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Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk, weighs in on media coverage of Peyton Manning, 12-30-15

Dec 30, 2015|

Mike Florio joins the guys to talk about the Peyton Manning/HGH story and most of all, the way the media is covering it.

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Dennis and Callahan with John Dennis and Gerry Callahan and Kurt minute. On Sports Radio WEEI. That's Italian event and they are often staying with Buffy and it's hard Mike Florio for occupied north and Mazda Subaru my future. They have people. Mike ABC sports pro football Tucker come you do not do a grant you guys engineer. You know some people get weird about you can't say happy new year before the first that I apologize in advance don't know really don't know rules. You can hear it absolutely no Rosen. I would wanna get to the media coverage and all of this sort talking about Peyton Manning I think he's guilty as hell we'll get the thoughts on this the first Chris mortenson and his coverage and ESPN let's roll. What did he tell you that I spoke to him after these allegations came to light. And then again after I watched the Al-Jazeera reported 330 this movement in. Which was on line going viral in the running the Payton said among them in the news log things that I can read for the record. I've never used HGH absolutely never happen the whole thing is totally wrong it's such a fabrication. I'm not losing any sleep over it that's for sure. I'll say saturated I I've certainly since the gamut of emotions from laughable to anger. That this semen is out there. I OC what do you think Mike I think Manning's guilty as hell I'm not go out gullible to believe the wife thing and it Thaddeus its coverage was embarrassing your thoughts you left out the part or more in sin city pass eleven of twelve drug tests and I. I'd like the and I. There's that he lose the the problem could hit at the whole Mort. Since thing I guess. Not really the problem deported on contacts Morton's he's been kind of like the unofficial Manning family scribner. For fifteen years or Morey goes to the Manning passing academy every year he broke the news that Payton was. Sign with the Broncos mean he's almost embedded with the Manning so anything he says has to be looked at from that. Perspective mean everyone. Not everyone but a lot of people have rushed to. Parent every denial. And every rejection and and they've made more out of some of these things and maybe they should the whole idea that this Charles sly recanted he turn on ESPN and pretty much anyone on there. Takes that re can take shin as a conclusive. Presumption that the guy I was lying when he was being seeger to recordable and ought means easy lied at some point. Hitter libraries BC recorded or he's lying when he's recant tank and do we know anything yet about why this guy recanted do we know anything about what. Peyton Manning's lawyers are Ari Fleischer anybody else said Charles slide or get him to recant if anything we don't now but. You know the guy sees his career going up in smoke because you're gonna be in a business where you're providing drugs to people in your industry he'd about your providing drugs to kind of hard to get people to trust you. So whether it was. Threats either overt or subtle made to this guy of litigation or prosecution or case may be. I tend to believe that. He was telling what he believed to be the truth when he did know he was being recorded now he could be wrong he could be misinformed it may be stuff forever urban legend of the dire institute at the idea that just because this guy every candidate makes everything he said false. Is a little bit ludicrous to me but. That's kind of the world we live in now where people wanna jump on anything they can allows and that slammed the book shut on a story and move on and I feel like that was the agenda ESPN. To slam the book shut on this. Except everything the patent and it is saying is completely true and and move on to the next thing while Katie transcript mourns as a reporter. Boys only as good as his sources and we know from January is sources aren't too good. And at and the one thing and lock managed mad at me he's mad at anybody that's questioning how he handled that I'm why would he not be mad. But happy Matt and his sewers for hanging him out to dry back in January with the whole eleven of twelve football's thing so. Yeah I'm you'd do I look at everything that he reports now as. You know not entirely 100% reliable be sure and I'm trying to get the benefit of the doubt I suspect anybody out there who's upset. Because of association with the patriots are just being a patriots fan and I don't expect them to ever believe anything the guy ever says again. Mike in my being a conspiracy theorist to think it's weird that Al-Jazeera had to break this story in a country that is just loaded with endless media outlets newspapers television network's web sites. Is there any