WEEI>On Demand>>Brady leads NFL in jersey sales, but thanks to chumps like Dexter Manley the hate parade rolls on

Brady leads NFL in jersey sales, but thanks to chumps like Dexter Manley the hate parade rolls on

Sep 24, 2015|

Dale, Michael and Jerry try and decipher Dexter Manley's comments after he appeared on a DC Sports Radio station and went off the deep end about how much he hates Tom Brady.

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And don't you worry Dexter Manley Jerry thorns got a little something you do at a bring it on any hair another guy who was recently got demoted from planet status the planet toys to. I love it but oh yeah. You just heard in the open was a great manly on a telephone interview on a Sports Radio station in Washington DC on the sports junkies. And it's the name of the show. Maybe Dexter is scant it's a capital thought that sports junkies have offered through sports junkies so sober at the basic premise here is. Properties are known note robbery is garbage that's his star. Tom Brady's garbage he would take Joseph pies and had a Tom Brady. Our eye right now work right now or has gone out all right you know you sail well teammate you know little a lot of touch but you know to teammate. Matt Ryan he'd take report on right Matt Ryan a lot over a metal ball and it it's it's. It was before court sombre I'll hold lot. Drugs are powerful play what to those guys are teammates right yeah but yeah what you can't sell yourself on the Doug Williams was a teammate so he's better than. I mean he still Iceland's in the hall of fame. He has his knee that being. And I sat out there will be at all profoundly. Our shot caller they've got a little charge of those guys have already announced it is it safe to say that he saw. Hell of a lot better. And a freaky Williams. Aren't staying deep down thought we did it. About Joseph about that Tom Brady I think obligated to buckle first now he had no I'd let you get around about good people but the guy. It in the pocket in my opinion. Why. Can't an independent audit I didn't know. Look I think mad at Indy over Albright. I'm moderate he can't do it star as a Bill Cosby is an. About Dexter man utterly and I talked to him and a if it back here about what could be you'll food ball. You'll. So he said he got no no added that he can actually he's been drugged by bill cuts beat. I think about that they're bad they're mad at that I might think bad Williams fired we're not gonna let dogma. The league might mean now well. Mark I'm gonna walk Atlanta Atlanta won it picked up and up. But I've sort of restricted to go down rank that you I think it might Leo. Well hello hello hello hello yeah our FCC from going. Open by the way he already got in trouble wild bat look for use in that same case like gay slur ought to Tony Romo they shut it down you used to be a part of the sports junkies. I can't imagine I was an extra back. No he's not know he might be an ex sports junkie. I mean if you. All about it but I love the host on a month to take mark written. How about up about Shuler go over all the all the logic let it affect our paper or does her husband's just for Iraq but at. Products made here period and I get a ten Hasselbeck didn't happen back on the I read get well keep going. Every you know what he did try to sift through that and find like a shred of logic just one fact one salient point and opinion that he could defend. Good luck deal are we could stay up all night long put uttered earn a copy just work in shifts trying to find one thing he said that was he rumble. The actor and I don't know who are in India the automated and that army dog but I beg you talked about the variety. And this extra. Maybe that dancer Judy I. Mostly older that talks about Tom Brady all better so party. You know like you're looking at this night you know I don't I don't our viewers where polls and construction company in the owner of the construction company gloves were off. No it we haven't heard every day like that and Bobby Valentine. Or violent. And I come to report I heard. Started at hook it up mark. It got dark spot pretty great diet or I can see that and that. Player level. That for the techsters who wanted to you know somehow mocked Dexter Manley illiteracy. Got nothing to do with what I'm listening to hear the fact that he wasn't able to read has nothing to do with the fact that eighteenth has trouble putting a sentence together and beat. It's football acumen can be put up all for Christ's sake but I you could come to United States among foreign Malia and not speak English and not read a word of it. It'd five admitted to realize Tom Brady can convert a first down. And I got a guy who are in India the audience and let our. Only talk but I beg. Yeah. I'm Heidi. Well maybe that then there. And I spoke cracked ought to. Don't. Enable our people act like columns that he went for Bill Cosby and mom's hand and on and nowhere. All of though it does your area and I know her real. It used to show to promote a football like a preacher is a football like they said that any NFL films I and it is not okay hum. The ratings on this are going to be vastly improved after here in this give me addiction really sure the minister of defense in the great ballplayer that that will be interesting I would watch that. Now we can't wait to see huge for the help it's still live interviews Dave Chappelle's. True NFL stories. It where Dexter Manley playing Dexter Manley. Got warmer summer underwent that are bent left I left that distract our last one password again. I would go in India the army and that army dog but I beg you not and not all righty. I. Well. Then. You'd be denied. Catalog at Coke is a double drove I don't like that. I get that cranked