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OMF – Treasurer Deb Goldberg with Mark William Bracken, FindMassMoney.com

Aug 29, 2016|

Treasurer Deb Goldberg with Mark William Bracken of FindMassMoney.com join Glenn, Lou and Christian during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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I heard Christian talk about on only my dad can't get the long ball goes bad embargoes there hasn't Honda and the Melissa in the market. Joining us right now Deb Goldberg they're great to see you good to see you Marlon Williams bracket this year and throughout from the state treasurer's office and he cosigned on every on every ad. Yeah you are and everything he does grips Nokia press writes this matter really what a shock if that's. Unbelievably great. They about the state to the Treasury Department have been doing this for years. Is sending Christians been telling you that you know you're going to find money that is your money okay it's going property that your money. But they're sometimes is like can you can explain to dip like left over money correct. Well I think today it's a perfect example of that. Lots of people who wanted to get to the Jimmy Fund. Somehow their payments are there checks or. Do you know few of the nail through what ever has disappeared. Well we find it. And it's been so great for us to be able to do this with all of you and bring it and and be able to bounce that number a lot higher every single year because let's not forget. This is about helping out these kids who are afflicted with this her side. Biggest again as far as does. Right I mean what what is. If you mr. Fineman you'd find money was just my that you lost money that just left there. It's well it happens and somebody different ways whether it's actual property are at a check that went out. And it's being held in some banks somewhere after a couple of years three years. On they have to turn the money over to the state they're not allowed to just hold it and so what we do is our job and mark does this with his great staff all the time. Are turning up little pockets of money everywhere all over the state. And then of course as you know we publish a list every single year but we do have an ongoing way to look at it. Look for it at find mass money dot com and where ever I go. I tell people to do that. I'm actually. A guy came up to me instead you are my favorite person in the whole state and I looked him and said why more bongos. Now not find out if could hit it and I'm massive buying as money paid for his new kitchen and his wife got to have it far. Yeah I hear when I I I have McDyess hooked me all the time you do receive more bongos more les Christian whatever. But do the best thing is so I've moved around a lot played football different cities and always every department so I ended up finding money for you guys and funny for me I guess. Because I had all these checks of work that I had done for different TV station on Chris they could find me I have a little surprise you except for you today. I don't have to check that I have the paper where we have almost 800 got it. And here you. You know it dinners different you broke she wrote she cashes is check. I'm lucky a view anything for me. Arnie I think nothing for and believe me mile but it it's one and four Lorraine is that we see one and ten when it really. It's really probably close like one that's been announced as the I think it's rigged if you if you're actually funny money and you're like the spokesperson for know what I'm sure art Deb how much money do we have this year. This year we have tomorrow bock of between. 200. And she used them and I. I. People that and here is allow chat it's very much I'll take I don't know and I don't. I don't get a did it to you know I think it is you'll it'll be back in your kitty again an eight month and a little. Not cat bow and have a good track record on that I don't want that to. Why that is outstanding Matt Gephardt thank you very much really out of court yeah electronic. It's unbelievable I. All right we are 27100135. And straight trip state treasurer's office just gave us 202000. Like very much thank you all we really appreciate it thank almost 200 I don't shortchange okay. Almost come on I'm surprised the musicians out there have not complained about their your commercial I'm really surprised about it with a wireless I should. Via regular begin for me concerts everything banks got Qaeda thank you I want. OJ thing you did it would take a break will be right back you can call an add to that total being 777381234.

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