chance that this story was covered up by the quote unquote American media and it should be broken before this. Why I I don't know that anybody even knew about this Charles liar that he was doing anything or saying anything the documentary even existed Al-Jazeera apparently hand picked up Huffington Post to be the conduit for this thing and make. They timed it just right dropping it on a Saturday night. And and I got real concerns about the entire PR push backed effort from Peyton Manning and company I think the only winner in all of it is Ari Fleischer because we now all know he's available to provide crisis management for. Sports figures are having issues. I I think the better approach would have been to say either nothing or something very middle one statement that's all I'm saying about it because the constant statements from Peyton Manning needed three interviews he. He he issued statements that team issued statements his old team issued statements are dire institute issued statements. And it kept churning this thing throughout the day on Sunday and really overtook an entire sleigh games. So was genius. By Al-Jazeera in the Huffington Post to throw this thing out there on Saturday night. I don't know that they anticipated that Peyton Manning's reaction. And the entire coordination of that response was going to result in this thing. Just consuming. The entire cycle on ma on Sunday but that the way Peyton Manning responded to this really did help would become a bigger story than it was I don't know how big of a story wasn't. Oh where we are not really anybody had any reason know about any of us. Until they drop that thing on Saturday night speaking of how big a story it is now you unite here knowing and I don't know how many interviews you done knowing in this market the last couple of days but. The way it's being played here is. Correct me if I'm wrong guys look what the free pass that Peyton Manning's getting and look at the wave. The entire media world and fans across America beat up our guy Tom Brady. You as an outsider which are take on that are you aware that that's how it's being played here. Yeah I have I've heard some of that stuff and lock it makes sense to me went when Roger Goodell the commissioner NFL justifies a four game suspension for Tom Brady by comparing it to a PD violation and you've got. Evidence now all the possible PD violation from Peyton Manning. Why is Ted Wells not. While we know why Ted Wells whenever being art again by the NFL but why is not someone investigating this and here's the prod the NFL said after days of no comment. That they will look into it that they're they're limited what they can do unless somebody in Indianapolis who has the authority to prosecute people. Launches an investigation. Churns up evidence it becomes. Available to the general public. We're never gonna know in the NFL is never going to be able to do anything more than as Peyton Manning did you do it he's gonna give the same denials the gate leases source Chris Morton Peter King. So that day. For the NFL to do something iconic I don't understand it can you elaborate on what it has no power to do anything NASA can't subpoena records from the dire institute the NFL can't go to Ashley Manning it's a good and one has been quiet in all of this did you get HGH delivered to you from the dire institute. The NFL has its hands tied. When it comes to gathering evidence other than yearn. The NFL contest the players whenever it wants to it is a random process now back in 2011 there was no test for HGH and during the lockout. There were no rules in theory Peyton Manning pretty used HGH from march 11 1000000 July and not violated the single NFL rule. But the NFL has beyond the testing process for the PD policy. No way of forcing people cooperate so they wait for evidence to emerge. Typically through criminal prosecutions. And if there and and look here's the thing when all these inconsistencies. Mrs. This weird squabble about whether or not Charles sly worked at two dollars to 2013 or 2011 though looks like Al-Jazeera is right on this. And the dire institutes wrong and that's the kind of thing we can get a prosecutors attentions are what else are they covering up what else are they lying about what else are they wrong about what drugs they dispensing to people that we don't know about. And the dominoes could fall in a way that there's an investigation that generates evidence in a competence of the with the by the Peyton Manning's gonna be long gone now may be working for a team by then. And that would be interesting problem for the NFL do you take action against the guy who's a president or GM of the titans and browns two or three years from now. If there is a prosecution of the dire institute but that's the fundamental problem is the NFL can't move. The way it moved against Tom Brady is the NFL really has the power only talked to Peyton Manning the Broncos and the colts and that's it. Aside from a failed drug test store