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OMF – Brock Holt of the Boston Red Sox and Jodi Killeffer, 36, breast cancer, with her daughter, Cora

Aug 29, 2016|

Brock Holt of the Boston Red Sox joins Glenn, Lou and Christian during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to talk about the state of the Sox and to help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now! Jodi (Braintree) is returning to the Radio-Telethon after appearing last year while she was pregnant. In March 2015, Jodi was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was 16 weeks pregnant at the time (the furthest she had ever made it with a pregnancy) after several miscarriages. Her diagnosis was devastating news for Jodi and her husband, Nate. Jodi thought that she would have to choose between her own life and that of the baby's. Fortunately, for Jodi it never came to that. She worked with a highly specialized team of doctors and nurses at Dana-Farber that specifically treat women like her, pregnant women with breast cancer. In September, Jodi delivered a healthy baby girl, Cora. Jodi and Cora will be throwing out the first pitch this evening. Jodi initially received chemotherapy and took a break from her treatment to deliver her baby, and resumed treatment shortly thereafter which included additional chemotherapy and surgery. Today she is cancer free.

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How the signal a little bit a different here Joseph to kill for is with us right now. She's been dealing with breast cancer dollar core is here is will there from Braintree Massachusetts. But we also had in planned in a segment around here to have brought call she happens to be a huge practical thing and and we said this probably would be a little bit more special if Brock coal join you on this segment. Rocco. More data showed immediate she joined him and think that if it's great to see you guys are coming down here and doing our business. This is special and brought in Jody because last year during when he walked in here you were pregnant. And you're dealing with breast cancer while pregnant and we're talk about complicated that is in here we are today. And it's just beautiful girls it here in front of me. Gorham Saturn into. It's amazing and I'm glad everything worked out a year ago today a dog she everybody was concerned and obviously looks like it's worked out very well. What a difference you can make an almighty god so tell us about it. I it spending crazy here actually having cancer was that easy part I think having a baby and trying to re acclimate into a normal life again. Definitely brought some challenges that. Where Iraq coming out on top OnStar and feeling and normal human being again and having core here is really just taken. Focus off of the cancer and obviously onto one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. Yeah because there was there was it was pretty area they're pretty hectic you know when while you're pregnant there was a lot of unknowns for you wanna talk about that just remind everybody else. Typical that was that are we heard the story last year we're all kind of concerns. Yet after around having four or miscarriages. I was finally pregnant with a baby that was gonna stay. And then I was diagnosed with breast cancer so I thought that I was gonna have to choose between the baby or my breast cancer but that. Luckily you know I got hooked up with Dana Farber immediately and they took awesome care of me. I was seeing within five days we had a plan by the time I left Dana Farber I knew everything was going to be. And there was a there is a doctor's. That specializes in women who are pregnant with that specific. Breast cancer that you had only attain a file system which is again we've heard it's amazing just especially station that occurs in just all the different forms and different issues that come up. Yes Jack it's been crazy even after act. Breast cancer Dana average Panetta support me with programs for survivors and it's just been on them they've been with me every step of the way. Bruck I don't know what she knew about the Jimmy Fund before you got here but I and I know you've been over to the hospital visited with the kids and like a lot of the players do. Which you know but now everybody knows about it now around here in the players talk about it all the time and you visit with the kids when they come down the spring and. Yeah it's it's it's a big part of of our organization. I said I I didn't know about it at all until I got here and com. Here's a guy here's one of the first things you know we were we were told about and you know I'm just fortunate enough to. To give him be apart of it and co captain last two years now on some that's that's real special to me and I'm like sick going over and and going over to that the Jimmy Fund raising the kids and families and gotten it done a Knoll. You know a lot of those kids and become you know closeness with a with some of those families it's it's pretty special. You know it's it's kind of our job to go over there and and you know help them forget about things in and put a smile on their face but. When we go over there they they do the same they did they do the same for for me so. On this special place that that does a lot of good in and you know I'm just fortunate to. To be a small part of it all the guys school there and Nolan and spent time over their but it. Why it was important for you vehicle captain YYY. Acuity that involved. Well I mean at first I didn't really know what to expect. You know but. Once I got over here in and heard about what the