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D&C – Aaron Louison, 27, testicular cancer, with Dr. Mark Pomerantz, medical oncologist, Genitourinary Program, Dana-Farber

Aug 29, 2016|

Aaron was diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer in August 2015. He found the cancer while training for a long distance bike ride. He was feeling soreness in his right testicle so he knew something was wrong. He got it checked out and found out that he had a malignant tumor growing on his right testicle and that the cancer had spread to his abdominal lymph nodes. He had surgery to remove his right testicle and then started 9 weeks of chemotherapy, which was very difficult. His treatment included five straight days of chemotherapy – his fair fell out, he was extremely nauseous, he lost his appetite and his immune system collapsed. Aaron is now in “surveillance” for his cancer. He’s getting tests and check-ups once every 2-3 months to see if the cancer has come back. He just got engaged to Lisa Marie and his wedding is planned for September in Barrington, RI. Dr. Pomerantz treats patients with testicular cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer or kidney cancer.

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Joining us here at the broadcast site as we continue our fifteenth annual WEEI Aniston Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Is Aaron Lewis and he's 27 from Arlington and he's with doctor mark pomerantz a medical long called on colleges. At the Dana Farber welcome gentlemen how are yeah. Thank you Eric tell us your story from Arlington you're an athlete you're bike rider and then some things took a turn the. Worse yet who's almost a year ago I was training for 150 mile bike ride over two days and in I was sitting on the bike you know to a lot of training. Inserted few little pain just my rate testicle and I really didn't think it was. Much of anything just thought you know sit on the plate for all right hours must just be from working out. And you know like I just what's that my doctors to see what the deal was in low and behold they found a tumor. And I went over to harbor in about two months later restarted sorting chemotherapy. They answered you know have the surgery take off my right testicle. Which was. You know kind of shocking I don't go through. But they made it so easy he really did. What really should have been the scariest most terrifying news that I ever was gonna go through my life. Was honestly one of the most. Rewarding experiences because those QA environment there yet really because of the environment. It was amazing every single they I had to go in I was just I enjoyed it in crazy winds were so nice which makes you laugh right right that like Tokyo enjoy getting chemotherapy and we had five I might like five straight days straight yes yep five days in a row for about 45 hours at a time but lose weight or somewhat doing you can replace them yet. So you get. Weird cravings for food at times and sometimes you wouldn't want food at all on there was a day right just eat buffalo chicken story. They're all day and the next day. I didn't want or what chicken at all make you want it for months. Which is meter reader cravings. But the immediate so enjoyable and you go win that nurses were amazing the doctor I mean. Mark just disagreed I I I got on a question and answer me in your life that you ever said I'd give my right testicle. The for anything. Probably didn't oh I don't know why it is amazing isn't doctor you'd have to stick just to kill the cancer you'd think every guy thinks that's frightening. But it is the most curable the most often caught early for. For a couple I believe coming from a couple reasons one it can attest ilsley kind of hang out there at two. Guys ten it checked down there on a regular basis. That's right he is the most common cancer among men ages eighteen to 35 in the United States. And it is most commonly detected by the patient. On Andy Murray Winston and has check of the tumors right now. So far you're gonna go get I'll update Dennis. And getting there must be a dream on green joke in there definitely I wanna. But that but there is something unique about to secular cancer. It it is very very sensitive to chemotherapy. And even when the disease has spread throughout the body we still have a very high cure rate currently at the chemotherapy. Is incredibly difficult as it could tell you. But but it it remains curable and one of what what what one of our effort to Dana Farber is to figure out why. Why can we cure this disease with heavy doses of chemotherapy and not others. Is very psychological. Aspect to this because man testicles the whole mental thing is there an added psychological. Component to the treatment. For testicular cancer. There there is and what what one. Problem that we running into is that guys are reluctant to go to their doctors when they feel that there's something wrong I don't wanna know is they don't wanna know. And on if you get to this disease can grow very very fast and if it spreads by the time you get to the doctor then it just requires. More difficult. Treatment with more difficult side effects. If found early. Surgery alone could be curative. Your your bomb. You're done with Ki moon guys bummed out that sucks and yet so we know mark you for your I know you don't you ask okay wait could get anyway coming when the hell I could just go back right answer. No it was just as it's doctor pomerantz is saying. When I first felt that it was that I just don't cut it didn't wanna go to the doctor didn't wanna know and I just kept being encouraged by my family and my my fiancee that. You should get it checked out you should go and I remember calling my doctor to ask you know that I had this little pain. In and they said I just called in its that I have a penis and we need to know weird is this and now it's just a penal for you and again yes and they said we'll just please tell us they said they atomic testicle many just hung up and boosted wanna go talk on the stand that yes that's right. Yeah are you back on the biker you active again I I've kind of taken a year off to psychologically I mean it's just. After going through it it's like where you discovered yeah yeah actually in in its how I discovered bright note just you know I Felix I get on I'm gonna fuel and other pain again you might kind of go through it so it. Kind of easing back into it anything to get out of pan mass challenge yeah. I should've thought of that so many good amateur competitive us spirit and playing a lot of tennis job running. Yeah. So doing a little bit of like writing not not as much you get married next month is that again next month yeah patient I assure you Q. She's so there it is if she's not nearly yeah no quite and I just got off well after chemotherapy yes it will likely go through that I guess I can get her to Africa. Don't wait too long well no so that's funny you say that we got engaged about three months before I started chemotherapy. And then chemotherapy really put big halt on offense and as soon as we finished chemo and it was really the toughest thing that to us had ever gone through. We just as soon as an N news revealing November 15 was the last eight chemo I think. We sort of waiting waiting on November 16 a nice six yeah and can we what your bald head probably my ball you still love to do we would all that we met with all of our when the wedding vendors and everything with a bald headed to Wear a hat so I do wonder what we thought we can get a discount if I took office. That's a booklet the well congratulations Aaron best of luck with the nuptials and your health going forward doctor Palmer and thank you for your expertise we appreciate it thank you for everything you'll.

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