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D&C - Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker

Aug 29, 2016|

Governor Baker joins John, Gerry and Kirk during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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Well I guess we're going to bring a neo fund raising heavy hitters now just down from the state house our friend governor Charlie Baker good morning it would make for our you know find good to see you again. Last summer I saw you you were on taxpayer crutches hobbling around veterans and a taxpayer. That's where my house post that we ought to keep a -- in my basement but since I was about when he went back to a 100% -- death of a day like -- there present at the age of fifty now they're out at some with just you know 40% for somebody asked when he won it yet so you're you're okay I'm doing and I get like this you can't complain about something like that apps. Ruling. No we have. I am blessed. My wife is blessed we have we have RO that I I think in some respects the most you have a member of your family are you personally gone through. A lot of the folks are going to be. Dealing with and talking to over the course of the next forty errors and so you can begin to understand what that's all about and that's why the fact that you do this. Everything we years it's a terrific thing we did a farmer is. And the Jimmy Fund there are two of the the premier organizations and health care and and they're not just about health care thereby hoping there about solutions and but I think it's terrific you guys continue here two years to sign up to help them out. To be spent time they've given. Unfortunate enough to have a family member or friend there. Some are fair only has though with cancer but come. But what I would describe as the kinds of cancers and over the course of West Point years gone from being terrified terrifying to treatable and my wife and I both went over to Dana Farber several times literally just to visit and to. To talk to folks in the get a sense about what's going on and and how things are going. A knock on wood you know this hasn't been awesome that we had to deal with. As a family. Would you agree that when you spend a little time at the Dana Farber sort of set your day up into different kind of positive mindset even though it's a place where they are treating cancer when you see the nurse practitioners. And the nurses in the families dealing with what they're dealing in by the way. The positive way they are dealing with it it kind of sets the tone for the rest of CA or I mean just to double park that's real that's entirely a different. Oval Clark that's not really. The the most interesting thing to me and I asked the same question every person that I dealt with over there on the clinical side was a said. To tell me about the last ten years tell me about the last you know how long you've been here you've been there for 25 years of it. Tell me about how the conversation in the capacity to actually treat and cure has changed over the time you've been him. I've been here for ten years whatever the number is in the big message is that people need to take away when it comes to this and I'm sure. Folks get this. Is the progress that's been made in in being able to succeed in treating. All kinds of your answers over the course of the past couple of decades is astonishing and that is then in some respects the most positive thing I get. The conversations I have with the people who work there which is you know once upon a time this was right scattershot and and and maybe one of these things work and they may point. Absolutely clear that a lot of this stuff there to the point where they think they Natalie. Have pretty strong. Information and and and diagnostics about what's gonna work they also have a pretty solid understanding about how long it's gonna take and then what some of the side effects are brought in over us and. And as you know people come from around the world to go that we meet them stomach it we met annual cue from China. And they know where to come we just said doctor of their Rollins on and he calls the most exciting place in the world and because of that that you feel it in the hole. Feel that it reverberates in the please tell you what you feel like to just and there's going to be break from any minute now. That you're talking to other governors are the people outside the state I'm guessing that this is one of the two or three main. Pitch pointing talk double bassist Steve great right oh yeah. We are blessed with many of the as as Jerry put it some of the most important preeminent organizations in the healthcare space in the world and it's a big part of the reason why we have such a big. Economic footprint of doctors bases well and why there's so much research going on in so many different areas here in the commonwealth. We actually have the eastern Canadian premieres and yesterday and today. As wells a New England governors to talk about it much issues that. We share common ground on two do things like treatment seafood and and energy and and all the rest. But almost all of them has said to me at one point or another since they got here you know you guys really do have. Spectacular. Health care in. And and that's that's an and one of the fun parts of the conversation was again it's a little bit of a back and forth with food can. Quebec premier because McGill University which has the spectacular medical schools. Is there and Serena are back and forth and I'm really who has the best. Who has the best infrastructure to. Roland all those guys get to double park for the whole week pretty much all of us it's very real supposedly you're on the center about a way I'd get on to end up let's throw this morning at 5 in the morning