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OMF – Kathy and Steve Dwyer, parents of Jimmy Fund Clinic patient Phil Dwyer, 18, osteosarcoma

Aug 29, 2016|

Phil (Lunenburg) couldn’t make it on air because he just started his freshman year at Unity College, but his parents are here to tell his story. Phil was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the fall of 2013 after he broke his femur while helping his dad move a boiler in their house. Testing and x-rays revealed he had bone cancer in his leg. He was cleared of cancer in August 2014 after treatment, which included an internal prosthesis. In the summer of 2015, Phil’s cancer relapsed in his pelvic bones and vertebrates. He was treated with chemotherapy and radiation. Phil has responded very well to treatment and while still under medical care, his cancer is manageable. He loves to cook, drive around, relax on bots and laugh with his family.

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Let me introduce you to cap the UST two are there from rule number. They are the other parents. Jimmy Fund clinic patient filled Dwyer who's eighteen. Phillips not what does today but the good news is he's a way in college. From a health standpoint. He's doing very very well took up he'll start with you tells a story. Well abouts. Three years ago I'm a three years ago he spent his life. And we thought he had just broken leg that we ended up going to the hospital where they diagnosed him with last year's sarcoma bone cancer and slide. So that follows. A year a solid treatments chemotherapy. Surgery surgery. He had that metal knee and a metal. So Stevie was helping you move a boiler it was only. Oil cartels really. I did not drop of oil Iran and I notice in your mouth I. He. Which helped me move a boiler to the trailer and he said he felt a need felt the pop. And of course I said is a good father and likes you know something about your. I don't know and get a car you find you're buying agency might back here Gloria yes exactly exactly. It turned out to be an awakening moment where you found out that there was something there that you might not a follow up told us he would accept fourteen feet. Just fifteen I think therefore important to you. Now via. How old are did and you. That's all I'm I'm a nurse by training venomous partner so I don't know anything about anything else yes but. All the way through the entire process of getting him. Assessed to figure l.s going out with them it back in my mind I kind of knew. What was going on but which would let myself think that home. In Seoul in and whistles as much shock to me is somebody who didn't know. You know about their child being cancer. And you know since then fills. You know been free of free of cancer for year and they get redact announced. Let me go back to psych nurse she should get so that it's almost like dealing with patients like emotions yes did you find yourself being a patient artists as far as you are feeling really good looking not to talk myself into this ya know I've I've been a patient as much as as Phil has all the way through the process and you know everybody at the Jimmy Fund is an absolute phenomenal just it just to fill. But but not only Phil but for the entire family in terms of even including his Big Brother 20 everybody else. In terms of making sure the family unit worker were okay and that is the basis of just their family really. What's that emotion like when you. You suddenly doing so well yet and suddenly you get that word that he's relapsed. And this things works are such a high for you right. We worry that just in shock. You know oh it denial about that this could possibly be happening again. You know I was pretty much paralyzed for you know week or two after. He get re diagnosed again I write I didn't even know what to make a better way to Cuba situation and of course I immediately like any other apparent when you know on the web start look at everything up and you know wasn't good information that I want to see but luckily for us during the process all of his doctors all the nurses were very very positive without sin. And never really talked about the negatives of things just talked about Howard get through the process. But it's it's it's been just a you know another year of whirlwind. Treatment for him. You talk about milestones in your life and you guys dropped him off at school it got a Unity College yet. So that must've been I guess maybe a surreal moment count a contradiction of emotions on yet your house yourself and to yours and all your baby. Yeah you don't seem to school any tears shed mom or. I think wags we what we've done from the beginning with this diagnosis is we made cancer part of our lives that happened and the center of it. And I think facts so. Unscom is it obvious that. Process likeness and doing wrong. And the therapists call ala doesn't already have a yeah. Can stay afterwards and yeah. Diagnose this group greater physical involvement out Red Sox game if you help me out of only anger management guys deal with that at all I don't know we have we have an angry person I think he was really angry at six and. Fat you re really see it's still moving along going to the going through graduation ties all of that stuff is critical and actually at that Jimmy Fund clinic they planned around. His milestones like. But the graduation from. He hit he had to orientation at college and it seem 6 in the morning. And then we weren't able to track that's unity my eyes and it's for how important is that these guys their personal touch tuck in the group with a year for Wright Jimmie it was Dana Farber and it just they've looked it. Treat everyone individually you're the only one in a room. I absolutely. It's everything. For us to be able to feel like I said before they're like family and I really mean that for us to feel like that they care where there. In going through the most you know the toughest situation any parent can go through. They are just phenomenal and and supportive in every way every time there. Well pleased that they listen you know and it is families it because you're going through something you've never gone through before and all these parents aren't always kids are. And there's things that are going to be confusing for your complicated for you what I've always seen about the people over their data for that they get that they understand that. And they know that you're going to have some complained that there are some issues. But they saw them for they should do and they recognize that so they're listening. Because they know that this is not easy you've never done this before you have gone to this before. It's a great place and a budget guys found it and I'm glad that if Phil is doing great and it was great meeting both of. So little thanks very much every jets screaming and what was the call they gamble was big because we'll do we'll do it taught and how good. Isn't the first meeting Perino yes executives think the first thing I admit it OK I am in one of the stages not an. I certainly don't know and I don't Wendy Lewis I am angry OK Sony. The convoluted benefit keepers acceptance. That the people from acceptance but realizing how that that's what. Gosh thank you Bernie Mac and really does he hadn't.

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