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Tom Brady on the Pats matchup against the Chiefs 1-11-16

Jan 11, 2016|

Tom discussed the teams matchup this Saturday against Kansas City.

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Our patriot Monday conversation with Tom Brady is brought you buy a house lubricate her digital federal credit union what can DCU's sake you'd northeast electrical distributors and your New England Cadillac dealers Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Tom how aria. Margaret on gut we start to a multifamily logistics question do u.'s schedule bad hockey practice around you watching football. Are you watching football around Ben's hockey practices this week. It was it was early in the morning I was actually nine I local. They definitely not their plan actually wanted it to be that. Currencies and so it's a lot of fun to look at the ice is he athletic. Yeah you know you can start and so. I think just he improvement fund it until looked at them here he's better did you ever put on skates. I wasn't I don't markets that are delivering to. Where I grew up on the National Mall I was in the arts in California wasn't skating as a eureka. Olympic park before most people. All right question and we basket just before but I want to revisit this how do you watch wild card weekend. Scouting a little bit or you saw find yourself rooting for. Lawyer and Vince and bill O'Brien and Romeo and Vrabel. It's probably. No I would root for anybody yet it is more a technical watching right guys there who are so stipulated content you're outside of just watch a note gained. You know from not to be important in an inquiry so. It's gonna get ready. You know use an electric arm with an advantage in the try to get ahead on. I'm walk through your plans in the City Council just turned. It is much state of liking having and never want trying to get a little progress so good good we can today. Did you get did Kansas City against Houston show you much imminent wasn't much of a game it was it felt like exhibition game. You learn a lot from that. Yeah I didn't know we learned absolutely absolutely governor. Earlier game we know or even Ramallah and you get to the things that. Europe probably. And when you look at them prepared decrypt the airport. Don't ever call it is using critical of the players that are out there playing and that's who they trust among the calls that are making those that call they trust the most shall. Are they there were a lot from your that was. Burton another quality you from him. You know play very well I think a lot of can be forced him into a lot of that football that that's what I think and he's done a great oh you know based force. Teens who are their place are restrictive won eleven straight all of sudden and making a lot of bad place when you watch that game. You know couple days ago that's really how they've won most of their games they say look. All very similar lot of offensive mistakes I think. Can't he did a great job protecting the ball and taken into it or not charity event because they got a good wrote that it could firm. Know that this court offense in the making a lot of mistakes and that's not current market could you know play there at this point. I guess if you beat if you'd be Kenzie Lester 4114 if I ask you that matter having to this we connect Amy saint no. They beat you last year pretty bad Belichick talked about. Always look at that film how this played a factor does that game last year. Matter at all can you take anything away from that. Well I I think you're exactly right it's discredit how we played him last year so that's. I mean exactly how they want against you know exactly how they'd either. You know they just fortunate that a lot of bad football they've got. Guys offensively that can they control the clock is run the ball a lot you know they're very good quarterback he's you know he's very efficiently. You know that's that's what they did electric car but when informative format for a winning formula for a long par so. Secretary of defense they rushed the quarterback to get ahead declare their terms. They do lock in defensively and about a quiet you know present problems for offense and then. It cute little hesitant accurate quarterback in that portion of the state but a lot of red knickers on these. Their job and linebackers in the league their political and that he figured it. Computers or that quarters. Above league best in Houston along with the guys on the inside at all. You know they're all real and record that you really care. You can't really you know falsely for one player of the Paterno would have to turn over they. Know they turn those and the point. And then they get behind them and make it look much cooking literature it's noble so. Formats are looking forward their good weather except for the one of the final four Boehner may have seen it that's great he's and I wanna leverage street. You know so we got to figure out criminal formula to beat. It's on this is likely the futile question of the interview but I'm. Compelled asking anyway are you encouraged about the return to the viability. Of many or most of your team's components for Saturday's game. That's cooler than normal. I think having guys out there that are you know in order. Garrett who have been our most dependable consistent player is going to be very important to come here and there won't be healthy and fresh ready to go mentally prepared physically prepared. I'm caretaker you know a big week of preparation but you know the more closely at Walter healthy knows better we're going to