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D&C – Becky Sail, 28, sarcoma, with Dr. Suzanne George, clinical director, Center for Sarcoma and Bone Oncology, Dana-Farber

Aug 29, 2016|

Becky works in corporate communications at Staples in Framingham. She was diagnosed with a very rare form of sarcoma at 22, so rare, that there are only 250 reported cases in the world. She went through a tough first treatment, had 3 major surgeries and then underwent chemotherapy. Through it all, she finds time for sports and traveling. In the past few years she has gone to Paris, Lake Tahoe and Colorado and hopes to go to Thailand this winter. Becky is also co-chair of the Adult Council for Dana-Farber’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), which helps improve the patient experience at Dana-Farber and ensure patient- and family-centered care.

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You know when Fenway Park sells out or Gillette Stadium sells out they say it's SRO as in standing room only that's the way it is here in our broadcast facility at the Fenway Park. We have Becky sale delegates pronounce correctly John. With another expert on sale now I you know you meet you may look at I'm sorry sale of the it's how the outspoken. About that does it tell the story why don't think anyone ever missed promotion. No no I. I don't know very lucky so we have it we have a guy with all the guests are doing and I think we're dumb because we're gonna we're dumb but I would say for me I'm. I can I can handle as AIL. I think I can do and in parentheses next to her name yet that says this day though old Ben explains if your name were SAL electricity from the White Sox with the footprint to seize SA I get you might say it's okay. You might save a life we can handle that Becky stale she's 28 from Jamaica Plain carry billable registered nurse and Dr. Seuss and George the clinical director for the centers are Coleman bone oncology at the Dana Farber. Welcome ladies how are you. Very good good tell us your story Becky and in in in so many words and you've been through it a million. I'm so many are but there's a new line a lot go on though yes so I was diagnosed and has 22. With a very rare sarcoma aggressive Ian Gil makes film. And there's too if it he's in the world amber wow so I am not I tell my parents and that's very. You know also I was diagnosed between ATU and Miami mainly the F arbor which is fantastic because doctor Kerry and Kerry are on the evening. And I've had three major surgery than an hour on medicine's cheese kinda keep consumers depressed and work and just me and. Talk about the the prognosis and and what this is all about doctor if you wouldn't mind. As Becky said this is an extraordinarily. Rare tumor. It affects a really small number of women it's. At humor that has a propensity for recurrence says despite really aggressive treatment in terms of surgical management which is very consistent with that he scores. The good news is that. It appears that went medication we can help control Clinton and because we have a medical management option we can try to be. Thoughtful about the degree of X aggressive surgery we do from a function perspective because he wanted to share that. All the tools that we use really worked together tough optimize. That means quality of life her quantity of life and just have a continue to feel well and live her life not just she wants to do it. Don't I think Becky when they say it's very rare rare I think that cynic in me that nobody's gonna care because. Help it if who's gonna spend their life trying to cure disease doesn't effect anybody you know this is very curious bit of it I worry about that. Yes that I went all over at different opinions and obviously ended up with actor George because she she is seen couple other cases and Dana Farber is amazing but I'm persistent. And so I find the people who care about my very very rare tumor and I even found someone interested in researching it by. Yet something in affects I you know. Bill but he basically it then on it's really hard to find the right. People. Like you did I did what your role in the spec. Ops are carried. I'm Becky nurse I had the pleasure of meeting her when she shortly after she was diagnosed. And I was telling her just before we came on today. How proud I am of the evolution. That she's had with accepting her cancer and even moving on now to help other young adults with cancer. It's it says here you like to travel you've been all over the place is that before was that the case before. He ducked under that cheese or you said I'm just gonna go live life and see the world. Yes I've definitely changes your perspective. I think IA. Was always a free spirit and want it to catch tackle life and do everything but now it's a little bit more hell why not go to Thailand no I. Doing in November and I want to know why Tyler as far as I know. We are goes. That's Steve Stewart as he runs but they don't have we have an Afro and an a a. I am not weir die and are my promise. There's this organization called first to sense that corny trips for young don't cancer survivors who I like climbing with them in Denver last year and this summer my raise money to on this trip to Thailand so many get Keating and climbing and repelling okay. Weird you know we did get a credit. So I don't so you've been to Paris Lake Tahoe Colorado Thailand this winter Yeltsin's leaving entirely caving in Thailand Kirk you. I know that I backpack in Europe and college that was pre cancer so not so good I traveled before cancer what are you wanna go after Thailand. I think Greece is on my island aha that's been on analyst for ally down what you go for like Antarctica South Pole. BD yeah probably nine AFLAC ask all of the summer it's find out yeah elect what do you see caving in Thailand. What I see caving in what looked like you get in the cave and what is it that's I I honestly don't know I think you've repelled down into the I guess on air I don't dogs I know I know but the cool part is like you're scared out your mind but then after you do really that was awesome. Yeah and then you're safe Kazaa and all the retired priest to go to Thailand. They have no interest and a commitment until you're your job to write. Unless I've jock on jock at Raleigh yes and badly. Yes no I have played basketball across in my high school in them across in college and I've been coaching us. While yeah I so I assume you were better lacrosse and you were basketball. I yes they don't claiming they would start me amassed laws and tell them yeah but I started and LeBron isn't it became ice or and I think you know I did pretty well. And exercise definitely good outlet when you've got the stress of cancer your time. It's it's kind of my place is known Alan and really. BEI action oriented. Do you refer if girls play across the boards to prove that. If it girls played lacrosse like sports yeah hell I it's absolutely what I think you're saying that about yes I am well we're not allowed to be broad thinking I take your stick and jab each other it's not fair it's not my house is cranked I now I know that this evening and if you can't touch each other can you just like yeah I mean it's CE junior product isolate breezes all of my left arm because you go in and on attack and sticks are coming ratings here are so that was the extent of it but we can't really take or six in each other which stinks you know hip what do got a coach are you use a public your not a screamer and yup a mature more of players and cents a maybe some you win yelling at me are you not yelling out and hit middle school girls so I doubt it's nice but you know. They need to learn discipline and we did some sprints in Indian runs and tingling that Andrew hey aren't there Iraqi attitude adjustment they need to be had but you know I met team team player Annika so you're not. Obviously not a wide meet that person and spent a lot of time. Not that into feeling sorry that self night I don't know why it's academic friend about this there's never a whiny moment. Through missile thing I think maybe Timmy it's just not productive. There's no point so this is what it is and this is what I have some act to deal with and move forward. Doesn't mean aren't allowed to. And screening is another risk is chargers and other disease where this have been has been diagnosed ten or fifteen years ago we wouldn't be in situations that is that fair to say she would she may not be here. We continue to learn more and more. I think that it's a disease that. That she then think how we've really changed over time is making sure that we don't. That we don't over treat with surgery such that we could Alter function in a way that could be. Negatively impacting parents I think over time we've learned how to balance. How aggressive to be surgically with what we can use tools medically to really optimize how great she can live with that. Doctor. Suzanne George thank you Kerry billable thank you and Vicky sale thank you be careful in Thailand Wheatley and well you don't like people always say that too big to get here there. That things could happen yes yes I've learned what he's going down into what Qaeda that's in San telling implicate order talked about that during the break up it's like go to the volcano sometimes seem safe now does not.

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