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OMF - Stephanie Jean, 29, desmoplastic small round blue cell tumor (DSRCT)

Aug 29, 2016|

Stephanie (Arlington) was diagnosed when she was 17. She had just eaten a huge meal and pressed her hands against the side of her stomach feeling full and happy. She felt something in her stomach and immediately made an appointment with her doctor. Prior to her diagnosis, Stephanie was a very healthy and athletic teenager. She received chemotherapy every third week from August to October 2004. She also had major surgery to remove the tumor. Stephanie has been in remission for 11 years. She walked out of the hospital for the last time on her 18th birthday. It was very surreal to end that battle for her life on her birthday. Every year she tells people her real age and her renewed age. She graduated high school a week before her last treatment and went onto Wheelock College and earned her bachelor's degree in social work with a minor in juvenile justice. She has been a state social worker for the past 6 years. Her hobbies include running and cooking. Family is the most important thing in her life. Her mother is my heart. She gets on my first and last nerve but I would never trade her in. Her three siblings are her best friends.

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Our next guest is Stephanie Jeanne Stephanie is 29 years old was a young. Say Catholic sort when she was a teenager diagnosed when she was seventeen here's the great sport about Stephanie story. She has been in remission. For eleven years as remission donors Stephanie it's going bailout like so I didn't do it better than. So to publish a story what happened to seventeen years old you're. Living the normal you know childhood you know teenage years what happened. OK so believe it or not I was actually. Finishing up the very beaten him. And I happened to such an Hispanic and notice that there's something there I had no idea what it was. Freaking out thinking right about Iraq or something so. With to see my doctor AC cent Neil great to be different hospital thinks Cambridge actually to do an ultrasound. Nobody knew it was like OK this is serious meaning. Certain meal it's it shows his hospital and from there they decided it was something there they had no idea what it was and they needed to figure it out. And that's when the bus by the growing. So you'd. Diagnosed seventeen yes and by eighteen again eleven years now they've been remission that was that when there and this. It was a very intense year a lot of hospital visits and sang to avoid being sick I was also a high school seniors I was going to school at the same time whenever I was in a hospital. But it was great it was a great experience because like that's a really know who my friends where and I got to see support in a way I don't think I would ever seen before. I'm going to something seriously that we are having trouble kind of keep an appointment go back right I mean you. Back boiler at any kind of screwed this thing up their little bit at the end what happened yes yes though at stake here. And we go every three months and then with every six months and then and yeah there. And one year IA somehow trick myself into believing us was that two years I didn't goalie year. And when I did go back. And nine Harrison Jones was not very excited that it's appear it. Come that I just disappeared now looking at the episode planned a little time now suddenly. That's every every part of the so how about your doctors through decent of the original doctor or you have is it somebody new every time now it's. My original doctor is with me for the entire year Jessica this is amazing and she ended up chances saints a different field and then from there I had the same nurse so it's been. Jill and I have been together for quite a few years leave we know each other very well we have is that every appointment with. Like catch up and then also not we have to remember them and other medical questions that talk about that before at the time that that. She and I built there really amazing relationship but since then it's your current. Great might give us time I had this and he's healthy he's growing he's great like is that I can pass from our. You know other than the millions like operating that's it. And that's all I can as well. Play is a great story this week we talked to a lot of you've probably seen some of them here that are patients now. Or they have just been kind of put into remission whatever to have somebody come back that's been in remission for this war period thought. And see how your life is just moved on it just great stories this phenomenal. To see it to see it'll play out. You you know how important stuff is for people to pick up the telephone book would you tell people right now. To try to get them to get to the phone because you know the research that was done for the type of cancer you have is the reason you're sitting here laughing and joking with the office. Nature I would tell people it's please. Pick up the phone. Whatever avenue you can whatever it is that you can get to please do because people like me who are still here goofing around. We'll appreciate it and appreciate the worth it to an apartment is for me and I honestly don't know where I would be there was some of them today. Stephanie thanks we appreciate you coming in here to view they definitely don't forget your appointment I will not. Put an alert on your phone and it angry parent. I think everything about it.

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