out about a guy outside of your football generation playing for another team it's our bodies. Cranked up as pass and he's got passion. What does he had construction company either way he's not operating like ask crane right outside our window here yeah I don't think Dexter it's an exit up with a cabinet thing. If you know what the court and let's get stuck I don't want him to try to traverse an IP. Of thirty Stiller he's up. But she replied we're not there any kind of tools nothing can harm himself those of any crisis guys this call. Bullock is serious intervention properties. Arts. OK now I understand that there's a certain amount of we talked about hyperbole well. The rest at a middle football world hates the patriots and I understand they hate Bill Belichick eight Tom Brady probably Robert Kraft they hated everything about patriots. Understand. But to understand how stupid you sound if you suggest that Doug Williams. Is a better quarterback in Tom pretty. I mean Doug Williams and have much around him. Has installed I don't I don't know it is a fact that was the point he said you know that the whole thing about the top raise Ali's players around all these hall of famers apparently that looked. You know missed my attention the only well they're not too offensive. Skilled player hall of famers that have played with Tom Brady in my opinion want to play here anymore that Randy Moss not once Rob Gronkowski who's here now. For years and years we talked about the offensive weapons Tom Brady didn't have. You've spent all these years defending. But Troy brown and David Patten and you know on and on and on the up and down the list Wes Welker Danny Amendola Julian settlement. This does make it sound like a once it's not in arbitrate their toll. They give credit to liven dependent those guys that got a quarterback is garbage. I'm candidate coming up or down can't pick up up first down I'm so tired guys talk about Tom Brady all the time. I'd take Matty ice. And it's. Great guy. You're decks are much tequila which you have to fight to get to that thing. I'd be out cold long before I got to that it. That I have many stages of drunkenness I don't think Dexter Manley is on my scale program yeah I get to the twelfth stage he's like oh. Fifteenth Richard disturbed by what he started drop in the the home mold. Sexual slurs even went ahead but but but they get way from the vehicle like you know. They didn't stop because he's added a few times so that doesn't it it's not like oh interview is over you can't say that it can't go out as a matter of fact. Based on what I've read I think he said it three times. They bleeped it twice they caught twice and they missed that one. Looked so he is you know that in that in and things and he used to have that's that's the that's the reason he's not on the show anymore. So he's been Sam Adam man I guess you. Well before it was not Aikman right I mean that's what got neutral referee out when he used one of those slurs he was talking about about. Troy Aikman are cowboy. Well nobody plays that he use the slower about Aikman no I don't have a whole door to habit that I think that why it wide like Troy Aikman. I think because he's that good looking guy in plays quarterback is now I don't know how good looking I've played quarterback does it then in Dexter is world mean that you. I don't think it has anything to do with the guys I think it has to do it he's got. At issue it's it's his issue it's that nobody else. Nobody else has broken in Texas for. You know I'm pretty great I want to get your opinion it may affect you meet you saw the back I ever heard why do you think Jill that the that because toilet. Well Brady is the toilet. I'd done it I think I don't I don't think the. Is that he does think he has or doesn't that mean I think he says I don't think he'd say Lee. I think please I think this is John that is double negative territory. It's. It could be done but nobody like numbered and are not don't nobody likes to nobody likes to amber don't nobody likes it toilet. If as. It did pick up a first out of a couple of he's not athletic guys at least a bit of first stop there hey here's the thing that edge over 400 touchdowns in his career but that's just Tutsi and pick up touchdowns and our first downs you and I know facts are probably the size my family here about the fact that through the first two weeks of the season Tom Brady leads in many quarterbacking categories among them is. It's now. Everything else about Dexter anything anything else or is at the end of his interviewed. The I. Watch might my anyhow it's dark do you have an idea right. That is called companies started yelling with that hey hello good morning guys. All of a good job. It's an act of god to whom you take joked I thought Tom Brady. Those. Of us listed only rotate jolt that the number. I'm picking joked he got a lot of good deconstruction got that he loved Tom Bradley and I think I'm right. I don't gulp them but don't read it came about joked that the jocks. Look at. He's the guy I think he's suggesting that number has a little deficient and act in that department and I think but he is also standard joke I've been. If not not to problem in the hurricane proof ID don't gotta be no more I don't know anyway Tom probably gonna scroll put that on the scrolls them where they look I'm sure we'll Lawrence Taylor snapped is we know Borg and Martin got out of a joke that was something down their next who is he should bone when we aren't really actually Asian moment yeah I hit the go. Up. We're aware and Papa. Go wherever it to redeem. I think Dexter immediately as the guy that is sit at a bar by himself in yet they're talking with your friends who becomes ill tell you resulted. Any state