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OMF – Jason and Andrea Tassinari, parents of Olivia Tassinari, 2, Medulloblastoma, a brain tumor

Aug 29, 2016|

Olivia (Plymouth) is currently in the hospital so she will not be joining her parents on air. After an initial hospital visit due to vomiting, Olivia was diagnosed on February 2016 with an aggressive form of Medulloblastoma, brain tumor. Olivia is still undergoing chemotherapy as part of her treatment. Andrea ran the Boston Marathon this year in support of Olivia, and Jason is the head women’s soccer coach at Curry College. Olivia’s hobbies include watching the Bubble Guppies (her favorite show), walking, running, spending time with her grandparents, smiling, laughing, dancing and going to her father’s soccer games.

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Let me change you do that hastened an industry likes untested area. So it's. I'll offer our docket no chance higher. Open. I'm sorry you know what if you don't want it's immature must ask if it's interesting asset I have got a product problem and our group every day the surprises the mics don't that is your trick to be doing it on both of you think you've got parents of Olivia. 82. And maybe you'll start with you Andre you can kind of give us. You notice history. Well she's now to just turned two last Sunday and her. Kind of story started on February 1 when she first bonded for the first time that. You know with that type B season we were both sick so we just kind of chalked it up to. We got the bug we get it out of our house. Following week throws up again more now more kind of more violent. We end up bonus a sharp hospital. They thought it was a matter of her being constipated I thought it was everything from here down the GI problem. We were released. Couple days go by I follow up an hour her PD. Pediatrician pediatrician at thank you and done. I noticed a little bit of instability with her blocking might mention that to her and she checked isn't that while she's gonna deadly air action. Okay that could that's the answer. Today's gold buying and then it's school vacation so I'm home and I wake up that and I know 3330 in the morning again it's just incredible vomit all over the place. So we just said all right we've got to go back to shore and they took one look at us you that we were at the end of week before instead now. You've been here you've got to go to children's and I remember I went. And he said just come down it's okay. OK so you know we went there for if I had my moment but OK I'll come and couple days there and I'll a lot of doctors were trying again to GI seven upper GI let's have this that. Thankfully one of the doctors aerial wind just held on to when I said. She's got a little instability in her walking more so than you and age eighteen months I get it. But it's more so than what we've noticed with her. And I'm telling it thank god she held onto that and Thursday. She was such a to have GI. An effort Shiite and it was talk for having an MRI. Didn't rule out anything neurological. And aerial Kane and she said now you're adding and right right now go. We go. I met my mother was issues apple come and chase was honestly end. And we got the news. 7 o'clock that night when the doctors come in and say. We need to talk to a mom and dad about that findings. I mean separate him from now we were there in our in a room separately from memory and they just told us about you know we've we've found children mean. It just I mean devastated we. You know eat your heart starts racing and we it's it's it's overwhelming it's overwhelming and down. She was in surgery the next morning. Duct governor about who is our Angel who was her Angel one of the many angels. With. Able to pull the tumor out it was encapsulated. And since then we've just been on this ride with. With her in a chemotherapy and her current dean at Harvard journey and and it's just me. She's in the hospital now yes she she just finished. She's dealt with chemo. This or sixth and final round. It's probably going through. The worst part of it right now I mean she's on point when people ask us how she's doing plan. Don't we there's two sides of that answer is that one side. Well you know how she's feeling she feels like crap bush Democrat she's supposed to. But we're not worried about that part of the word about what the doctor Singh. And since we were told she had a tumor on February 18. Every bit of news we've had since then has been good knock on wood so she is done with chemo. And she's done having to be hosed down because one of the key laws that she has decreased from her skin and burns are so they have to wake her up for the first three days of that treatment. To give her bath. And go out every six hours in a little bit more difficult at midnight and 6 I am she doesn't handle those very well and doesn't handle any of those well but thankfully that's over. So right now waiting for accounts to rise again and once or ANC counts go up three days straight. She will be going home and that will be it because she has been on point with everything she's doing great her. Her