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OMF – Jimmy Hayes, David Krejci & Frank Vatrano of the Boston Bruins

Aug 29, 2016|

Boston Bruins players Jimmy Hayes, Frank Vatrano and David Krejci talk about the upcoming NHL season and join Glenn, Lou and Christian during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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We Georgia that we're gonna have some it's a Bruins players a map from the marine Alex real real I don't know if he's had tough guys guys all the assists youthful players amiss yeah. African style. Socks faster there would you column wasn't very little par three aces Willis from the from the Bruins apparently. You you stiffed. For an hour inventories to you stiffed them yet noted at one point even thought he's got he thought he was set them up with like tickets and art and marketing and a and a. Ours Bob is there and not at all it was him that had all the poll I mean is this an amendment in the name of the guy who's where it. We'll keep that to me and asked if I guess almost like 609 iron to I cannot return on that guy whose whistle on the iron on the radio plays they've really knows Bryant I had riots there. I started off so he's. He's gonna have to really pays kids and thanks I'm totally appreciate you coming over and help them out here. With something obviously that that is very very important there's no question about it. Let's get right to keep the degree to get to the immigrant we were talking about this. Last week. And the whole thing with what Jimmy VC there's a rumor out there that you apparently you. Complained and I know your brother I guess is even tighter with a right that program is rather. Always in close friends and I seen him in Amarillo closer to say he's there rangers' power play on the same team with a right now. But there was a rumor out there that you made some comment to him about Boston not you don't wanna play here or something like that that's got out there. I don't know how that got out there because I mean it's completely false and it's. Obviously we've always wanted Jimmy he's here and we thought it's a great fit for it to your visa to come airplay in Boston have is gonna have an opportunity to play with. Some high end players but. I've throughout the process I talked home a bunch of most common complaints I'm confident Abbas and in our system and I know what together a team as well and and sometimes people cassette that I think the media is too hard on me and I never said that I mean you go to get their yards. I wanna be more contributing to this season and nuance of this to. We through the year two because I play I grow framing him and I played here and it's it's no Fenway Park and it's it's great but it is difficult I mean my. When I left here in my fairly after six years of silica K maybe that's the best thing in my mom's getting a wide strike out of Macon area bases loaded they're getting peppered so. How difficult was that we it's exciting to play for the Bruins but yet when the reality hit it man that's that this is kind of tough on not just Bemis famine. It's you know that's I think that for anybody not just for me it's just over these are medium a local kids and it's. You know it's a big hockey market and everybody here is passed in motorsports from the patriots so the Bruins and they expected Murray to win in. If you know when and then you know on and I wasn't contributor at certain times ago mixer that Upton on a more consistent basis here and be ready to play. Who do you work on the look what did you season ends in the last two years it was a make the playoffs. When you first pre season for you after playing one year for the Bruins would he think you need to do better liquidity and working on. And offseason so the big thing for me this year has been on the first three steps quickness I've been trying to make sure that I'm going to be. As quick as I can and get myself in tip top shape there have been no and I'll summarize that with Brian and no quickest and out of cars and into front of the net and working in my game right in front and that's you know score more goals that contribute and not the way that north and a. Archie you're saying it doesn't bother you playing in this marketplace I love plants on with my hometown look at him you can completed the cube which you know you know growing up in the stand you know what these fans are all about you you know Letterman and I don't know myself at that time. I've read some stuff we thought about little Louis point eight. I felt I have all the answers at this elementary let me put in Portland and we're bring when you you know you know and I know the game is changing right now you're talking about speed and quickness and the game is changing. But I think Bruins fans look at your sides and they sit there and take those and Jimmy he's more physical yeah. And you know you've heard that this town for many years Al peel while prayer except you're pregnant. I is that just your game they are are people here expecting something that is just not you not think. You say I'm being a big guy heads have been part of an announcement that I got to continue due on non regular basis having nights or your semi. And you've got dollars in the next night those are some and I need to continue to focus on work on and plays of the game is so fast now on the guys are getting quicker and quicker and younger and younger and I it's got to continue to make sure that I'm going to be able to keep up that pace and at the same time. Bring your physical aspect my game and make sure that's the identity of our teams off. He put you play for the team of team you were Fernando obviously grown up and remember after my rookie any offseason we sent me Ramirez knows. More excited as a fan I think in realizing he's actually I'm on the team with them you know says that he's still that. Cross of wanting to see this team improve because you love the Bruins and I your member of it that. Make you look at the offseason differently do you look at that it seems we gonna get this gently and get this guy or your pissed your brother Kevin for stealing Jimmy BC. I think united we've done