he's toilet. Picnic at an awful lot. Now the all the things that might make Tom Brady upset in all the things that might service fuel for the fire and another log on the on the fire forum when he pumping hire some that. I'm guessing Dexter Manley spare late Bart Dow on the list of things that matter to home. By now I'm sure he's heard about it I mean guys are probably busting his chops about it already in the in the locker room let the thinking even gives him commands. After probably not askew at Sears we have we ever had anything like this in sports there anything like this in sports where it's not even 5050. It's not even sick a 164 I'm talking about in this country. Confident inspector north American sports. Hong Wheeler our bodies in Canada I give you guys grow up or your own candidate. Any have there been any team. Where the entire country. Hate that team and up player specifically stands out as well player and a coach stand out as like that the signs of evil. Could get because I don't think the Celtics even Celtics lakers or Celtics lakers you were with the Celtics or the lakers you love the so did you hit at the lakers. People hate Redd and Russell the way they hate Belichick and Brady. No. I would I read the I'd say red and and I mean not that I was I was you know look at Centene being during that the height of his powers. But I Philly people would with say the same things about red that they say about a hour but. Would think it no Danny Ainge not that that piece people that wrote yesterday that said that the redness Celtics. Our award that the predecessors. Were for you know Belichick and the patriots. But I believe in lucky you you guys cannot discreet with this. I think the Celtics were the NBA version of UCL. So UCLA all those championships in 88 game winning streak. You know they just keep getting guys and I'm bringing terrain. And he's awesome and when times championships and most outstanding player than. You know after Korea they have you know I have Bill Walton he comes in and he's great wins championships. But. You just like I disagree with the younger guys what they was revered the what would wedding of the year period he was due his idol I think don't you think the wind canonized. Was the winning. Such that you kinda have to respect. With the Celtics. I don't remember anybody ever say anything bad about wooden and ice always hear stuff being said that about race. Like one of the things about you know he's cheat he's still in this turn up the heat the aired again dead spots on the floor. That stupid victories are working people cradle work in the officials like beating the raps I don't think not I hate them they were envious of grad. For the right reasons. For the most part don't think they thought that rat was. Erected and have good players. And somehow. He was just trying to he was he was a manipulating the system. To get eight straight championships at one point on the is that it might be arrogant like red yet but you really upbeat now like that body would. Legitimately. Changing the game. To get his team championships. People around the country they really believe it. Before it was kind of an act. I some folks they didn't believe that the biggest wind they get under your skin patriots fans. When now they really believe. This judge. Berman he's screwed up how pretty it was shooting. Old guy but it did happen they played at the football. This is outrageous. Maria how did you do this you can't let this happen. I have never in my lifetime I can't think of a team. In any North American sport I'll give you all the sports. I can't think of a more hated team. I think second placed a distant second at the Yankees I would of said the raiders yep I was eight yeah ray I can't you know but I can't come up with a coach player. Equivalent to Belichick Brady got Al Davis got Al Davis my head but at that might in New England in New England had here yet Tatum. Year might outrage us that's we all now one for obvious what we don't let but I think there were some people depending on your personality even what the raiders. And when the data. If you're around your patriots fan in 1976 you say you know and they they won the Super Bowl raiders won a Super Bowl but we should had been stolen from us. And you look at Tatum and the history there you didn't like but certain personality even as hated as a rate raiders where there's certain personalities again that's me. Ismail on the discarded guy I'm the guy that nobody yeah I almost don't that the builder refused you know they are really look at it may. Yeah I got to identify with the silver black. People and other markets identify with the patriot. Would you think Al Davis rises that level of Belichick. Yang added they hated it and yet all right Adam yeah when he was the role he knew his two in the league and you know and and refuse and by the by the with his little shred of that going on right now that the the the raiders are refusing to paint of the fifties. On the edit the Atlanta mind other going that they like out like they capitulated earlier as a much of the I hate the raiders I loved that I like that just sort of give them like that the the double freedom rockets of the NFL and did you you stupid thing with the silver and black eye. I admired that. I agree it's childish. Again but I'm so it's I already Thelma argue you tell me well. Raiders are. Juvenile childish and this is very underrated sometimes it's exactly the 1 July Brent yes it's I opted to give hope you'll flip the bird to the NFL given the state bird my excuse that's good but they would that the I wanted to find that the raiders. What you just say okay. He likes it. So even with the raiders. With their reputation their somebody out there who says