video of him taking each GH. Is it safe to say he's gonna get away with this I mean we saw Rodney Harrison go down because he admitted the shipment was for him but. As long as Manning sticks to his story how are they ever got to convict him even if a prosecutor went after him of actually taking each EH I think that's why they're so strongly avoiding denying the idea that Ashley Manning received HGH because if you take that strong denial. And the paper trail shows that she got it then it becomes a lot easier to connect dots via circumstantial evidence and find that it is. You guys know the term more probable than not. The Peyton Manning used HGH I mean they've got the power to come to those conclusions so I think that's one of the huge reasons why no one has said. Ashley Manning did not receive HGH because if it can be proven that she did. Then you say why did you lie about Ashley Manning not getting HGH well because Charles lies right they were shipping it to Ashley Manning and it was never in Peyton Manning's neck. Thank you while committing just 12 I'm Diane nest the Chip Kelly questioned two way a national correspondent. I I laugh every time he espionage does that Philadelphia Daily News cover this morning dead duck. As a guy more and more universally. Wrong not a town. As this guy as coaches get fired is always support mechanism than guys like some guys don't buy it. What this witness history nasty breakup one and here's the problem the guy comes into the NFL three years ago with no prior connection of any kind and NFL team in any capacity in his entire life and a lot of people in the media praise this gather revolutionary. Coach is gonna come in changer and that creates a lot of resentment on its own especially in the building mideast coming into tis the people who were there like wait a minute we don't know how to wood on how to. Run a football team is the only guy who knows how to run a football team so. He comes in already with people inclined to not liked him he alienates everybody when he gets there alienates the media alienates the people. In that organization pushes Howard erosion bros meant out of football operations but not out of the building which set the stage for a lot of ugliness that happened behind the scenes this year. And if you don't win if that's the thing is almost that I oh bella checked qualities this where. You you can get away with being a little anti social little brothel little condescending you know or a lot condescending as the case may be if you win. Belichick's act play in Cleveland because he didn't win. His exact place in Boston because he wins so if you if you're gonna go all in. And and not. The as cooperative with the media as other coaches are and be downright hostile at times and hostile with the people that you work with. He better win you know when you're gone and that's what happened. He's gone is it too simple to say he lands in Tennessee with a COLT quarterback from the moment that the titans drafted Marcus Mario and I started talking about that people thought I was nuts and I still lamb but at least this is in evidence on it now what do the titans want him. Why wouldn't you want Chip Kelly when you look at what he did with out. A great quarterback with Mike Vick nick falls Mark Sanchez Sam Bradford Mark Sanchez against Sam Bradford again. If you get Marcus Mario who showed a lot of promise despite having nothing around him. In 2015. You bring in a guy who runs a system that he is convince markets Mario and is perfect for you in the first overall pick in the draft it you use that to get a great player or. Parlay it into multiple players you're in a weak division. And and and a guy came don't want ten games in 2013 ten games in 2014 if he's willing to admit that he let the power get to his head if he's learned from that he's willing to stand his line he told Jay Glazer last night that he is. Public wanna see it. If he truly is willing to stay in his lane and just coach the team. Is this to be a very interesting match and you know the titans just aren't relevant now titans fans I think there are some titans fans out there they don't like it when I say that. But they're not relevant people don't care about the titans is nothing sexy about mean with Mario and nobody cares you bring in Chip Kelly. All of a sudden this is a team in the national media is going to be showing up. And to be talking about the tightening have a chance to really turn that franchise around that sounds exactly what we said win Parcells came in England. We sometimes a franchise needs that that you just and the titans are report where they need something in Mario wasn't enough. They need something more in chip Kelly's the perfect match for Mario as you're saying that I was thinking. Early to mid ninety's picnic fears and no interest in the patriots it was coming up that rod rust in 1990. And things widgets and all the sudden Parcells came in and it completely. Changed the way it will look. Patriots