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D&C – Miles Goldberg, 13, osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, with his mom Jen

Aug 29, 2016|

Miles was diagnosed with osteosarcoma after having knee pain while playing hockey. He underwent treatment surgeries and has a prosthetic leg. He continued his treatment through last fall and tests showed no evidence of cancer by Thanksgiving. He spent most of the winter recovering and rehabbing; he learned to walk and run with a prosthetic leg and even got up on skates with his hockey team for a few practices. Ultimately, he decided that he would not be able to remain competitive with his peers skating upright and found other ways to participate by helping out coaching. He is thinking about trying sled hockey, a competitive variation of hockey (and Paralympic sport) for amputees. He was extremely fortunate to spend time traveling during his recovery over the winter. He was invited to travel to Red Sox spring training with John Dennis, Gerry Callahan, Kirk Minihane and hockey great Bobby Orr, an experience made possible by the Jimmy Fund. In March, thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation of New Hampshire, Miles traveled to Sydney, Australia with his family.

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Over the years Jerry nine Kirk as well have been around athletes and seen athletes and you can that divide them is you know good medium great. Tough not so tough. I think of my list of top athletes let's said this before. You know Marvin Hagler has to be one of those tough athletes. John Hannah certainly going to be one of those tough athletes Terry O'Reilly back in the day with all of those top athletes but the guy we're welcoming in now and I'm so glad to see him as I haven't talked whom since February. He's you are very good friend we've we all this he's he's back he's back and I'll be back open only to have such as grab a seat. And sit down miles Goldberg miles Goldberg he's twelve years old thirteen yards out right. And austere sarcoma. Is the thing that changed his life feature mad very New Hampshire and we all bonded off on the airplane to Bobby York and had a great time at spring training. Good to see you again my friend. It's good to see on you as an end to end. I NC a private Gemma driveway. Yeah. Oh the limo itself to bring you here that are on now now now don't you you're like go. Not even a four spark a force sports star you played five or six differently right. And used to yes and a yes we don't Huckabee was your main. Want to do that sled hockey thing we're talking more about starting this false start missed so what does that exactly. Sled hockey is cut its await her. People with disabilities to play hockey again how Marx's there's a will sled it's like it's small bucket. They sit down and yet. And it has different blades on it like different skate blades. To in the back separated into in the front close together. And and every player has to sticks with spikes on the and ready propelled themselves. And they can stick handle undo this flag at opposite side. Two goalies in this corridor really incredible. Steve cash that number one in the world has the same procedure that I do I but the fights. And he doesn't like that for you to stick for his bike club yeah yes they hit Monday night yeah. What what's the next thing on your. Bucket list some past that think that really you tolls were last year I've told the story a hundred times can still makes me after twelve years old last year on the private yet but viewers there. Oh I shouldn't tell this story imagine I was. I was sort of start my. I guess sorry were on the plane and like half way to Florida are in love is there we have a good time how much he's say at this point miles the must consume everything in sight smell you it ST and talk about how good the food was because it was amazing incredible thanks to retro registered as an act. So he gets up and back in a climate slid six ounce for instance because that costs nothing like bucket list this latest. I just took crap but private. That the what's next. Well like I said sled hockey stuff put that Anna that's going to be in the something and then girlfriends. Now authority happened. Doug Mac yeah it's thirteen it's a month became the years. Now but. Products on the black list I think that I'm probably gonna get more back in to operate hockey. Like I'll do free ski speaking pot K our local rink and out I played this most recent T tonight if he practices with my team. And I felt pretty good but that's like when I first it had my procedure via like recovery. And I wasn't as powerful. But I'm like running normally. Playing baseball. Pretty like five weeks ago. Pushed out right after everything what would you have obviously per static is does it let me do all it doesn't seem to yes I am. I can do anything really any. Or any activity. Anything. Really when survive the day with email your Motley crowd that's asked captain you know captain miles. I'll let the good let's get your baseball team did pretty well on that it is that a Ripken. I yeah out IE cal recruited by cal league yet are an all star team ended up winning states again going to regionals this is. The third year in a row that a team from our town is gone. And this team went last year with the U elevenths now you who. Do you. Played second base and outfield. And you popped a home on Tuesday. Yeah I was. The last game of the season. Ended up getting the win for our championship game. Did you see the footage of him in the batting cage it's spring training but thinks that's an excellent pulling back slowing yes you look at our better than Tim Tebow. Your game last night right idea yet just stick around for the whole disaster Jews left right after that they've seen enough. Up to where you and treatment miles. Currently in doing a new clinical trial which has been great on my body. I am hoping that it works answered scanned in a few weeks. So we'll see how it then. Take care of me. The first time I was still recovering from two surgeries so. It was old hard when I got home the second time the first day I got home I had like the world and a headache in. Ever since then I've felt fine if you're in good idea yeah because even play at week. Believe that and god doesn't give him more than he can handle. Should Mike handle everything remarkably well. I I don't know. It's just. The U. Taken it for us put on the it to face that bald face. Now. Well here let's here's what I observed and observed it. Back in February and staying in touch with you and and seeing you here today. Is New York occupying yourself with fun stuff now whether that's take your mind off your situation or not reduced activity you love being. Competitive and play in sports and all that sort of stuff. But it doesn't seem to have brought down your zest for life in your your interest in going out and you know scratching six more things off your bucket list is that fair to say. Yeah I mean like I try a to show my eight south myself. Not exactly other people but a rational myself that I can't you all these things that I know. Do anything why now you come back down to Florida next February I ask you do it after your twin peaks. Whenever the time to get it done and we're gonna paired up yeah yes good excellent Hoosier hero. Me. Why. Well this is something that I learned in Cooperstown. From the proprietor. Whose husband. Guy who built all Cooperstown he always said to every player that line to be your own hero. And she was telling my entire team. That keeps looking Amir and after you're here as. I feel really. A pattern that that will give you the look in the mirror and like six minutes face sales canceled their the president exception. Miles good great that that that's an Iraq that wrote to you and our door the man now good to see you again hope to see in February and spring training yes. I know it doesn't seem thirteen but he's thirteen miles Goldberg met her New Hampshire great to see you get my friends stay in touch I thank you.

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