okay. I'm at a stand up to big business on my stand up to the boss I don't like that attitude that they have there's still a draw there. You know at a a caller brings a wise use some a caller on the on the liable bitumen let him explain it and himself and second but I think he's he's got a great call LeBron. We haven't seen as if LeBron LeBron left Cleveland. And this this is the equivalent the. More people in Miami and brought all that much I'm exaggerating to make the point but I think that's a good call now where that for the limited time he was there. Where the heat and LeBron. The patriots in ballot and Brady yes. I mean people across outside of Miami yet you wanted you wanna the heat to lose everything first game. Play I think the first year. Did it start to Wear. Hatred start to Wear off. Because our. You know it was fun to say LeBron will not win a championship I think once he won the first. Championship. People weren't happy about it. But on their marched toward the second championship it was I would say it would down by 40%. The patriots between spy gate and the play gate. They're pick up that Errol that I had an arrow is pointing way up. They are number one with a bullet but as they used to say in the music biz about how but Steinbrenner yankees. And picture player Reggie Jackson was he ever it was really hated was it is certainly around this year I don't know if I can speak to the rest of the country but he was. He was fond over the national press I mean would back when. There would do it Monday night music all over Alia and cosell was in the Booth the most mismatched announcer you know sport combination of all time. He fondled rump. Com yeah yeah yeah I forget our way no way LeBron and and the heat or fondled are right the major news outlets on looking at UA BC slash ESPN. Yeah I would say yankees I would say yankees aren't there but this this is a this is the next level when you hit the Yankees won all the time. They were getting your players. They can spend and spend and spend. It could never slowed them down. They seem like they were for awhile ago they were just any any time somebody came on the market tick on the Yankees picking your players. So. Was cheating was it where they accused of cheating. No. Now. Saying they've they've played assists out they system that was in place they played it better name body else I'd sit there and ask our resource is that everybody bought by a World Series spending tons of money thrown money of people that's how they got Reggie that so they got Catfish Hunter in at at all. Palm until the closest analogy I can drive to a team that's been hated as much as the patriots are getting at though back to the pistons. They were universally hated they Horry wrestling he'll. That was booed and who did that in every single arena badly body hair and yeah animal Warren and and I say and. Dennis Rodman. Well what are the 1980s version of there and prevail. Looked at the pistons and they were marketing themselves as the bad boys they sold they don't tell somebody they embraced no wonder I wonder how marketable they work. I hate I'm not gonna buy their merchandising bad boys. It that much thicker forget that stuff is gonna stay on the shelves and back on buying paying represented a bad boys but thought he did. Through the first two weeks of the NFL season Tom bradys the highest selling Jersey in the NFL and wrong is the number four selling and by the way. If they just put the name drunk on the back instead of gronkowski would go to number one. Great. That's what you want him to Europe as you approach why else that. I felt that it helped jock strap. And I'd like to keep it anyway if you Waldo might well 667. 797937. A little bit worried about later on in the program not sure what the legalities are in the all of the ratings aren't all that style call somebody a plastic TARP. Kevin Harlan will join us talk about patriots are. He's calling the game this weekend you'll be what is it about 430 yourself it dale and Holley with Orton will get your calls just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WB yeah. I beg you talked about doll. I'd eaten like that. I did that come and there's bond there that they've got tell me about the bomb. Kevin yeah at the bit about it I can't imagine. That got him Doug Williams he won't government you'll find regular diet he had been Donald Trump yet like dollar dropping geek I mean yeah I'm not. The plane had been done. And it is garbage you can't about opera now that we had no academic skill I've done about the book what I'm reading it garlic. Heidi the very. I can't Kennedy get mad because you know he sounds like an apple individual. I'm not even trying to make a joke at this point about Dexter Manley he sounds like a guy who's. Played football at a high level for a long time then he sounds Apple's. Lately that guy that stand on a street corner yellen a car is going to buy it keep me who sounds like these. At issues such as don't say it like I can't even. Are you a single point that he's big into it and I want to know. I'd love to glean a fact that there and twist it around for a look back at a boy he's just ran and raven like a subway lunatic. On Michael's point was the Goodwin try to think of another team. Star combo and end if you can if you can make it team coach star combo. As reviled. As the patriots markets you know we've come up with things here and there that China. You know maybe work maybe don't work but we're having a hard time coming up with too many on 6177797937. Nick is up and maintain a Qaeda. So I think that he'd probably want it added that the patriots bubble brought it absolutely as it is great that we all kind of united. And heading abroad and an ironically it actually