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OMF – Andrew Lane, 55, multiple myeloma, with Dr. Ken Anderson, director, Jerome Lipper Multiple Myeloma Center and LeBow Institute for Myeloma Therapeutics

Aug 29, 2016|

Andrew (Concord, NH) was diagnosed in June 2014 through routine blood work during his physical after returning from a 1-year deployment to Afghanistan. He later had a full skeletal x-ray and a bone marrow biopsy. At Dana-Farber, Andrew enrolled in a clinical trial and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He also had a stem cell transplant. He is a retired First Sergeant, NH Army National Guard. He thinks Dr. Anderson is an unbelievably caring doctor and a true credit to his profession as well as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He leads a great team of research and treatment professionals. He is extremely passionate and believes that a cure will be developed soon.

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So guys let's meet in jewel well Wayne Andrew nice to meet you and is doctor doctor Kenny addition doc it's great to see you wish well. Com Andrew is a retired first sergeant New Hampshire army National Guard asked in years served. With the military police with deployments. In 2007 to Iraq 2013. To Afghanistan we thank you for your service sir com so. Here you wore your returning back from one year deployment back in June. Of 2014. You were over in Afghanistan. One half but I came back. In doing through the normal reintegration process. You go to a physical that DA conducts in New Hampshire and have a lab work done typical blood work. I thought nothing of it. I felt great melt the I was running about twelve miles a week. To sit ups pushups pull ups you know full physical. Resident I was following. But did the blood work and it went on vacation with a fairly down to Disney. While I was down there I got a phone call from the NBA cynic like me commend that the saw something in my blood work if they want to talk to me about and as it okay and you missed it really want me to me it was an oncologist well. And honestly I didn't know what oncologists was at that time my new found a new at a truck colleges plus there's a lot of I tell you I thought I. I tell my wife that distillate they want to see me about my blood work annual ahead high cholesterol so I thought well. And fast did that day that that must be now I was into nervous about it. I sat down with the VA doctor. That day. The appointment enough. You explain to me what they saw was a high protein. Count. And a what could be known as spends Jones. At that point he ought to do some further tests to determine. Some X rays as well as bone marrow biopsy. I said while OK we get a let's let's let's do what do we wanna do today. And so okay well I was ready to do it to Dave let's do it. So we did the full X rays. Body scanned as well as the bone marrow biopsy. Which that took a little bit too. Figure out but the idea X rays are Airways showed some deterioration in my bones. Which is one of the indicators of multiple myeloma. So I went home and tried to explain the salt my wife. Never easy to oversee very music conversation was my. Actually it's my wife as well as my daughter. Sit down. When we get the vulnerable biopsy report it was confirmed. At that point I didn't bring my wife down and we sat with the oncologist. At the VA. Intelligence that the VA doctor or Kevin was very good he said. I recommend based on your age your health and everything is still rate down to Dana Farber. Going to happen if you go down there he highly suggested I go into a clinical trial. Which I I. It OK you know whatever. You're at whatever is being recommended is what gonna push for myself you know you wanted to do that work all do it. We are fortunate that we have a daily friend. That was worked down in Boston in the medical field that was able to connect us with the doctor Anderson over at Dana Farber. Which is he's a great doctor a great person. First. A dot great doctor on top of that. Period conversational love to talk to doctor Anderson about most anything going on in the world. But if it changed my life I. Pretty much had to decide was I going to continue. Pursuing a military career finishing up my last five years. Or was they're going to stay home. I didn't know where this cancer was gonna go. When two granddaughters. Had already missed a couple of years of me being gone. Had a my daughter that's missed more than a couple of years of me being traveling in. Fighting. The war on terrorism. So I'm in my wife as well I want to be with my family place and okay I'll give up my military career. To view in my family. In the military really supported me would have to be a New Hampshire army National Guard was very supportive. Right from the top all the way down. Two bombs. So when you meet doctor Anderson what's so what what's the commerce originally when yours personally big tough guy and military Gary seems like nothing can knock this guy down. Now you know our patients are our heroes. And for Andrew that's really. Evident and all of the service he's given to our country. Mean he's been fighting terrorists to protect all of us. And honestly what this is all about today is fighting cancer which is the ultimate terrorist. And so to be honest our patients are our heroes our inspiration. So to be up to be able to give back in some small way to our heroes who have given so much to all of us as a country. It's really an honor and a privilege. And what's so special about today what you're all doing and and honestly inspired by Andrew and many others is we are building a team together. That's winning the battle against cancer. His cancer is called multiple myeloma. Fifteen years ago it was a death sentence. They're eighteen new treatments now it's not a death sentence anymore. Andrew was on novel therapies he sent a complete response. And that happened because at WEI. And your commitment to the Jimmy Fund and everybody who's listening helping us. Honestly. In our team our army if you want. Against this terrorist calls against regarding. Pretty amazing all the what sort of it's pretty amazing. Then when you think about this and thanks to doctor Anderson who has been prominent in in some of this with the researchers. It we've gone from a cancer of the ten years ago was a death sentence like about that. To the point where this man right now is going to be able to enjoy his family for many years. Yeah and it's amazing that's we're talking erasing money I mean you hear read net lap dock you know when you're the researches everything you bringing it to these patients. Without this kind of money we you'll be able to do the work. It's that you been able to do get the last 1015 years I totally agree I mean it's all about team work whether it's the Red Sox here at the patriots. Know how to win and you know how to win because you know your roles and you know you're all part of something really special something bigger than any of us. And Andrew learned this in the military rank and so honestly we each play our role we each have our position. And when we have the same mission the same passion and commitment that's represented here today. We went. And now it's really awesome so I do want to thank all of you and thank everyone for supporting thanks to you documents you we appreciate you stopping by an injured. Continued success of my girlfriend and again you've given an awful lot and strive for people to give back to you and I think like an awful lot we really appreciate you.

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