be a couple of the it would. Or proper we are have to be so. Earnhardt or the work of art that kind of hypocrisy on the best they possibly can probably won't let what went with four games so. You know we're in the home stretch you know he's got to figure out a way to be mentally tough enough. It has put forward and you know give everything gotten. Hopefully that'll win. We're all expecting to see Julian Edelman back. Saturday I I assume you are to come correct. Yeah I'm I hope so I mean he's been working pretty hard and sold mostly at the week goes I don't know no one knows at this point we're still. And it is always good in the north work harder than in Yemen. On this year's going to be huge if you can't then we've got to continue to. You know find ways. When anyways so. It's it's been a you're always this time of year deal with different guys in general and you know this but at the border as it opened the better part that. Normally post guys can determine how whether and how fit they learn how gritty political. You and I can respectfully disagree frosted flakes all day long combat read this Alan Campbell story and I can't keep up now I can't Hamas post eat fruit amounts was the tomatoes must proceed quite what a nice post these. Our help me out whatever you want so early. Ahead let me try that I've tried that it did you know so it's and the story that you don't. You louder for is that because of the sugar in the through. No word on the police and no it is the most part yeah. In yeah. But it's whether the night shades of tomatoes eggplant in what is negative part of that. Arm I don't need much the current place in the I just try to not eat pretty low I can't. It was fastening the story when a total and I'm glad you you let him talk chills was on Alan Campbell. I assume that there was adult there was a moment an epiphany where you said. This is the way to go when you were younger you including your younger days the NFL when your winners who global. You weren't this kind of healthy eater were you. I was always pretty I think I have always been pretty disciplined remember when I was. Probably second third grade I was. Coincidence him with my dad in the morning you know my sisters and they were all aptly. Well remember that I have to try to do 45 pushups and when he tried civil and hundreds jumper. Every day you know it. I would that the trainer I would do that so northern ice cool kind of put. You know what worked out every morning it's 6 o'clock with with or without going to coach and you know outcome of the one guy who just always loved doing those things so. In college I got a lot on trial on two different than what I've never been out. If I was to open as a result from an argument that you know I would never really. You know wait you know the most talented physically he'll work. I'm not last that long for a reason so I just tried to. Continue to find ways to improve on. Every year and trying to find something and make a little bit better and try to find there is emerging and veteran crew that was like or mechanical woes. I met Albert King has almost twelve and I. Read every summer with them you know trying to continue to work on you know my mechanic and and I think the more you can do consistently right now as a player. You know there's a more consistent be on the field so I just think that's maybe part of who I am and that's kind of global Austin's quote here. It's doubling you do fall off the healthy nutrition wagon would leisure guilty pleasure cheap food. I'm on our. She's not listening. I mean. I don't know probably burgers or literary cream someplace where. Prodi is the best. How often that now that the Kentucky Derby there's no way he can eat well Welker makes you do it. Art. They went through super disciplined he's are reluctant or defeated senator went on he's on. Most hardest working most if our guys have ever seen all those demands on the mend joy literally good Soria. Yeah I mean there's yes there's suffered we can I would for that we cannot Wear right. What what's the hardest thing to resist where you Everett coffee drinker Europe. Beer drinker and you had to give it up. Now I don't I never never never. Look for one reason or another never as he culprit in things like that it is never. Ever try it. A toddler we look back on this this wild card weekend we seek to separate kind of failures here and and no one was just they'd. Physical mistake by the kicker Blair Walsh. Would you see that as a perk professional football player there's your heart go out to him what was and what was your worst oh crap moment that might compare to supple like that. Well my first brokered in college I got couldn't and we were when you feel it was my second year in and down. I was so excited they are only political ought to now. And they put me and I traveled forty yard line. The front of forty yard line art in the big alcohol content under arms are open and dark. I decide their tour like a little post but the back side to a single receiver that. We're gonna look carpet safety and to a you know squeeze proposal but first well. I dropped back and you know kind of coverage looked at oracle wanted to let it go. In fact do right in the middle come back and read it back you know whatever the dirt wherever that can return poor country and over Kirk wrote. Ever co promote. And I didn't believe they could ever be on the field today. Happens. You know you learn from those moments and not as you do you feel bad for the guys who and that's the field yes but I think. It also goes a single playoff proposal about that you can't take anything for granted. Pursuant