drove the ratings is there aren't you can't let the NF open source bottom up the Coca business information to make people watch more. Yeah I've heard that conspiracy theory thrown about in the offseason I don't think so I'm am first ball much uranium that's Smart. But second of all I mean I'd be a it's not like the NFL needed to help here. It's it's a perfectly valid question I guess but I don't think that's what they're doing it when you had. If you think about the heat. He had. Well you know the coach which had the guy running the organization. Apparently terrible yet Riley who was paid double for a large part of the country. You had LeBron who was absolutely capable as the centerpiece player and he had the team to eroded against just because most of us. Outside of Miami but the couldn't loosen up. Yeah and I I know that everybody around here that that I talked to despise LeBron but even now that the sport when you see when you say you don't like LeBron. You kinda get it from back in the face of why I like what is he done that nobody else's has ever done in that it's in only its. Besides the decision what is he ever done in. You know there's there's an. Edit arrogance there despair he's got a Lincoln infinite supply of it. But that doesn't make a Malone the Brady's situation to me feels unique it all the world. And that aides I think he's way more despised at this point than them LeBron several what's. It's that fair to say and it's all. So fair to say by the where neither of them deserve to be reviled. I mean LeBron did one dome thing. That the decision itself was probably an incredibly stupid public relations move but really hasn't been. The epitome of what you want from a player. In fact if there is that there was criticism of him early on it was that he was too unselfish. Try to get his teammates involved too much I mean. He he rebounds he shield sees he's powerful lobby. Israel like the perfect player. Are perfect player may be a bit much understand why black people will be upset with them though Maine you know you leave. Knowledge you leave it your pitcher rightly. Your free agent yeah you you did your time in Cleveland can phrase it that way if you want you to determine Cleveland you're here for seven years. You tried your best to get that team its first championship didn't work out and you and you go somewhere else okay. I think they were upset with. The embarrassment. And embarrassment in the self indulgent. Way he did. There are people don't have anything he ever did well I mean he had that game against the the Celtics in the playoffs where he flatow quit on his team. I mean that there is another debatable on debatable of people of I don't know I can't I can't buy it. I just I just don't buy yeah do you can't look at that game instead he's he's earned in his pay obviously now he doesn't have a bad game he was just un involved. Now well I think you sound a bag game I. A bad game you trying to take shots at me how to act as a matter of fact it's hard for me to say. I think it probably set and a handful of times in my life but guys who quit. Albert were it was one on all positive light you up to see that out a lack of effort and it was pretty consistent. With its profile. It's hard for me say that about. Most most athletes even Apatow like all right let's get the tape I hate the Q word is. I'd it's it's let's say it lightly but it I was gonna say it's all those that weren't it's almost the wearing your it was a it was a bad game I was off out of his element when ever did that he quit. I don't think he quipped. I think he was on his game and I think equipment while I count me among built the multitude who say he wanted out of Cleveland. Oh you don't like they were warrant surrounded him with that currently at any early linked to limit. And so we just made his point like I don't regularly have a triple double in that game did it did was one of those triple doubles eternal will of our knowledge that O'Donnell is as they shot at the last bit the last game of his career as a the first time as the Cleveland Cavaliers last game against the Celtics with a triple. Hard to say he would quit if you brought now you know what everybody bases it on Jerry I'm not saying you are but most people but he took the Jersey nurse on whale. And that became busy quit. Which when you toss a triple double in your last game Ers first trip through them the Cleveland Cavaliers thing when your last game to triple double. Are from December's game before now you maybe you mean the game before. Because if I'm not mistaken there was a game five that was in Cleveland. And he was off that game he very passionately played a passing game wasn't this wasn't shooting as much as. Are they needed in the shoot out was really awful from the field. A just a terrible LeBron game goes back game. I don't think he quipped I. I will say this aside from the decision off the court are all he's guilty of is saying. Dumb things put himself first being in he gets his you don't think and that everyone else's that. In all the that the planet's fed going orbit around his glowing some of whatever doesn't make you mean deacon in basketball. But Brady has hit a level that no guy he reaches almost had done something terrible off the field. And I don't like Michael Vick look we think here you and I think Michael I think that believes as well he didn't do anything yet but let's let's play the game. He instructed the ball boys will play the the the game of the guy but I heard on the morning with Dennis and Callahan he instructed ball boys to let the air out of racquetball look at. That's worth. He hated. That if if if that's what he did. Really. Yeah or. It is it that or is that the culmination of all the things