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Danny Picard flips out at Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez 2-21-16

Feb 21, 2016|

Danny Picard flips out at Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez

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Option is Bruins game last night and pick myself. Probably I would stop the not. Even get into some of the Celtics. Debates as to whether or not you would give up in Brooklyn pick but Joseph Lille Okafor. Right we're gonna go back. Audit Celtics. And that's what did show is going to be in my mind. As a watch emerald and academic ballots as a bit about some of the stuff that we talked about yesterday at the Celtics in what they didn't do the trade deadline and where they stand up that laws. At Utah audio that I acknowledge that that we got himself Bruins. All time with that. I even average levee coming on at 2 o'clock columnist for contest what's that no it got to do some Celtics. And I went up today. This pop stand abolished. Each and he's showed up that's different for each count. And it actually. Is literally right. Technically. All I don't usually go into the spring training in. I don't get all fired up about when people shall op when people don't show up I don't I really don't. If you're listening in the past you know that I don't really care about. But this Red Sox team and its organization is. In a situation which they've finished in last place. In the division that last two years right fired up about this Red Sox team went out there got David Price got Craig Kimbrel. Loaded up there on this witness Richard staff that no but Mason wrote. Patient at a point where they don't have the walk around with T shirts that ask who's the age all the days on the ace. We're all the ace whatever those T shirt war is stupid teacher. That that they were doing lasted up to do that this year David Price is the A semi maybe they wanna walk around with who's been number two. T shirts they could do that but it based open figure that out. A lot of people it is given that. Title Clay Buchholz and I'm not doing that. I'm actually given a lot of red read as if you wanted to give that out based on. This stuff that somebody's pitches avenue toolbox right I am given that the guy who's the power pitcher throw 95. 96 but amateurs at water Rodriguez. Got this week all they have an dates they want out the Red Sox loaded up on a pitch and. They have won the best closers in the game. And it and they fulfilled a summit in major needs. Again that you you can't you can't argue that that's it that's not even an opinion that's a back. Short side about this Red Sox team. But keep my mind this is still a Red Sox team and a group that finished in last place in the damage in the last two seasons. Left what. Worst team. And David. Not not a question I got not opinion back these are facts about the Boston Red Sox organization and where they currently stand as they at the spring training took. All that's said. I don't usually get fired up about when guys show up when guys don't show up to spring training that picture is you know the weight of certain places. I just it it doesn't bother me. Because Alitalia. When April comes around when the regular season begins what are you gonna shall be at that point what shall we got. I like up this morning. And I see the Pablo Sandoval spot. And the first thing I see on whatever that's right onto it the first thing you wake up onto a you see pictures of Senegal. Block and. And it is the threats are published and all eyes and I'll man I said Haley gulp. There we go and not really goal like I would get ready to come on the show on the station and crushed publish anabolic I still wasn't. I still wasn't there yet I was a little fired up about the Hanley Ramirez thing. Yesterday last night when I heard that. He already showed up early and each work out of first base but he actually going to Miami gold backed Miami. This weekend I would. Just be off a little bit where I thought I was still gonna jump on today angle all spring traded baseball on a I was excited about the Bruins win. I I I still think that we need to get at the summit is Celtics up because I do think it's actually real Okafor reported. At least reported attempt by Danny age to get him before the deadline that's a big story that could come up again so we still need to talk about that. So that's. That does not match took what happened the guilt of the deal. Ice even heritage and Leno last night. I still got on to talk or with the Celtics that I don't. Edit what I saw publish add up just like there we got. Not that I was gonna make a big deal out of it but other people were going to you know that you at all. People went on the edge just this seat watts and a ball wait it you know. There are certain people would doubt cover art starts right now in fourth highest. Level what are goal. And that's to get the picture republics and all of you blocks in ticket the pictures of them on the field and it beat all the way aggression. There are people on the at just for that purpose they're not gonna tell you that but when it's all locked in today and use all the way he looked. They will Love Boat people love and every economic now I didn't I wasn't loving every second of it I didn't like the picture well. Considerable heat doesn't look like diet in shape but I also know what's and also looked like his entire career and he's really look. Like a guy who was in great shape let's let's face that backs it. Let's be honest yes. Publish and I'll never walked in the spring training and look at Mike. It's not his body type that's not what he's ever looked like he's got the pen at the guy you watch and is in the best shape of his life which is not him. But he's been able to perform. In the past. I should say it's it has picked up on our man he's got got Colin yeah I looks like a fat cats dead like here we go. It and that. Every people got a crush him and I'm not really gonna do not really gonna get it. And then seed and here Pablo Sandoval press conference. At the meeting with the media I. And and this is where I I I I lost this is where I said to myself why this is now become an issue like this is golf. This is not