Jimmy Fund stands for what they do it's just something that felt felt like I wanted to be a part of can see stories like this and and and and you know it's this is just something that that kind of touching your touches your heart. It's it's it's difficult to go over there and see. See some kids look like they are you going to and you wonder like me Wyatt why does this kid have to go through you know army. He or she didn't didn't do anything deserve this it's it's hard to see but. You know that they're a Dick here that the people over the Jimmy Fund take. In those in those people in those patients and in the families and and what they do for them over there it's. It's down and it's so cool to see in and just be a part of it I guess that is this something that's that's real special to me. Tough night last time the ball or gun yet was it was you're gonna have those nights. Is one of those things you take a lead and then and then they take it right back roles are playing all right now. Now you know we we caught them on a hot streak and they swung the bats pretty well so hopefully we'll put that behind us. And for that brought you guys. How much of. The guess the criticism in the breeze because it seems like this year it's been a lot of ups and downs and peaks and valleys and you know some people expected team to play better sums expect again this is right we should he do guys pay attention that how much of that you guys here. You hear you see it coming especially. Boston. But it's not some that we pay to message to we know what what type of team we have. You know we're right in the thick of things were two games out from from the division division lean and whitworth you know. Number one more wild card spot right now so. You know we LIT plant playing good baseball and you know I think the last the last two years. You know haven't been anything that we. We wanted going to the year in and issues can be fun for for I think every one because. The so many teams involved is going to be awhile while finish and you know we I think we're up for the challenge and looking forward to this that this last month stretch yesterday they get enough to it. Yeah absolutely I mean ya believe in the guys happen and you know we do we've we've been really good team this year obviously with that ups and downs but. That's baseball. You know when you're gonna lose you're gonna. Gotten in court and on on some teams and some teams are gonna come outscored ten minute. Soul but they yet we get the right guys in the clubhouse I mean offensively. One of the best teams in baseball you are starting pitching is as big curious lately. Which is huge for us and yes and guys in the back in the bullpen to to hold those leads they'll you'll we feel like we're in it's gotten you know hopefully we can. You know we can make this this final push this last. The last couple years. He played everywhere right every other day it's different position but the issue is we'll be different this year was your left fielder. And then all of a sudden new musical play third. Which your custom jubilant maybe more frequently it's not like playing left for three months and also announced third base that's a different ball game. But as far as their company because all your prep work pregame is an everyday left fielder cannot take ground ball that second third short first everywhere else right it's left field is that. Made that difficult to get back in the dirt infield it it has not tell people it's it's a lot harder for me to go from playing the infield every day. To be in throwing out those opposed to being in the outfield a lot and and mean when you it's harder to go far it's harder to come back to you oh yeah yeah a bomb. Yeah and yeah that's something that that's you know kind of taking a little bit of it's it's been a little bit different this year is. You know last couple years IB plain ugly third a couple of days of play right field that play second base and play you know it was something different every day. This year I started out playing a little bit more. Left field obviously so like you said before games I'll take him balls off the wall and didn't get accustomed to claim that field and we go from left field to third base is allowed different so on that's that that's been something that that's that's a little bit different but. The days I don't play had I I try to. Try to go in the infield and take ground balls especially on the left side their base and and and shortstop. Second base is that is that position I feel pretty comfortable about you know not not being there for a while being able to go over and and play there is played. Majority sick days coming up the Meyerson and ecologists also. We had that Ellis nose a little bit of of a struggle there at the beginning just trying to figure out when I can you know. Get at those positions and get some reps in to to feel comfortable to be kind of thrown in there and games. Situation Rocco thanks for coming down we really appreciate you have any tips for Jody jury soaring at the first formal experience. Oh yes it can help her out myself. Cease she told receive the tracks and you know we're looking for jumping on kitchen kits in the position not such a lack try to make her look good but. You know I have no doubts that she'll simple right down the Netherlands. You ought to look cool experience for both of these Gil thanks again go to Hillary that you guys think your regularly you break that everything and cancer free and it sounds wonderful to say that. And she's adorable thing thank you very much.

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