the success. That the glamorous like you know and their previous an end the and then now we are dues in the elaborate on Morales and Danson and down in Rio menial he is one of those guys that. He's. Any organization to. But it wasn't just buy it if there's a guy. There's a quarterback out their name quarterback whose government accused of anything before let relatives know Russell Wilson let's say it's up Peyton Manning. It's ever been accused of anything in the organization has been accused of anything and that guy. Let's just play the game here. Lets the air out of the support just wanted to let the not personally but told talk about it think I think there'll be some people say that's cheating no matter what you say but I think seventy prior percent of folks would be with him. But they just say what I think what he's got a history but the patriots have a history the patriots do but he doesn't but he's he's a part of it as a matter fact. This let's just trying to tell you how crazy people think. They're saying well the patriots had this history. Patriots had a history and he was the quarterback he was he was able to benefit. From spy gate so he gets he get cannot figure he's getting over again. So that's not look at it once again. If the Ray Lewis approach. We pops up front that's what. It's only good thing. She in the same way I think that the decision while an incredibly stupid public relations move isn't that big deal. And yet it took it took LeBron james' reputation and Soledad for many people forever. And the Brady thing is the same thing I mean his his vision for most of America will never be restored. He will from this day forward be a cheater. And as nothing he can do to change. Which is why you know in some. Small part of wishy what's at the national football league for defamation but he and he wouldn't win if he did. Are gonna take something that a comic I worked at the over the weekend said his I don't have a one use someone else's it be accused the steel but. He says if steel hit steel nargis and I got to credit some Ive been this pieces like you know Tom Brady the part part of the problem with him is his life is so perfect egos he. He sleeps with the Victoria's Secret model and it's not the best part of his day. And I thought both guys getting the Victoria's Secret catalog is the best part of their debt so that's why they hate him he does have. This seemingly perfect life which by the way he built for himself out of nothing so I admire it but it's part of that Holman mindset we have it. Occupy Wall Street you don't mindset that is somewhat successful well. He took something away from me I should be as successful as him I admire Brady because he was a 199 pick as Michael or imported. Came the furthest to get too weird he's gotten. Any team the furthest in the wake of spy gate the plea ticketed dragged him down and now he's playing in this high level that's the be applauded ball we live in a world now we ago. Him he's so successful Dayton middle. Our native. Good afternoon that what's going on our thirty year ago sitting in the marketing costs and their universe and all that ginger. Who walk simpler to lose to these Arab Bernadine indexed and am I don't like you know they were. I mean baseball player here in Massachusetts actually that they let Bernard back. So. Naked inexplicably got arguably have. Probably our schools and principal players absent that they would mine started with a I would never could tell you that Dexter could not reach. I know years later came around sixty minutes birdies they like Oklahoma State and he'd eat it is true. And well yes I always wondered. Why wouldn't sit in my marketing real one mark in 1980 I equipment. Because they were doing everything they could do to make sure he got through school and their differences they are eligible for some through the system I mean horse that that's exactly why our holiday would ever do that at a price my radio Iowa staying ahead. EI that kind of whatever other OSU yeah but not not VoS U. They wouldn't go it's what gonna I would still part of our time let's not play the game here you know why you hear your classes the football field. Where with Ricardo Jones is that we don't major football. I don't know I don't know no I do major football that's what he's I didn't come here for class became a very honest very honest. Comment but I disagree I disagree I don't think people hate Brady and it goes back to what deals that at the beginning yet they may saving it. Reynolds jerseys. Kids today don't. Is it parents buying for their kids is parents buying for themselves that the 45 Euro guys saying. Rock my Brady Jersey it all patriots nation making up for the Jersey sales so they're number one in the country. I think Bynum and burn and I'm damn nothing. It will get right back to the calls in just couple minutes dale in Hollywood foreign Sports Radio W media. Good day we talked about all righty and. That's our boy Dexter Manley. I I had I actually think Michael has asked that the appropriate and exact question and I have no way answer to I cannot explain it. Because I truly do feel that Tom Brady is reviled outside these five and half states. And I can't explain why he's got the number one selling Jersey in the National Football League. Unless those five and a half states are buying so many jerseys in support of their guy. And boy you do see them everywhere I mean not just at the game which you see them everywhere and I do think that there's something to be said for. For patriots fans you know like dammit they. They've kicked around our guy and up I'm gonna I'm gonna Wear a Jersey. But does that overcome the rest of the kind one may. We may be there's something to this. The psychological. Thing. That