just reverse order in Tennessee quietly burst code a second you know what Mike Florio of those pro football talked a comma 10 wrap things up Mike before we let you going to back demanding. Eighty plus touchdowns after he allegedly took TH DH should those numbers come under scrutiny. Well now development and here's the here's the bigger picture that we haven't discussed I mean first of all. Football fans don't care about players taken HGH steroids ever happen to a based. Wallets as a rule of baseball player took a PD and anyone have been on one apartment to stake football player takes a PD you know like what gap and we expect those guys to be so big and strong and fast and come back from injuries nobody seems to get bent out of shape about it but. You know it's it's I you know it becomes just like it was with Tom Brady yard we have people out there. The love the guy yet people that hate the guy went when you're that successful over that period of time they're going to be people who hate shoes so. The people who don't like Peyton Manning are gonna grab onto this the same way people who'd like Tom Brady grabbed on to the stuff. That play any of us whether it's people who are patriots fans or people who try to be objective in this like Iowa star was a bunch of crap you're gonna have people jumping on. This Peyton Manning HGH stuff hasn't somewhere tarnishing. His his legacy ND NAM bottom why I like it like it's I it's justifying using them. He's trying to come back from as you said Sunday on ESPN essentially breaking his knack and he's competing against guys. That he believes are using HGH because. At that time the NFL was on the honor system with HGH in on a system in a setting that competitive and how much money at stake doesn't war. So very easy to connect the dots to use HGH because you assume everybody else or at least a lot of people you're dealing with on the other side of the football or using it. So I mean I don't know I don't think it does anything if it's proven. The more fascinating thing in here is is there any way ever approve it and wears his story gonna go and did did Peyton Manning for a PR standpoint blow this that they yell where's the truth in all this I'm curious about that but I don't think it affects his legacy because I think we need to be realistic that funny guys have been using HGH. Over the years others though question and I think it should be legal in the NFL and they should prescribe written medical doctor I mean. Doctors are team doctors are rattled doctors should develop a program for a because of violent sport I think guys needed but. And they were brought here since that Sunday night it worked. Yeah at 35% terror the muscle from his groin and as from upon and he took the HH and he never had a problem to burn again yeah and that's it I get it. I would take it if I was in the league I it's just you know being here in New England. And I'm one of those guys have persecuted Brady because I thought it was guilty I think Manning's guilty too I just want equal time while not a consistent quite sure what they want to thank you Larry I try to be. Mike Florio all by the way do you think any other Newt is anybody that's gonna pick up on this or is this thing just gonna go way. Oh what a Manning. I allow. And it just depends on what the next development is Demi Moore kind of at the point where we've exhausted it. But I had that thing to keep it on other employees of the dire institute will Libyan effort to get them to talk on or off the record or somebody produced some document it and actually Manning getting HGH some internal document the leaks out of the dire institute and that's the overriding issue. Is there some federal prosecutor Indianapolis has jurisdiction over this that decides. Here she is seen enough to start investigating this quietly convene a grand jury and the next thing you know people get indicted may be we finally get to the truth of this but that would be months down the road. All right thanks so much appreciated Mike I Florio chipping yes I okay pro football talk you can catch him on the radio ABC sports network also on NBC sports network as well. As he's joined by dungy and Rodney Harrison. Up by the way should a citizen while ago by headlines is brought to buy AT&T mobilizing your world if Bob's discount foresters we into it today because that astute very well. Outskirts of calls record on the news in let's go to bill on the caller bill Europe on WEEI. You outgrow our guys I'm bill. Yep I got a quick question I'm it was just and then Oprah Indiana all entendre I'm talking eap blog or journal picked up. Think they were to deliberate patched up through the Manning family they're all across state lines and that opened it to Nash I mean I'm. It's a state law which is why can't the the government look at it. They probably could have they wanted to but is that a big enough fish for them to fry. I think it would pride be more likely that in India on and a prosecutor and it all depends