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DH - Maureen Labrie , 62, breast cancer, with Dr. Jennifer Ligibel director, Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies, Dana-Farber and a breast oncologist, Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers

Aug 29, 2016|

Maureen was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer last November, just weeks before she was to welcome her second grandchild. She went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, which for many people are taxing treatments. While Maureen was being treated, she was able to take advantage of complementary therapies, like massage and acupuncture, through a new program at Dana-Farber's Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies, that brings these services directly into the infusion space where patients are receiving chemotherapy. Maureen received both acupuncture and massage during her chemotherapy treatments which helped to reduce the side effects and symptoms of her treatment. Maureen recently finished her chemotherapy and radiation treatments and last month retired from her job as an engineering assistant at FM Global. She is now looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren.

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Moret delivery is in the house she is from ran them breast cancer patient. Also witnesses doctor Jennifer lake of well. There's a whole bunch of and words after her name indicating all the different titles but it's only a four hour show doctor so I don't I get through all of them that's why you don't factory now. Lori let's start with you when did you find out that you were going to be a breast cancer patient. Well. And I regularly and began in November. And a call back and had to go back again and so lives. Like mid November. And so. Dave wanted me to go into the surgery and I asked if I could wait until after Thanksgiving and after my grandson was collectively as the one on the thirtieth of November so. That didn't let if you leave tonight yeah. And yet you you took chemo right that that was the treatment of choice. And everybody a lot of people have different reactions to what it's harder on some and others what was your experience like. My experience was I had to stand one of the few people I think that I've talked to that really haven't had a lot of really. Reactions. I was very very boards and I mean I had a few things but nothing. You know nothing really major and that stopped me from anything. So mortgage that you want to wait until after Thanksgiving so after that you know things giving families together as a lot of conversation. Then grandchild was born a lot of conversation family together so what was the reaction what we're conversations like. With with members of your family you Tillman told in the news. And they aren't the forces. You know it first that. I explained to them I was going to the best place you can go you know and. They were pretty you know that felt pretty good about you know after we explained on that and you know what the treatment would be. How long it would be in that kind of thing so they don't pretty good and I think I I know there are upset that mostly people work. Nowadays. We're pretty. You know I eat and everything so that helped us. Doctor league of L tell me what integrative therapies means I see that as part of that big long title beside your name but I wonder what it means. This tour so I am the director of what's called the Leonard PC can center for integrative therapies that Dina Farber. Integrative therapies are things that help people through their chemotherapy or other cancer treatments they're integrated with. Our western medical treatment so they involve things like exercise and nutrition and acupuncture. Which in the last few years have really been shown to help people overcome on the side effects of their therapy. Maureen was very lucky with her therapy but many of our patients unfortunately. Although these treatments help them to live longer and many times beat their cancer. They're left with things like teens they're very tired. They can have nerve damage to their hands and feet in all kinds of other side effects that are part of cancer treatment all too often snow. This Jacobs sent our Dana Farber was really. A brainchild of Lenny say I am a villain music of bridge and he was a patient dean of arbor in the late 1990s. Suffering from multiple myeloma and in those days we didn't have great treatments for that disease. And Lanny had a lot of symptoms and he found things like meditation and massage and acupuncture. Really helped him have some control over his disease and helped him feel better. But back then he had to drive all around Boston to try to find peace there appease and as part of his legacy. He wanted to establish and dean of Farber. A place where patients could get these treatments integrated. With their medical treatment with their acupuncture provider working hand in hand with their medical oncologist to make sure that everybody knew. It treatments that he was getting so now sixteen years later. We have a center that provides things like acupuncture treatments which marine received as part of the trial and then also in our infusion room. Massage. Integrative medicine where we talk about how nutrition and physical activity play a role in cancer. And then we have a lot of group programs for our patients as well as their family members. Things like you know gun type C and meditation and creative arts to really help people. Get through the cancer experience as fast as they can and help rebuild them both physically and mentally and spiritually through their cancer treatment and so clearly. You colony integrative not. Not alternative it's not a substitute for anything it's just too. Kinda held its eastern medicine helping the western medicine right right exactly. Although there are some studies and I actually think that that's very true and Dana Farber is a very evidence based placed in me use. State of the art. Chemotherapy treatments of radiation and surgery. But we've also found in the last few years that their growing number of studies that suggest that some of these things may also influence how people do with their cancer show. My own research really focus on nutrition and weight and physical activity and how they are related to cancer and we started a big study just today it opened. Villain role more than 3000 women across the US and Canada it's going to look at whether. Exercise better nutrition and weight loss. Actually reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence so I think it we're finding that some of these integrative therapies may not only help people feel better. But also made played a role in beating cancer. The more you recently retired. Correct. And how is that going and a growing great. And you know keeping pretty is it my grandchildren and nag in died of a replica got a group first reported to break his grip I. An ounce of what kind of dog with a. And went to canyon about the acupuncture and because attitude and the study and ecstatic it just before making up there and honestly he. It really helped a lot and apathy I had very rapidly. After that which and I know people who it. Pretty severely. I'm saying neuropathy with which it's like at numbness okay. You fingers and toes. Simon and you know there he drugs that we use can damage your nerves and they can leave people with numbness or burning in their hands and feet sometimes. Forever after chemotherapy so. We've been really interested in looking at acupuncture first is it treatment. And so we did a study where we showed that if people had neuropathy they had this problem already and they got acupuncture helped it. And then we were also doing a study looking at whether we could prevent people from getting it in the first place by using acupuncture before they develop the problems so. We're track very interested in doing research in the taken centered show how these types of treatments could benefit our. Patience. Sister had lived in this study that. Study after. She is Stan. There be this one before us I could kinda the better to prevent and treat absolutely. I. Thank you very much for coming in here today we appreciate both becoming an in your daughter too I mean I. Done done real quick UV ink until microphone to questions are you responsible for any of the grandchildren slash grand dog is not the only thing that grant. And I are you doing these these things the doctor talked about the yoga and Tai chi and be taken advantage of any of that kind of stuff to help you. I was just at the accidents happen and it apparently. I want absolute accurate time at all. And how did you do. It and it was a good mix that she actually in the in eight innings and kept her pastor here. The good pick but. It's great to visit with all you guys thank you very negative and thanks amore liberate breast cancer patient from rent them and doctor Jennifer league of bell.

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