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OMF - Allisa Freiberger, 9, Medulloblastoma, a brain cancer, with her grandmother Elena Freiberger and brother Dominic, 11, Westwood

Aug 29, 2016|

Allisa started having headaches and stomach issues in the summer of 2014. The headaches became severe on a plane ride to Disney World in October 2014. Doctors discovered a brain tumor through an MRI later that month. Allisa was treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Allisa’s treatment is complete and she has checkups every three months at the Jimmy Fund Clinic. She has one brother, Dominic, 11, who joins Glenn, Lou and Christian, too.

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How we got another new friend who just popped in yours been taken pictures and stuff like Dario national a surprise burgers with she's nine years old along with a brother. Dominique he said the Big Brother he's eleven years all they're from Westwood Alicia how are you. Dominic get nice to see both of you. I was just an interesting story Alyssa started having headaches in its number stomach issues back in the summer of 2014. And the headaches I guess they tell me became really severe on the plane right it is immoral. What was that like what was happening. Well. My and my routine barely something on me. Can't they can't break cleaning can I can hear an old. Gerald when they're being told me she took wheelchair. Yeah our great bull flag and if my old guy and kicked at that phone rang routines. I Iran or address its. From Kenya eyes tear. Day Sheridan tax error and Turkey and Iraq and ex wife and aunt and manage your last. Did you when you were Indies when you go to the are they tell your files were you able to we still feeling sick we able to go to diesel angle on the rides a wizard trip kind of grown a little bit because of now you've been able to go back since. We huge impact and I look at it. You get to do they aren't sure you're gonna get to do that. So you innocents yet great cancer she knows exactly the specific. Medical term. How we do now. Great you look to run that beautiful you look terrific so listen a couple of years ago right you or seven years old when it was when he found out the names. Because right now honestly used to hearing it openly talking about you well versed on what is going on what was that was it for you when you confused did you know what was going on. Well knowing you kept him unlike garrison. May not write it I hated. Yeah. Longing and I don't think they can help it he when he. Who can openly and very sickening it's relaxing and I kind. Screening. Ball not like national multiple ways for him when he found out what it looks was that it confusing for you. Well. It's lynch told me when it lives here and my old game you wouldn't like nutritious and Mike. And to. Gain. Me staring at me she. Can and asked her if anything would happen. I can't get import scene and stacked them and me she came in handy. And I can marry me she thanked him until now grew. Fat cat and her. Christ you nights. I feel now. Thing you know wait this this past year did you pick up a flight on the spring training we do with the morning guys warm do you actually on a plane with Kurt and him. John Dennis and Gerry Kelly and Bobby or she gets to open policy that trip meant to say no what's that what happens in the plains states and play. I fully understand happened did you have fun not anymore. Yeah it Bobby you eat lobster with Bobby or. A color that's all I'm running a stop. Not a sort of blessed with a fun one eagle. It dollar Mercedes you get to go okay. Well how about I mean it's gotta be tough for you to rate in the senior sister go through you I treatments I was immediately heartbroken when she joins us. And how about you go affair to remember treatments and notes with carriage a lot of treatments and how to make you feel when you go there with them so. Felicity 62 key moment and he did radiation. It's one party that's what it's like for an nine year old kid can cure really great to be able to deal with all that stuff. What it's like to go through chemo and radiation in the right place. Well it's I anti terror like they had confessed and you might have to have hope and full and total again. Trying to change. Actually helped me get drink a lot of people I believe in Carolina and and praying. And actually helped me get through it. And your brother was there for. Sounds like you guys get a good good relationship tease tease each other it was a good. What's your normal OK I'm so worried we officer eight billion. Dominique him and his younger sister writes what you city had a fight right through it do you find it's different now but he got it is just to read news. Be careful because he can't. He can't put me tugboat pushing her I literally had. I can't mean she got hurt because of her. If you up and Campbell it's hard cash she looked at you you look over. Good Big Brother right there. Is that recent marriage battles are. Honest that's a good thing you know Paris she's not as hot. Did Dominique it was good meeting you have a secret meeting you as well it got to get back to Disney World can't get back to Disney World and got out nick is the place where you're supposed to be heated on quarterfinals all about you I just got back I just give you gotta get back. It's great everything's working out gratefully it really us. You look terrific and congratulations. That Dominic and you think he's good. At halfback.

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