on who's up for election. Shore or looking to advance their career no move up the latter the guy in Indiana wants to go from making decisions in Indiana to making decisions at the federal. That's that's as easy that's where cancel via and that's fine if if the truth is the byproduct of that guy's career aspirations then I'm fine would that. IEM interested in the whole Bob Kravitz angle the local reporting angle you would think they would have ties. To the guy or clinic they certainly have a guy who's been there and done that. And will they be interest in this is that what is the Indy star. Will they be interest it while you were very channel third wide open under a single local newspaper has to have investigative reporters the local TV station has investigative reporters do they have any interest or. Is that sacrilegious because Peyton Manning put Indianapolis football I. Answer that I guarantee you the knees started to get news at weakening Korean and I can guarantee that a citizens came out they do have news meetings every morning and eleven. And the executive editors said hate pushed the sold the sports side. Look into this so avenue site we may never see anything now they they may look into this and find is that. They don't buy the report we can debate the merits on that. But I guarantee you're looking into shore and I every wanna climb back Brett while I don't know he pushed back to different subject what I'm saying is. A lot of times newspapers. And not just newspapers and on media outlets and you know this will. Will look in the something and hate check this out in that doesn't check out. We can't write a story saying we look into it and doesn't check out for so eat it just it just dissipates because is no story a lot of times you know hey I remember. Years ago there was a there was a big Wade Boggs word paver Getty world. Remember that vividly. And and we ought to look into it and it was a line in my notes but it quite a big thing about it is just that was up and it. And things a lot the fact that the Indianapolis Colts put out a press release sort of defending Peyton Manning. Says that. Irsay and the colts. Are not looking for this to be investing bowler say there's a got a widget ought and that's my point there's a guy that would try to ensure that. The Indy star or the local TV stations find nothing and if they do find anything doesn't come to light. I mean as a man who drives around drugs and money it's our. Right I mean he's going to fight back yet every game he's interested in protecting Manning he will protect any other other colts. Did they remain proprietary bomb Manning. Well that's my point. Why would you put out press release right is your ex quarterback as of multiple years ago. And I know he's a franchise legend but you don't need to put out a press release if you put at a press release your telling me you are standing by Peyton Manning and you'll do what it takes to defend the Manning like. Elissa when it comes ownership they have no credibility we know that I mean to a guy you know he's a drug abuse he's gonna. Look. Boy what about the temperature in Indianapolis. He's today Steele feel the same way about Manning it's a good prior to and Leo paglia I don't know asking yes or no matter what the alleged option he is a legend the equivalent of Pedro claim that a man okay cell. You following yes I got to book so if you are running for office maybe you don't go after it. Right unless you just wanna get to the federal audit of the federal and unity and this this would put your name out there there's no doubt about that if you prosecute Peyton Manning for better or worse. You're going after a local legend. WB yeah. And Elizabeth. Well so what's up. I'm a little therapy and probably are now on eight an ideal a lot of our neck surgery patient. And we're looking Manning multiple Macs surgery. I'd barrel here on the not way someone could. Can doll playing but by actor multiple neck surgery a one year. Later and let mr. cannot act that's how he did it. At. Well it. I mean how much air HE AT and ate it but it was debates DH is a part of the process but would H TH hole that. Judas. I don't know you heard let Rodney Harrison that says it works. And it worked. Yeah you know Nigerian I'm a medical guys doctors friends of mine. You know I don't we Kevin Garnett came back from his knee surgery have a friend of letters and documents at all he stepping UNH UH he gets the guys that it's the miracle. HH is phenomenal but it's not it is they're fountain of youth if that where the numerical drone is Peyton Manning would still be playing he wouldn't have plant are flashy ideas and it's a big deal it works out on it anymore. Well I'd I'd ya I don't know why wouldn't the office like he's he's caught he's worried about what they it and now I doubt he's gonna he's lecture asked. Before they were testing. And he would be the first ever failed a test how manic fraud.

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