him over parkinson's is a big part of your fundraising endeavors based on your mom's history yes it's both my gran grandparents actually so. Tried split 5050 pediatric cancer and parkinson's usually. Most of the gulf term it goes towards parkinson's and then. And ends up marathon Obama and whatever else we can squeeze in whatever aid donations command years ago to cancer usually evens out pretty you're your modest but I will tell people that he donated 25000 dollars today to sell thank you. Thank you we really appreciate and recently and I wish it was. Our competitive. No it's a lot of money we really prepared as a lot of and we were talking off the air this something you when I can do with Thornton fighters some then like now look I'm not I'll let you punch me it's hard he can't have someone gives us. How much I don't know and I know that Jack I call my lawyer mission to sign off on this but on no see the lawyers the lawyers wreck everything else that soft or we wanted to bet that last look. I. Suspect it's throughout. Yeah drop is fixing it while I thought I cleared out right now opposite John great to see again to deceive always at the event is not me. John Barton out. Now the Florida Panthers I'd I have trouble they don't that's all right no different over at former Boston's night that your new team just is that it's notes two years but it feels like it's never said so and then.

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