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OMF – Dave Dombrowski, Red Sox President of Baseball Operations

Aug 29, 2016|

Dave Dombrowski, Red Sox President of Baseball Operations joins Glenn, Lou and Christian during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to talk about the state of the Red Sox and to help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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Right now we talked with the president. Of the Boston Red Sox Dave Dombrowski did great to see him look good morning good to see you guys. Here we are personnel general donor show every now if ever quickly because I was not here last year but your first day on the job. Was it not the Jimmy Fund radio telephone it was it was a Thursday they had me. Kind of busy at that point so I didn't participate but my wife and two children came back and answer the phone's not next fall so that you made a donation and yes yes so it appointing big president of baseball ops or we'll point again at the schedule by the way I don't know if you're well aware of the Jimmy Fund is close to our hearts and it's it's part of the Red Sox and were you aware of that relationship and how quickly will remain where it well. He came of course my first day at the discussion but haven't been based. Well for a long time travel to Boston. You're well aware. Close relationship when it developed with the commitments about. Of course you know much more watcher here in it but with such a great pause here position word you're aware of it. Support it even as an outsider horse and it was kind of a talk of baseball's type maturity that. People in the game. Look at an envious fashion because there's so much money that's raised such a great cause. And so it's a unique situation somewhat in baseball because of how famous it is. When Nash in the encouraged discouraged question right now after last night's game was really rough sixth inning last night. Which you're starting rotation had been looking much better here over the last month. Your bullpen mountain little shaky. Do you feel more encouraged now that you're getting a starting pitching has been more consistent or you worried about the end of the ball that well I think. One of things its interest now is talk about him baseball you always have something to worry about. And you always have your biggest need that's what's always if you fill your biggest need for a long time I think our fourth and fifth starters was our biggest need. We really needed to improve that. So them once you prove that then something else becomes your biggest need. Unfortunately for us at the time if you look over the last few games that we have lost you given up runs it's been when. We had right and we had Rodriguez and such a good run they were really a great role. And then of course than they missed that time always stepped up. Got hit these guys both their first outings not quite as sharp Stephen settled in on Friday and and continue to pitch well you can see Rodriguez has stopped his. Still great but he wasn't quite as sharp last night. So I think our rotation we'll get back into role. I think it's a situation I'd much rather have that strong rotation like that give us a chance to win every day. Also when you look back over the last few days of a or five days when we start losing some bloggers we didn't score many runs well that's sort of an uncommon thing we lost two to one we lost four of three we. So we lost some close games but we need our back end to the bullpen has been solid with Kimbrel he's been doing good. This the eighth inning has to be solidified in the seventh inning ziglar has done a good job. When he's matched up. Against the good. Clubs for him that matches up left hand hitters in the little bit more problems. I do think Clay Buchholz will help us later in the game myself I think play the way he has thrown the ball recently. That transition to later in the game will be helpful but we definitely have to pitch better and we have the capabilities a guy like Barnes have been pitching very well on course last night and him about it. What about would a palpable we heard a lot about him seems like you're running out of time to make a decision for him to make a decision word where you guys that was assigning him more. Well we had. Trust in him and we expressed that to him John talked John Farrell spoke with Jonathan Papelbon I think couple or players spoke to him to. But for his own personal reasons he's just decided so far to not sign. I'm not sure he's gonna sign or not. I know he has a lot of strong feelings about Boston if he decides to sign. But it's more situation is agents that he is not ready to make your decision and also now becomes complicated because in throwing and games since August 6. So you're in a position you just can't thrust them out there I don't know what he's been doing as far as throwing his concern I would doubt he's been throwing a lot. So you have to put out out there and build up his arms strengthen them in a position where face some hitters so it's not just insert him like it would have been reviewing assigned right off the path. Another eligibility the roster for the post season has changed a little bit but you don't get a couple of days you have to be within the organization you'll have to be in the big leagues before our number one. Yes so he's obviously if that's the case he's. We got a couple days right before transfer. No that's right I'm sure that and I'm sure that he and his representatives know that. But I think it's more his own personal situation that he decided. It has nothing to do with like a club entrusted just more whatever reason his own decisions are like that and the rule has changed before you had to be an active member at. Of the 25 man roster on the disabled list by August 31 but now as long as you're a member of the organization. You are eligible for the post seasons on your part on August 31 night. You magically buckles and how well he was thrown given how well he was throwing. Atwater rove maybe was attendees in between starts but Stephen Wright was doubly almost twenty. Was there any discussion about maybe he should go to rehab start first maybe give clay one more start to make sure that he can work those kinks out maybe and game. Well we had talked about it but the reality is is that first of fallen into artist Casey can even go one disabled list him though I mean it was this that you and we are caught by surprise a couple