because another name with two ago in a rental truck. And a new facility and I think stopped and the corrupt and back tomorrow in an awful things backs up forever. Is something we can do of that which I'm it's my proposal is a death penalty I. 35 that extravagant initiative middle ground yeah I don't think that at that girls I mean it would be humane lethal injection is that like countless. Second offense death yet. OK second and Sammy. How hard is that they actually have noticed he wants I don't say my own. Rental truck exhaust our do we idiots need immediate help people keep saying to me last few weeks spoiler which you Olympics have been extended and I had a message that the you must. You must know how unbelievably great some of the athletic. Performances of the Olympics were though right and you separate and apart from well this stuff is on around OS it's great to sit back from watching a thousand miles away a watch on TV drive in the work cannot be traffic and drive home yeah I really my. My wife and I. We watched a lot of that stuff. And photos pretty amazing and I especially appreciate the fact that. We had so many folks from New England from master to hear him. Government we you're part of it when the IOC made the demands or did they ever get to that stage I mean we we talk about the HBO special on this investigation. And they actually show that they have to have one lane of the highway that outlook for the writs mean IOC they think their sultans and and and kings know there's there's two there are two issues. That I learned about so our process one of them was that you don't just you just you don't just commit to. To certain facilities as part of this process. You commit to. To delivering on whatever they consider beer reasonable. Standard and and that means you don't get to define for example it's suppose they want you to do something to upgrade your. Your public transportation infrastructure or your roadways mean you can sort of come up with a plan in your own mind that represents what you would do to actually deliver only you think there requirement is. But in the end they actually get to tell you right what's appropriate and adequate and and you end up paying for and delivering on it and I think that's in some respects one of the most complicated parts. Did we get a you don't. But they gave us the list of Portland saying his short to us I actually don't have what what about what sorts that if that's something that would be if I'd sure I can look. You I'm still abuse I distinguishable was that not used to yapping on. Like truthfully truthfully telling a running Google's positive thought particularly there's a lot of material there on out is there to be around Salt Lake one of the guys on the IOC wanted to rest in plants for his wife doesn't seem. Because that's a a fair and Mitt Romney said no problem wrote a check and see I wouldn't I wouldn't use the verb commit that's sounds more like subject to the IOC will. Pleasure to Israel when you take a look at that list and you realize that. Basically it's an unformed civic commitments that are performance guarantees that we you know to be defined yet you're right. That's a pretty big commitments that it most of those just the lane of the highway yes it's insane they showed it off like and there are Buckeyes issues. Associated with that stuff up a finalist postings aren't worth it's worth what oh what and a promise in the get a little thicker but those things are gonna happen present trumps charged or convicted. Some of you are looking at Florida and I didn't read it to tell us and ready Chelsea gonna vote for. Larry cinema I'm gonna spent all my time working I'm defeating recreational marijuana. Supporting the charter school ballot question with the caps at 32000 kids can get to go to the schools they wanted to go to the top and it that's and the local races socket a vote that's going to be black and American vote for president that's of that by Mary Joseph tiller Clinton as terrible believability probes which I think is evidence later Margarito agree must be I think judge Donald Trump. I just the guys temperament I just can't go there and I spent a lot of time around a lot of gold star families and and at home they they deserve a certain level nevermind and and then my big issue with in a look at it worked for bill well for six years and I'm a huge fan. But. I've spent the past year and a half dealing with the raging OP Lloyd Wright. Epidemic you're gonna come off the mass in the whole idea that this solution toward drug problem is to legalize more drugs I think we're Kidman or so ago. If so I think is just really tough struggles and debates pardon me do you think he'll be in the debates Johnson and well look at it they got in a closely at December which is a long way to go from here I think. Come. I think frankly. It would be better if they were in an. But that's kind of thing where you know the rules are set to advance and when you get into this game the one thing got to realize and I certainly. Subscribe to this is when people so what the rules India ought to play by whatever they are indeed they say you gotta delivered to a certain level and you got to deliver. Governor baker thanks for by the way when your image is closed with them. We got a little off on sports and other stuff there. I'm not kidding this is an incredibly important. And meaningful. I think that you folks do here every year and and and you deserve enormous credit bird. It was almost all of us fuels mostly your energy in the station. Into this. Because these are. These these these places are health care organizations but their as much about hope is there about health care Tennessee governor that your to make I don't reckon I don't know.

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