ability to handle this which. As you guys have found over the years kids can handle this far better than anybody into Christian was just talking about the resiliency that they have is amazing in and our daughter's ability to handle this as if she hasn't had any treatment. Hasn't made it easier it's been the hardest six months of our lives. But it's been somewhat more tolerable. Because of the way Olivia has handled it. So we expect her to be home by September 12 thirteenth fourteenth. With the same smile on her face then that she's had for the last six months you know we. We've sort of people listening right now it's like your reality. Is that a fear at the biggest. Because everyone I'm Mikey was young it was just got a cough what's wrong thing and hospital today and she's doctorate at this what's wrong with that rushed him. Every little thing when their year or two years old yet what if you guys found that about yourself I guess it illuminate or put the strength of Bolivia it will what you shout. Well first of you find out real quick a parent or you can be you know every time she stumbles and gets close to falling we're rated dive under her and pictures just in your head. Because it's not just a bump on the head now these internal bleeding because of the medication. What you learn. Is as parents we've learned what's important. It really puts things in a proper perspective seaweed what little we don't want anyone ever have to go through this but when you do. You have a perspective on what's important what's not important. You have an appreciation for people to do things for you you have an appreciation for everybody that sacrifices for you. And you. I don't want anyone ever have to go through this. But if they have a chance to have some adversity in their life I think it would make them better people in the long run and I think that's what it's done for us. And I think we've learned a lot about what being a parent is all about wearing your child is in need. This is our first and our only child. I don't know how people that have multiple children do this with one at home. I don't I don't know how people to live and other states. With other children do other countries. That we meet so we're just fortunate that you know while we learned things about us. We've lived about an hour away from the greatest hospital in the world and in that moment where you feel like hearing your darkest moment. You feel. Comfortable. That at least. You'll with the best of the best at the gym. Yesterday's injury you. Been a coach for a long period of time and yet so when your players soccer soccer team ranked. Yet we both are sucked and so when you're when your when your. Players start complaining and bitching about it too hot and I don't wanna ride yeah I'm watching the water out to listen Matt I don't know I think that's important because you sit there and you wonder what you can hand digital have a clue what you can handle reduce your two year old daughter who has no building legal perspective whatsoever now despite through like crazy. They've got a fine I guess and you know. But it finds inspiration different ways and it's unfortunate I guess at times but there's got to be used to waiter for UT players. You know. I also teach in the middle school and I'd been put into my seventeenth year. And I have been out of work since that we went out all this happened I mean fortunately I was my job a lot to do that and care for her number one and I walked back in that schools and it put everything enter into perspective so I know when I go back. You know a lot of these. A lot of these 67 and eighth graders when they ire you know just having their moment whatever. It it really does I really know that I am a changed. Teacher. Mother. Just personal together because I look at her. And Mike what are my complaining about what how dare I how who might to complain about. I don't know something being messy he'll attest to that you feel guilty. They're guilty not guilty complaining about walking outside and swing and not just truly amazing where Yeltsin people have said this two mile time since this happened is. Although she still resilient all this are resilient and I think and now I don't know not now and it's true she and fortune does your reality. This is what she notes and you know she's she struggled the past couple days and I just you know look at her and all she's gonna do was flash that smile at me and I saying. Next summer will be at the beach and its unaudited and I are. I should mention you talk about coaching. Entry is a long time women's soccer coach at rock tonight. And Jason is when it's coach over Tariq Al. The best of both of you. And the best to Libya and hopefully everything will work out great and couldn't be in a better place well we still very much thank you guys leaving the nest and and WEEI in the Jimmy Fund. We're getting closer. Tonight having to have this telephone on the road with great and SR to tell you guys that but I don't we don't want that net. Great praise for all you guys do to you by Giuliani. Thank you are so much.

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