a great job guidance our teammate and a team better and W. We look at you look at what you can do better to help our team went and I think thousand approach for a lot of guys and our team and I think there. I gonna see you know a lot of managers and on spasm in Boston missed the playoffs frontiers in a row is not. Expected and it's not acceptance by and I contingency team that's going to be either went so it's a closely is the log messages he's he seems like he's morphed into Belichick. You know as far as justice post game press column is doubly be dizzy. How Enos bars again you know coach player relationship with that like I mean he's been great to Mexico mail lot especially you know. Plain areas gonna continue to expect slob as players and collection always gonna continue to show up every day and he's a guy that has forced players and no and he pushes everybody and know is gonna continue to push us and we're gonna sit there and play for hammonds right when he's ramming. When is a team and move together and move forward in the right direction as a unit there. You're Cilic in nearly walks in the room has a different for you because you grew up here than maybe others and others can still look at him as not just at the front office guy but this is. You're keyed Boston's stimulus. No I think if first it was kind of slow or while I'm honest and millionaire by you know like you said visa. Is in the front office and he expects. If you rent rooms bring their best effort every single night and he's it's pretty cool a guy like around rumors and. Because he did brewer from the big guys I mean it would when you people talk about me Dellucci Casey wasn't physical enough right because they compared to cam and I mean the which was physical we know that that's expected it. Well there was talk about the size thing it's almost like cam is set the standard for big dollars. They maybe should look into yet thanks appreciate it now you run balls because you and it's just what he's done. Our history it's the biggest deal stereotypical big bad Bruins to which you grow up watching and everybody looks at them. That in the game is changing and they look at it it your suck. You think happened at the end of last year and you can't speak for two years ago but. Looked like he had a playoff spot look like everything was shut and then the last few weeks the last week itself. Well I just came down you know we've got to find a way to get two points every night and north for assaults and a good spot you know remarks there from Fisher were and first place in the in the conference but you know. There as soon night and it's a tough league in assists Arriaga Janet's house right now that. There's no more of funny games is on everyone's gonna compete everyone's I was fine for a job and it always is we're trying to find a way to get to point service and I am running to do with him missed about an opportunism as well. Guys that factors in this group here know whether he plays on the wing or sides in that third senator you know behind Bergeron crate she would. What do you know of and he anointing him personally. Personally I have a madam yet but Watson playing playing against them thoughts on a couple of years he's a guy that's gonna. Be very hard play against its I think Boston's gonna enjoy and Harry's. Hardworking guy and speak with some of those teammates I guess he's an amazing guy as well so it's going to be different lock crewmen pick at a guy like that who can. Play all three zones and be physical and scoring models as well. With Rick for Toronto joining us is well great seafront. As we know unstuck it's not great beauties snickering about it I noticed them such rights and extended the windows. And actually it started full scope you went there. It was a less than it's like a new window efforts on the pilot practical yeah. Well must have been exciting for you to get the opportunity to my appearance and play last year. That was fun. You know my affairs here in and Boston Providence so. Those funds and had a great time up here and policies affect our little bit Dutch origin here to kind of get my game back and what's it called up again I felt more comfortable on. And that I knew I needed did means in Fulton Ross. I don't know what the run was gruesome at 34 goals and think at 33 games a river was done in Providence you you run rough you know. At what point during that does get frustrating was it just it OK let's don't get me giving up the Boston enough with down your province doing enough. And is. Part of it's kind of waiting process you don't. You know I don't really know what goes on behind the scenes kind of getting and when you don't really know so for me is just playing my game and not get pressure and come down there and provinces and now whenever their time for music come often you know oh in the spots axiom that's what they did so. Just kind of kept patient is kept you know if you know and then eventually news called Tom Lewis with the biggest difference taken at least from province to Boston. I think just then Boston houses different role. In Providence separated much different role like I said in Boston I think you know after not scoring all of that in the next well in the NHL I think it's. Now it's more than just day it'd be reliable Myers yes especially in Bosnia they are not hockey you got to be get involved area. Both on the so I think guys just being consistent the biggest thing and something that deftly. Mean it. Yeah eight is an easier out of the gate. For you I know world and by the way you guys are gonna be working at that new facility dislocated right extortion and a little guys. We look outside the window would binoculars night American market looks great over there. Is it easier for you frank now that you've gone through this a little bit you know. Yes absolutely I'm young and so I think it's a learning process even this year and you know last year. Kind of get a feel for it a case that in I think it does it take it take it day by day and just does keep on our list of. I think one big thing he knows this offseason to a new both you guys realize the there wasn't no talk back is coming your brother net it