just spring training everybody joking about a guy way let's talk about its Red Sox team in much of focus on the pitch in because they went out Gupta pitches and I'll be fine. Is this. Once called spotted open is mall today. It became an issue to make and it got me fired up another short span it's not really is coming out here because. I I have to I have to go back to last season I know I have to go back the last two years I have to see what this organization has. And last place in the division the last two years and about the scene let's talk about the play at open and is about how are you wanna liberty seven. Pablo Sandoval. The clip of one thing that he said. You know I had nothing to prove. You can grow ourselves do. Performing loans to economic team is able to pray at the final two quarters so not portable so. Pool proposals these years ago I got a moment looking Ireland we will build on these little bit on the field. Let the beginning on what time the first time. You know I'm on the up and drew. Blood. You don't have anything to prove. That what would you say that locked like a fat sob. And you have not did. Not on the up and what it. Talked about. I've watched it today. I look at this didn't. Look at all. I mean. Is expect the other what is this. You have not a growth. What are you talking about it's not the only thing what do you get away shadow every caucus and we of the audio quote I don't way. I don't weigh in at all I did I work. Try to do everything I can out there I don't wave at. All in the whole off season. I just try to get mad at the end of a better position and like I say beat it aptly. Now all. We have some audio from the manager John Farrell in just a bit. But let me sort of set it up for your final what Farrell said. Didn't say that rob Lowe's and that the team told Pablo Sandoval to lose weight like it did hammy because they told him Lee took. What are they top it alludes to certain number pound they wanted to add the comment. Well I think was the way they used I did this belt and me that's what they wanted this year. They actually gave him away but the Red Sox Jon Farrell's and I'll never get away but. What John Farrell sort of implies is that when you ask him to work well in the offseason and stay in shape. Implies that common law that would be a little little weight loss. And that's just obvious. Pablo. Doesn't plan itself doesn't look at that doesn't make had to do. Added Judea that it did things coming out of his moll attitude. Is is mind boggling to me. A point where I am officially pit stop of the outshot the spring training that I. I don't I don't get fired up about the stuff Evan because now combined this attitude that published and also a couple of the at a got an embarrassed seemingly has like all all of this weekend like Miami. And this weekend additional players who show up early they have the weekend off. What. Really what it is. It's an optional it's a very optional work out this weekend pulled a traditional plate that's what it is book. The ones that showed up early aren't. That said we need to. Big and a little bit deeper as to what he intermarriage is trying to do he's trying to play first base. And we show up early and headed to Miami. I understand that it's optional but I also have to understand that ameron whereas. Last year. And and right it's true and don't BS a 770. And 98 home runs 53 RBI. And stop thinking about how much money these guys to make public make of what 1718. Male and export is. At party at 78 deeper in an export is an amateur Ramirez making about one want to want to mail. Her yet the next four years. Are you show up and you said well at least I showed them I got here early and then you decide to leave. See if we wanna show up yet at all and he lets say he wanted to show up Sunday Monday I probably wouldn't. Wouldn't be even think about it but he showed up. A couple days of working at first base and the first option all weekend he gets. Sick. Yeah. Like she. Right now what happened and what the Boston Red Sox and Easter play is what I go back to let the quiet Bobble it's Anibal. What a quiet and they were Meretz. I want them bigots and a ball I saw what he's done in the playoffs. I looked bright season numbers and said well he's got a crush it in the regular season and he's going to be. It's going to be one of these all stop I'm just I didn't look like outage that you'll need to get into apologies and this guy's a stud. He's a big game player but guys got to get their first and even still a problem I've said. I don't wanna get rid of a mom will keep them around. Because I think now you got kitchen when you get the post season certainly Pablo is a guy like him before or and it's proven in the past that he can formal apology. At what he has. He's a post season Scott. Got to get it and maybe the original help so I I go back. And I can't crushed. The Red Sox are bringing in Santa Paula and because I actually wanted to and a I didn't think they dead bolts anabolic Handley about when they do it I'd say okay. Money isn't any. These guys don't hammer and Erez is someone who I think will be able to hit at 3031 years old. So got shot and do you a shot at Jacqui bring the man. And you got to you guys that pick up a form offensively point. And I honestly Dodd that him he's op fans would make us forget about some of the defense to me as well as we Knoll looking at last year to 4953. RBIs. That was not the case. We were up all we want about his outfield and his ability in the field and in what he could do and refused to deal which. Was dive and maybe even run hot and fast. I always thought that his offense what make us about some of that stuff. A couple of but since it didn't. And the red shot to finish in last place about two straight years. And am I Ramirez is make it 22 million a season and publish all what a terrible season last year. And is make it close at won millions millions seized an organization not a kind of coming up a last place British you think that these guys. It's all for crying out loud last year what. When they showed up. They wanna pay you wouldn't take the first optional weekend. Especially since he's trying to learn and the fact that this part rights. I edit he played