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OMF - Liz Cirillo, mother of Marco, 5, and Lisa Cleary, mother of Nick, 3

Aug 29, 2016|

Both boys were diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma and are undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma, and the mothers have become friends. Marco (Rutland) was complaining of hip and stomach pain. He began limping and his pediatrician referred the family to the local ER. He was originally misdiagnosed and the tumor was later found through an ultrasound of Marco's abdomen. His treatment has included MIBG therapy trial, stem cell transplant, radiation and immunotherapy. Marco will start preschool in the fall at Holden Christian Academy. Marco loves cars, riding the tractor with his dad, riding his bike outside, exploring nature. He enjoys books and stories and playing with his sister, Grace, 3. Nicholas (Franklin) was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma on April 27, 2015. He was noticeably sick, lethargic, and losing weight for 20 days. His parents took him to 8 doctors’ appointments in those 20 days, received tons of blood work and X-rays, but it wasn't until a Nicholas underwent a Celiac test that doctors suspected it was cancer. He has had 4 of 6 total rounds of chemo, surgery, stem cell therapy (back-to-back transplants), radiation and immunotherapy. His mom says they chose Dana-Farber because it is #1 in pediatric oncology in the country, and that makes it an easy choice when you live only an hour away.

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Let me introduce you to a couple of months who did not know each other. Before their kids got sick and that's how they have created this bond. Alyssa real low and Lisa Cleary art here this is the mother of more go who was five different Rutland. And Lisa is the mother nick and how oversee 333. Years old. So I will start with you Lisa how did you guys meet because now it sounds like there's a real friend and buddy comedy it's a comment yeah. She my other. If you're closer to that Mike and here's why do we go through. We met in the hallway Children's Hospital when my son was being brought in patient has brings that to my room and she was Wheeling her son I. And it's. Upon talking we realize our sons have the same diagnosis to each corner of last Obama there in tumors are in the same place. And he was about two months ahead of us in treatment. So it took. Eight appointments. In twenty days it lost forty pounds or feeder who has eight or not it I think it was nine before you have found out what she must just that that 28 period must've. We just wants to know right you just wanna know it was I mean we had no idea we kept being told that it was a stomach we heard that it as. Just gas. What made you keep going back. I believe is losing when he was just not himself he was energetic he was always you know bouncing around he stopped talking he stopped. Is basically a flying around the dog and it just wasn't so we just persisted in Italy I'd gotten cancer. So you drop your stuff. Your husband he believes because that is how we ancestors prefix of these and and he just. What is it just an instant you are two months ahead you cannot sleep. Almost be a mentor for what to expect gas fortunate how to handle it yet and that's actually kind of how I started interacting with me silence. Finding a first at what point they were in their treatment. Finding out Nicholas was coming up on surgery not too long after that Marco had just finished his surgery first tumors section so. And then message -- and I said please tell me if you wanna know anything the good the bad the ugly I'll share you know some of us in on the beginning I personally didn't want to know the ugly I tried to just see the positive but as you move on through that you realize that it's. It's inevitable. So I was able to hopefully helped Lisa in terms of preparing for things that I wasn't ready for for surgery on particularly. And it was great I feel like we just were able to jump often and started real. A real support system for one another. Idiot that's the thing the support system at Dana Farber YouTube and each other but he if. She wasn't available through that nurses Graham needed it you're seeing how tight it is still look it's like upheaval that more supportive of those nurses unforced error meaning. There and I again there. They do everything and anything. And we also are fortunate you know other moms. With their kids have the same on diagnosis is a sign and it's like it with a group of five. And marine Melissa K. I am out shout out it's it is there Larry is there a an act Jessica if you found out this is going on you. Told the message boards you look online look for support groups and neighborhood that is all organic. Not to that extent so we I was in one support group online and they arrested if it was. Not as informative as undoubtedly it was more just kind of like what people didn't like and people from all around the country so they read and how much hospital was wrong with that. She did really do know I didn't highly ethics. So I feel like when we got to know each other and our other friends in the hospital we were able to kinda just like lead by example and follow other examples. You know what works for our kids what where does that work for their kids like me. We just kind of went from there and it was better than being in a support group honestly so how the two boys don't they're doing great everybody is in remission and his office. I'll get his grade school. Starting this week are you there are a lot of eyes see your eyes light up it ethical no not me I'll be the mom in the parking lot crying I. Of course he was say knows that I always dreaded the first day of preschool because I. He's just my. Now art and worry about leaving him but non grateful to have this day. Mets when he goes way we've had another mother and here in dissenters and up to college. And there were no tears. No apology was like she was broke it really thought Peter you don't go out and you know. Pitcher you know make a trail yourself but years of preschool Canada however thinks that Chrysler can go get your daughters that can't. It's amazing enough you guys have a real happy story here and happy ending his kids are doing great and what would you tell people out there that because. You know the stories that I'm hearing from the to a view we were not hearing 5101520. Years ago. We were losing a lot of we were talking to parents and the next year we would find out that the kids are no longer with us. What would you tell people out there that are thinking maybe about picking up that phone. To it I mean we just nerve last domain itself over the past ten years has. Grown exponentially with the treatment protocols it's amazing we're lucky that we can say 75% of the cancer diagnosis today you will survive. But you look at the treatment and it's. Most of it is adults developed chemotherapy drugs. And it's not it's not right these kids deserve better if they deserve more than 4%. If there's a way to minimize these hospital stays in how much time they are rob done this year and half of but in an out of the hospital they were in for weeks at a time and the only way to improve on that is funding. Pick up the phone call the kid out. You feel good about it you guys had a goal to sue right now we're at five tackles 669. Needed taller people need not let me get my girl that. This attack eccentric old stuff that I edited. I don't want to add excellently. As saying about the ten year improvement on treatment with their last night. Actually right and our kids were diagnosed my son's fine papers Monday in the next day we do everything is gonna change in the treatment got better. Like basically around the same time our kids were diagnosed so they've come along way. And those people that need this happened where parents like us and parents who have lost their kids and they did it with their funding and they're the ones that. You know funded this. I'm sorry this screen to get that research going. And you know that's we kinda wanna be the same way and just going to be a voice for them and we definitely need more than 4% from the government area. There's only so where are it very happy for both of things are going great hopefully people will take your work you know pick up the phone. Appreciate treatment and thank you can't good luck to the voice okay.

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