was to seems to be distrust. You know Jimmy green communities come back next year frank patrol taken a big step I mean does that make you feel good knowing organization might trust you they maybe expect a lot out of you. Yeah actually it's that's good to see. Hold on guys that we've had also bring up people and it is system you know when you get guys that Providence and even younger prospects come and so. To see you imagine coaching staff is you know. Pet I have most spots to get the expert you know the young kids and stuff and in output put more trust in the guys we've had you know come in past years and years before that shows that they want develop even better and system now. Don't think that you thoughts. If did you say when you see athletes come from out of out of town and you're coming back into it's a talent. You know they they they wanna find it with the Jimmy found they don't really know what the Jimmy Fund is all about you probably remember growing up like as a as a kid. Right and it's the Jimmy Fund dollar something dollars to its home with me with both my parents. Both battling cancer in both the and helped him by now it's always been now a soft spot for me and it's as though is great to see. Everyone in Massachusetts through all the sports teams that matter we've Plame since the great cause and incidence of raising tons of money every single year and it's great to see that. Did you guys think it's cool for via Google we all got here we go. Reggie no visible for just. Another actress Bridgette you don't write concert to be Google TV great I look at your degree you're goalies. Maris he's got that big run that fast I. I'm writing because he says that if he trained though he'd be better than he'd be better than Tuukka if I said if that's all I pray for the president Vince four point Wilfork. Spend as much time as a kid play people walk and you're grouping Canada if this is good as Tuukka maturities 300 pounds yeah. It is no reformed as soon let's let's let's talk with one of the there vet veterans here David crate she joins us as well when's the last time you actually climb through a window. Every cent now. First I'd rather than how the let's say they're forcing you guys declined through their windows to roll to get to institute. I we talked a little bit about last season so maybe you can give us. Your version of and you know this value played long enough now. Three years in a row won't be acceptable with these Bruins the fans out there what do you think happened last year. How many last who has last year so we can take to move on he was he was defending any kind of still hurts but you know it was a long summer. And we have some new players you all excited you seasons so you know the money for everything out there and make sure we get in the plan is that's. That's would city of Boston deserves this every should be playing and now. Yes so there are excited facetime itself can be to get it started. Punitive one of the things that Christian I was talked about missing is a fine line up of playing hurt being injured everything else in this then you later. Sometimes you'll get credit instead he gave blame asking you what's wrong they don't know what's going on behind the scenes though. Which Daschle half talk half the U right now physically Wear you Wear than a last year there was times when you get here about how your nicked up playing through it. PLO one thing is that fans are passionate which is awesome you know when this is lows and highs seriously in every sport in Boston but. AM I've I was I had a hip surgery. I'm I'm getting close to 200% of the day's gonna step forward so. Getting there I was an effective last year. Last lessening gains it was it was pretty tough it was those playing through a lot but. So everyone else in don't know nobler place 82 games perfectly healthy self. You know I was just unfortunate that I had to get deaths or Judah and after the season but that. I'm obligated to go and can be to get it started. BAC last year's last year but you know of course we're gonna look back all the time because of whistles too but. If you think about that what are some things that you noticed that you said okay we need to work on this we need better at that deserve some any areas that you looked at one season was over. Going to the off season you sit OK when we return we got to be really good at what. Floyd fuel costs here any of India before maybe ten or fifteen games ago while we were in the play out by maybe ten points and then. Crossing gates last Indian dossier kind of slipped Soviet to find a consistency we have to find the right president to step up that. The most crucial time and then we can have a blast yourself you know we gonna have to. Put it to get head you know as a team man and then. It's it's not it's an easy you know it's dusty should lead a pill use every team is bad and proposed by itself. It's an easy it's pretty much in at a level and I felt like last year. We didn't have to end of the year in us and that's what hurt us that's what we can mean the games when it mattered remorse but. I truly believe and hope that Miller from the mistake we had some input as last year's so they'll be more experienced this year and hopefully we learn and and then we can bring is experience to march and April when a when the game is actually going to matter. The most guys thank you very much for stopping by and and helping stand behind the Jimmy Fund and what we're trying to do here today so we really appreciate it. David great teachers base and Frankfurt Toronto and one more thing that they're doing so you did not have a conversation with you I just watching the Canada. I answered and I did not know the counters and he's yeah I mean of course we wanted to have a player like him you know who's top freeagent him offered job College Hockey and you know I don't know myself and other guys are team. Taught artist convince him to come here and I'm sure you guys and ask him and tell the exact same thing interview. Answer why he went to New York glad you cleared that up thank you gentlemen thank you show enough we really appreciate it.

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