the infield before I understand that Cindy and killed his friend I start tweet last night. That Kevin Youkilis tweet and people say I am he's going to be fine at. Don't eucalyptus point out the fact that he was an infielder who had a play the outfield and and look how that went hand he hated that when he got back and feel the love that. And you points out. You know I like the infield as I was the dark on an EU is that. To try to describe what's on Twitter why. Can't we will be okay efforts. And it. Doesn't make any sense to me that logic because as you. Like dark doc avenue all the dirt on Emma Romero that's. I don't love the fridge dark dog when I pick an immigrant parents got picked up our optional weekend got a plan. A lot of fields hit a ground ball to drop shot off. We don't yeah at some point in the Red Sox organization with these two guys. I don't know what its final Wall Street patriots got a shot at the wall at Gillette Stadium if you know the end you don't have to. If you don't be if you don't have to. And I don't know what they did go to maybe send that message on these two guys. Perhaps. Perhaps. They did tell him latest in Miami. Eight contract. Spend it somewhere. It all hang. Matches discernible and we get sucked not a one of these guys got right now they show up and like getting out from these guys when they didn't show up out of shape like seeing the ball is. The first thing that comes out of a mop it I don't have many big group. I hit. It should know. What it's not approved. Six and oh yeah let's pop low. Fat bastard. What I have no goal not a football. I don't sprint friend you could travel back and you want I don't think so I don't have a do this I go off in the spring training weight issue. I show up early like the other thing I don't. A guy who sucked last year and it's notably first base I got got to touch the baseball on every single ground ball. That's still learning that position. He takes the part optional Danica planet. Any audit showed Diop showed up all away and basically admits that I was even watch eyewitness offseason. And she may team didn't give him an actual number of what he needs the way. Like when you we edit John Farrell audio it's pretty clear that. They got I just tell on him to keep working on standard shape that he would guide. Jump on a scale at some point. I mean. This is embarrassing. Blow these guys. It's absolutely embarrassing and I don't think I'd feel this way if the Red Sox could make the playoffs apparel wildcard team last year and it may play out and they lost to a team like Arnold to Iran dollar in this city. It's at that. Not somebody's died there are good did not sit. You can make up biopsy try to get back next year they'd get a pick but I am glad poised the last two is. And when you sign big contract you show up huge shock. And not show up this current trend of following media like this saying this stop acting in this way it can't happen. This is a privilege. What in this organization okay. And what are the how can they send that message told. Maybe they just tell us at all. Take the first optional weekend I look I don't ever react like this that he might pick it optionally showed up early does that get then. Let's look at Mikey showed up early just to show people they wanted to show up early. Not because he wanted to actually improved from an awful last year. All looking forward the effort at all look at people. An additional lot but it looks like cannot give any effort at say the right thing if you publish a ball I don't weighed myself I got not to approve all might. He's going and. It does it hurt. It all didn't hit 300 last year yet 45. America's and it 300 let's do it 49. And they get a combined forty million this season. This is how they show up to what do you look at it and laughed quite a lot to use up my mind. This isn't. And it got to send a message won't like it gets a point of the organization it's gonna keep up. And and maybe try to trade him this off season maybe I know would take them. I don't know I just have to ask how much were you willing college at Contra we want to eat. I paper. So the match at all. But. Right now. That I can't believe him he's not there and I talk. Public showed up saying that they he sent it. It's again it's one penny of this is a team that got into the playoffs last year that one all won the division. And and pop owed it to radeon handing it to a 75. And drove in 85 runs and it now that it's not the case. All tell your family. Had those on the pop let those numbers and they get paid 78 million. I'd say now they would they were bought in they would discounts. I don't think we when he reacted like this I won't be at least. All of it combined. Its. This is foolish. This attitude the personality I don't I don't edit. And we ought to do or not. We wanna see it but public dirt dog taken the first optional we had to go to Miami is not a dirt dog. Don't right now honestly. Don't. Is that what you wanted me right on why why we're going hammock and a I can explain that why isn't Emmy award and I don't. It's why why not what's not all the play that showed up early date that we cannot get out. We have looking for those. Laid to say yeah I'll take the weekend a benefit today's topic that we get well. It's not like that's not a situation you organization is that. And that bubble I can't believe the words coming out of his volcanic. Can't believe shown up looking like that. Still it's it's it's obviously not get it's not getting through it inning get two or commute dot maybe what you thought maybe what. It apparently didn't. And consider me frustrated about something happen at spring training for the first time along. I've never I never get fired up I roll my eyes on it on the report perspective as the media members that do this I I don't. I I don't take spring training seriously. Until you got an organization that can no longer win and get to god that you panic a month forty million holiday season. And they sucked last year and they show up. This sale is paying and look away it's. It's gone Odland. Problem officially pissed off at the Red Sox in February. May be for the first time ever this early.

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