to others your degrees and a particular problem at all you couldn probable. Execution problems or they have none of those are given these wonderful season on the locker system different level pressure. Now some guys to get the best how do you combat that it doesn't mean you know a couple whose nickname apparently broad picture. There's a lot of being you know obviously when all the games as we can upload a place you went to their. You are the reasons why you would lose so. It's just you know come on one play. You know part of a lot of plays it would have been different and although. In a federal law obviously a lot of great players play with the one thing you've never really the worry about is the kicking game ever since he bent. And in the NFL you've had two guys for the terrorist the tingle hall of fame and Gostkowski it's something that I don't think about. Much are patriots fans don't but it hasn't been an issue for like twenty years. Absolutely I think that and I certainly never a book goes progress and I have so much appreciation for what they do learn. Not to do what they've done Adam and Steve you know to do and play at a consistent level like they have this. It's just incredible so I've been blessed to play to the basket with double. You know kick in the NFL and anarchy that so much content and those guys have all the holders as the special teams units have always been something that we. Really you talked about a lot about Oden put a lot of emphasis on oil grab those kicking place welcome I'm being critical play this distributor. All right we get chatter with the quarterback question of the week stepped inside the 2016 Cadillac ATF's. The sharper performance today and visit your local blowing in Cadillac dealer experience a Cadillac for yourself. A recently there's been much speculation the Peyton Manning when his career is over. Might slide into the broadcast Booth next to Jim Nance is that something that in any way shape or form in your wildest dreams. Might be and Tom Brady's future a a career in broadcasting when football's finally done. I you know I would never say never but I never even thought about an that are you know are so focused on. Plane you know I'd I'd I'd hoped all along racial now so it's still sort of oracle or left. Those guys say. You know it's it's safe I would say it's an easy job either so. And you know to be good at that perfectionist pretty tough for most as you know community. You know part of world production are all those guys work either right on Kiki. You know it's never in the business so. It and I'm sure have a strong feeling on all those guys. But not just content. Never thought about it disturbed folks I'm in good quarterback talk can do. Do you think you can criticize other players quarterbacks in particular if you were in the Booth a lot of people won't say boo with its Halloween. I don't know I'm not I am not a critical. Oh it would be great. So now it's it's no. Yeah it's it's a couple more minutes to play in the but coach didn't know how to win consistently. You know could have a lot of respect for the guys play and you know commit their bodies and lives could do some like this it's certainly not immediately. All right Tom have a good week of work we'll talk to next week after a Saturday's big game. I expect our conversation with Thomas brought to you by als lubricate her digital federal credit union what can DC UC view northeast electrical distributors and your New England Cadillac. I yeah yeah I heard him opening acute injury goes yeah yeah I have McCracken a beer and it is. There's about to tell us so we drank beer and Dino Oakmont and I did it killed. Under that act. And tells him he appeared. Really misses now. But it was done talking. I don't you don't personally it's just you know what goes into I don't know if he stopped you don't know opt I don't you on a book and podcast. The top rate to get anyone bought Britain's coming on trying to get Alan Campbell or the ago reports because these guys are already talk talk about where the job one is Aaron Hernandez that would. Huge it is what do they watched that would be number obviously on the field Brady and people adore him and loved them but. His life off the field. Fascinating thing for people in New England I heard more people talking about his life at yes in the last week since that story came out of boston.com how. National news shall sit there watching whenever CNN Fox News. All the shows addressed. Probably to bring them to use the row with how I want to say how much Campbell had to say about what we're not surprised that he was not more engaging when we were talking about we thought he'd get I thought it would yet because I passed yet visibly excited about it like you did we don't forget about it. For because it is like the taste of them doesn't yeah I hesitated to ask is why else would you not eat fruit or chemicals and it egg goes into night she's probably embrace that and is that the Ph.D. from men's health shocked that it. Obviously Brady and Campbell talked to a library does because it works. But why do you think preakness and to sell tomatoes and filling thing why do you think is the tomatoes and it does is his eighth. Lots of people don't like it can't always a whole answers that's why does mention paste wants. As sugar. Your energy is no cards no sugar no coffee. But you lacked. Energy. Well the news that he achieved it and you know instead meth that's why would I guess if that guy that we'll be right back to the fourth and final hour on the patriot Monday.

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