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OMF - Joe Zarbano, WEEI Executive Producer, with sister Kathy, and mother Paula

Aug 29, 2016|

Joe Zarbano, the Executive Producer of WEEI and the man responsible for putting together yet another successful WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon, with his sister Kathy and his mother Paula join Glenn, Lou and Christian to talk about Joe’s father, Sal, who passed away to cancer this past year. Also, Glenn talks about his scare with cancer last fall.

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Joe's our mono is our producer for our program though he skipped out these judges have figured gigs now so he's surge actually yeah actually kind of running the operation. And a good job to go to just say yeah. Unbelievable job you know addiction did you I actually to Asia jump ball so we are for her gently ruling that was all anybody do you do you think that's gonna help. Yeah no idea how much pull I have this place you can either fish or roach actually not about getting money back to the company. How short we future and they don't tell my story because. When I came back to EEI. You'll go through a real difficult time you're dad was sick. You were trying to spend as much time as you possibly could with him because you knew it was a tough. The situation. And I thought it was it was really. Touching hi you've dealt with that you were able to balance everything off because we were. Kind of altering this program dramatically here yup we worked out I was trying to bring what you gonna your voice will be put you in your place. So maybe you can tell you they'll tell the story because. I'll tell you what your your dad had an awful lot of friends I couldn't believe it going to that. That memorial service that NC it was overflowing crowd it was incredible. Yeah my there was the best then there's such a good tribute to him when he passed this past march because so many people were there and some people to love them. But about a year ago. Last may they found its a little tumor in his hip. And we didn't really know what it was or what was going on. So Lee had a biopsy and the three of us along with my dad we went in in June for appointment coming to say later sister Kathy tell him up all my parents well yup. And the doctor told us it was stage four lung cancer. And stage four is is the worst diagnosed with across the get with that type of cancer. It's treatable but it's terminal. And since. Last year a year ago June he he battled that for very courageously up until this past march where. He passed away and it's one of those things where you never really think it's. Cancer is going to affect you or your family and until it doesn't just. It's such a kick in the gut. And I think that's why we do this radio telephone is I mean maybe if you're not affected right now you could be a year from. You know you'll use view Romney been our producer for awhile here obviously since I've been on the radio so. But your involvement in this telephone I would say the last four years. Reversed given this year but. You've run this show you put this telephone on I don't think people give you enough credit for what you've done. It almost seems like now the motivation is is it's amazing and I think your father be proud. Yeah boy you've done this year is extra special and you know in in the obituary for my dad we we asked people to put your donation under his name to the Jimmy fund for the radio telethon and we talked a vote of those people that. Came to his funeral we your. We collectively as friends family loved ones coworkers you guys. We are joining 5000 dollars on behalf of my dad's. To the radio tell. That is lost yeah he's great at really is Joseph when Paula and and Kathy that is awesome. I I tell you what if there were a lot of stories that I had people and I had no idea who they were that are coming up I'll go to the bathroom. At one point some guys start filming the whole story about your dad was absolutely hilarious. If there had been deserve. Knee you've been your Joseph always been working on it and you guys I guess threw just. Connected to and I've kind of probably learn a lot of I don't watch the telecast of mean it did it prepare you at all for. Anything that you're about to go through I don't. Think anything can prepare you for what you're about to go through you you see it alike you hear about cancer alive but I feel like until you actually go for it on your own. You don't really know how much they can actually affect you in effect your family. So I don't think anything could have prepared us but I remember seeing my dad here last year we all volunteered. And I remember he was just so taken aback by the strength of all of the children that he saw here too with cancer. So that was a really special thing for all of us to experience together as well. That is awesome and 5000 books really and yes you thank you very much and Joseph I will add onto what what we said. You do great job with this phenomenal job. And so far everything's running OK yes entering okay trains are running on earnings don't agree well like yeah but and and and you have even talked to vote to make your cancer as well I get fit the funny thing is there were gonna have a moment of clarity truth right now I went to Hawaii intelligent but to win accidentally and that for now first came back you're so upset you vacation yes exactly. And Christian when we took away I was part of an aesthetic that is accepted starting back in good week about who won't give that destroyed but. It is itching and at that price tougher job because he was going through the stuff with the Staten. You know I'm just five weeks into it and I have to call today going to be out for a little bit and type. I was in at it was a normal day it was at the patriots game. Paxson and jets. And out of nowhere I blacked out I was feeling perfectly fine it nothing even thirty seconds in advance I know what it's ballot bowl like black. A UT's got me back I blacked out again. Did it to three times they sent me to Norwood hospital finally transferred over to Brigham and women's for three days they thought ahead of leading else. Turns out that after doing a cat's game because they couldn't find anything in three days they went in and found a large just cancerous to. That was the size of a softball I thought it was just. But apparently it was that was another object in inside there's so. They did an emergency. Procedure. It surgery within a matter of of hours on the is I was dropping a lot of blood in it taking it to twelve units in in 2440. Times that at all. And the ticket out of me. Didn't think there was anything else in here which you're never short and then I had to make the call couple days later police are sure are saying. I am gonna become a client I think over there at Dana floor but and so I do regular treatment. At Dana Farber I go and check on it to this point knock on the weather whatever this is. The tumors not compact there's chance it would come back for people and if it's a very rare tumor. That it would come back the longer I go without it coming back obviously the chances increase but this is the great thing about. The research that they're doing it in a far they now with the bill. Any pill will literally shot off your system inside and tell this protein. This tumor no longer to grow inside view. I couldn't take it because they thought. Basically be out they cut part of my intestines out reattached that they thought they got rid of everything. So it comes down to the point where we can't give you appeal if it's not fighting anything in here because if you really needed down the road. It's not going to be any good and the immune to it won't work. So I literally have this still waiting for me. If this thing ever comes back and he has me really good feeling is being great feeling of three constantly going there and I'm clean and I've been clean every three months. But if it does come back because of the unbelievable research and all of the money that's been raised over the years. They have come up with the bill. It's gonna give me about a 90% chance of survival if that ever happens and for anybody else out there. That every develops one of these just overs and still hasn't somewhere in the system this little shock the switch off. And say no you're not to grow inside. Somebody system which is amazing and you think something like that fifteen years ago. Wasn't possible and possible five or is there a reason why we're doing this is to make sure that things like that are possible. Down the road I'm amazed because of spent time over there talked to a lot of the doctors think the technology that's there that wasn't. There I mean we've met patients here today. That for 510 years ago they think would be. That is that is the craziest thing to me is just how quickly and how rapid these. Cures come around and eat eat eat you don't. You think the Big Ten years ago I dude in football numbers right like 2003 page responsible 2004. And got Red Sox yet. You know Celtics and in that time period all the lives that have been saved. In the meantime we have seen remarkable. It really is amazing the early years of gloomy remember some of this but I remember doing some of these on the smaller scale we can Coleman many years ago. And your patients that were coming and it literally more surviving we chapters. That and these days the rate is so much better it really is the amazing work. We need the money you know and you need to support thanks to the us are gonna guess families join us Paula Jacki thank you very much for the you know for the contributions.

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