times we thought he was gonna pitch and then it just wasn't quite ready to pitch so that wasn't a consideration he did pitch a simulated game on here. But there's still a difference between the simulated game Ernst and get into the regular competition. In Steven Wright's case. We had talked a little bit about it but it really took on the one inning he felt good I don't think that he was in a position that. We are anxious to send them out at that time so we felt that he come higher performance fortunate first innings of a more ramp up but he settlement after that. It was kind of helpless right now what should do something in the next couple days you guys clear waivers to be able add personnel on your roster. So what do you think wins if we hear that they are you win. This division what has that we know you played a lot of road games but your third. Pretty well on the road you've got teams coming up from the rear suddenly Kansas City is in the picture for a wild card spot. What do you have to do it but we have to play consistently well with all the different parts of our. I think first and foremost we need to score runs. On a consistent basis it's there we've we've got good pitching for about. That's 56 day period we didn't score many runs as we normally do I think it straightens itself while we have the best often in the game. So. That part of it we have to get it but consistent start pitching. Anibal plans to step up now we do get reinforcements I think we probably have some reinforcements that are a little better than some other organizations. When you get to do September and we have a guy like Joseph Kelly that we think a marker pitch out of the bullpen and help us. We can bring you Embry back here too so we do we have the potential. Coach he's gonna throw to hitters today. We have the potential to get him back but we're just in reality is that. Soreness but you have to put all parts of your game together. An important time period we were just doing that a short while ago a week ago we are really in that type role and him really going to Detroit. So we can get back to doing that a consistent basis I think we of his go to clubs and he remote got a lot. To be decided we still have to sit down and have our final conversations on that we have are you leaning toward bringing him or. What would be your presidency well first of all if you're gonna bring a guy like Al. Like you wanna make sure that he has the chance to place on the doesn't do you much good if you're an actor who's gonna bring him up just sets in as a place that doesn't do you much good. For example when Ben and he came up he played with but right out there what field. So that's one thing and product the second thing is is you do have some roster situation. And how you work with that for the forty man roster. I would let that stop him from being brought up if he was going to play. But those are the conversations that we still need to have here over the next day we talked a lot of generalities Mike tradition has always been. With call ups you wait till the very last moment and has a couple reasons behind it. One as you see how your club shapes up as close to the deadline as you possibly can't the second thing is is as soon as you start announcing some guys are coming up. And other guys it AAA or disgruntled for those next few days so he can push that off as far as you can I think you're much better off from an organizational perspective I think Lou. Played and then he can really help those things go to AAA level like guys is if it's not them those particular time Alvis and you create a little bit more problem for your manager than than you need to. You know what the specifics in September is always speed on the base paths right and we've seen it before Dave Roberts is always the classic. Quit Gerri that's up played that role very well and that's what might cut his name comes up BG is numbers does but. I guess I look at him an idea of rookie coming up in September in the eighth inning or ninth inning you're asking him to steal back off a closure in the places go in knots. That's a tough spot for a big heavy it is a tough Smart and Patrick kind of almost in that role. Sure I have the unfortunate part is is that clubs have gotten pretty Smart on that so there's not a lot of those guys available like they used to be at the end. So it's a situation where they're difficult to find those speed guys I think for us a lot of times to. You wanna get a guy that can steal a base. If you can't find that you want to have some that can score from first on a double what we have a lot of those type guy so warm pretty good shape in that regard but you're right that the pressure put on a rookie and even if you look at my cutter who's going. He's going to in my estimation going to be great player. And he's going to be exciting players use the a lot of bases at the big league level he's still learning that art at the upper levels he has installed as many bases at. Double play as he did and they bought a ball is. His speeches took golfer you're working with them. But he has installed quite as many bases yet the double A level and again I do think he will do that the big league level and. But Christian baskets and you know hitting in maybe healthy enough but it's just a kid that. You know no matter what comes up or achieved for catchers because impairing and we get sick down we don't know what he is defensively. Well Christian Vasquez is in. Work part for us. I think we what we have done with Christian this year is this and more important for him to play every day. And to get that. Rushed out from now playing he's played well for us Tripoli continues to improve from the defense of perspective which is very good strong better is hitting it's coming along. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him in September but. It's also to fall when you can bring some guys up for us the second is we don't plan in the first and then you have another. Few guys that come on September 6 after the Tripoli season so sometimes you think you're better off what a guy continue to play. And then you bring them up afterwards so that that differs from person investors is important for Dave good seeing you thanks for stopping by thanks for lending your support here to. As you know a great cause look thank you and thanks for you guys supports the sponsor integration passionate faith Nebraska president of the of the Red Sox.

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