we all have where have all Barry confusing. Hypocritical people all of us so maybe it's effective. It Tom Brady. Had seemingly had this perfect life. So I hate him because he's perfect. I hate them because he cheated. But I can tell like him because now that he's that he's cheated he's not perfect. To to Freudian I'd go now you know he's he's more like me that he was before because I don't have a perfect light these heat. He is not without. His own issues I like it is more interesting now. I'm telling you would strive in this is patriots fans it is nobody in Dallas Kansas City. At Phoenix that to buy and Tom Brady Jersey state there you're just not I think he's. It as you said he's reviled I don't think people are buying in the because they hate him. I think it's patriots fans that otherwise may be worth starting get complacent or were very casual fans. Have sole latched on to this and seeing that their guy is under attack sell the complacency felt the window now. They're all everybody's all patriots young boy or a neutral content on the you know eight navy Navy SEALs are big like Pocatello like Arnold is in order it in my pocket Michigan. There might be a pocket in the Bay Area in San Francisco you know that sort of thing that. I think it's patriot all yeah it was a it's not what the Michigan thing that it Lubbock when it happened when adult they're try to claim that now Obama yeah. They'd rather get bought a net and have topped all OK okay we got the greatest court basketball but. Schools are running back of the moment let's give him the football tournament to a game manager that you'll that. The matter he still loves them yeah let's put on Oregon depth chart behind late cards kid. Great great going light and out outlets concoct a scheme where Brady starts the game. And they drew Hansen comes in the second quarter of halftime. Mail Cole's got a big second half quarterback these single dumbest idea in the history of apple football they're off to a record at halftime with The Who gets the start of third title this era every city has this small on clean vote. The hands of another town I get pictures all the time from people we are in New York City. Business are we go to every Sunday there all we are pretty monitor all the candidates in Rock Island for summaries a guy like it's it's an amazingly weird that a bottom line used managed before is down a canal street in the hosted the Buffalo Bills fans every single. Sunday and we talked and actor in the Greek bills games but. Even when they slant on this day Carol laughs yeah well that back. Evil they started distinct they still had bill stands every Sunday weird is that is and I know that goes on but I don't think that's what's driving all the pre sales I think it's in the five and a half. States of god fearing red blooded American people. Those bills fans have a great party right up until the fifth. At eighth and vote. Okay. All right Japanese in Connecticut me at the NATO. On our Brothers and his term. That other wanted to say what Jerry Lewis and I'm pretty and a perfect like that they that that they ascended to about. But it has an outside event at what drives it eight. Israel and the pitcher and I was all right Eli you. We are against Uga can't beat yankees or Boston thirteen years ago went. The Yankees are you in August and human 2720. Whatever it's not been. And I think it's a bachelor but it wouldn't they hate pretty. It's it's I. Am not too different it's up to the championship. All wanted to add and it's important not to limit debate and I'm actually pretty. Apparent success that and that's a lot on their. I think it W may have opened the nail on the head here if if if Erin Rogers. At four Super Bowl rings people might hate him. If Peyton Manning had four Super Bowl rings people might hate him if if Eli gets to more people might hate him it may just be that. I am so sick of the patriots I'm so sick of Tom Brady I'm so sick of Bill Belichick and most importantly I am so sick of patriots ran. It's. I think there's some to that yeah it's weird that. They have actually flip the script now to win at Peyton Manning is the scrappy little underdog. And Brady is the always King Kong you know he's the one that that everybody fears in America would look to see Manning. Overtake him which is weird to me because Brady is the underdog story he's the guy who came from nowhere who went to a flight to earn it. Manning never in his life wasn't the starting quarterback on his team when he was eight years old and walked onto a field he was the super starts you know son. And he automatically was going to be the starting QB now he's got a lot with that I give them credit for that. Bush he had every advantage and Brady had none and yet weirdly America has embraced the guy who who was born with a silver spoon in his giant. Well headed chew off. The wall and I mention the guys that under armour in course summary on space on your arm that they've got a new a new teacher out with the number 199. You know for the 199 pick one my Twitter followers Chris said his new under armor and 199 picture. Was the fastest seller for under armor. Nicole that he. It's and wanted Cheadle come on this year in 617. Pennington 7797937. Our fourth for coming up and about an hour from now a little over an hour from now has to do with. The greatest team dynasties in recent memory not name patriots. And we'll talk Kevin Harlan who will call the patriots jaguars game this weekend it's dale holly with Orton Sports Radio WE yeah. In our next season when it comes time for fantasy football a junkyard planet toy it is not a name in our league there's nothing wrong there's something wrong with all of you out there. Just saying it's been tossed up Tia soft all right over the middle of the plate. Sorry Bob Kravitz the in national Planetary Society downgraded U. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Text line I was available to you at 37937. And it is cranking away as it always says I'm an hour from now on our four at four. We're gonna look at at what it was Tom Brady kind of precipitated this whole conversation. He said yesterday he's playing for. The greatest. Teen sports franchise. He said ever right. Outer office that ever been in the best organization in team sports that's. An organization teams it's Augusta thinking about in oh what is competition so badly for four and then Kevin Harlan will join us at 430 and you com. I happen. The Harland thing they did Kevin. And he was unavailable. So there are so glad all the game last week to not again buffalo and and of course you know. As soon as we saw he was on the list for this week we were diving right back. My Michael he prayed really hard he appeared to us and Asian. I think that does give me those glowing light coming out of the speakers when he talked to Gerri prayer changes things folic I'm glad he's Aaron Carter noted I'm glad to go for it for his own safety and glad he's I think York glad he's not accurate and imagine how he field. Back to call Alice on the cell phone al-Qaeda. It good afternoon gentlemen what's going on this and I heard you talking animals that the Brady it is which definitely true but I travel around the country. And you wouldn't believe the closet Brady admirers that are out there. Guys I'm down in Florida the girls sitting at about order husband or boyfriend he's aged Brady two girls were on a great picture and it's it's it's amazing. So what you're saying it's a lot of those Brady shirt sales and through the first two weeks are going to the female persuasion. Absolutely positively. Just on their travel all around and there's a lot of people that you don't like Yankee fans around here that sometimes they don't want. Say it but they are. I'm in Saint Louis I mean believe me the patriots. Errol jealously on this in I mean to people in the New York in January 2 expert I got relatives in Pittsburgh every time we beat them like all my cousin and a lot. It's it's really believe me. He's been really admired. Unchallenged and lots and I had a lot more than we give them credit for. As an arm around the country. You might be right Eddie and Alex I am no I'm. I'm enough power regularly if I'm not argue I don't I don't endured I have I am right there I know it and look I do think that you know he says. Big good looking quarterback Nate probably sell a lot of jerseys you know Tony Romo probably sells a lot of jerseys. Peyton Manning not so much. You can you have to explain me how the Andrew Luck terse she sells the case. You look at for big a look at your quarterbacks that that this is a big attraction to neck beards out there there's like some some neck beard fed issues its power. It's it's that the quarterback has the power. So it's not if they live and in Pittsburgh and end in our arc of your husband's a you know I'd die hard Steelers fan right you're probably not bring in a Brady Jersey into the house aria. Were at the white yes. Shore. So people it's him bends his wife got an all I had eighty Karen and they feel are always be called a lawyer. It. I don't think it's that much of a stretch. Or is it is that much of a stretch for. Women to say yes you know he's a really good looking guy. He's a good quarterback. I'll take this Jersey affiliate that there was a guy I respected and admired when they Pittsburgh the well the the way the whole country light. Brett Favre. Was hard not to like them he pleaded you know every single gaming news topic. He get like lit up by a linebacker nick come up slamming him on the back in I'll congratulate them on a great hit. The worm turned with me I think about eight retirement into his career. And I think a lot of people just got sick of his act. And then by the time goes to the jets and he's doing his phony like. You know Norman dale huddle on the guys up I love you man Italy did even know their names but the camera was on will. The the media never caught up to that I think the net a lot of people in the country started to really dislike him. Boyd he's still got the fawning coverage it was still hate geography on an ESPN everytime he would he you know did anything. Tom Brady it's been more hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that he's now getting it in the media in from feats. DeRozan pence. They knew Pedro and I you don't. Get it won't matter what's up well let it will be very close greener on young. I'm Neal Mike image from the area I'm born raised Red Sox fans felt Celtics and so and so forth kit and the patriots. Why don't like Tom Brady. But it does focus on Brady like Latin manager I Brady. Yeah it's not to me it's in it you guys are right outside of New England. He is wrong vial nobody likes. Is it yeah you get that Britain but I'm Shepard Ottawa amateur by anybody else now now now withdrew its its huge you have you're out of you on account so let let let you use state your case went. What is it about Brady Eli. Well honey there is a may yet be it in the wilderness more report here but on yes he does it take a hit four. One. Patriot and Eric and he takes a hit that the L word world tired of hearing how you know Tom Brady's greatest quarterback ever what he's not. There's this thing where people. Don't seem to be controversy. Around the patriots always. There's only felt tingling not and indeed the quarterback you take it for that. The UPU brought Pete Manning in the here and I think a lot of the reason that people don't like Brady. And you because you're like single patent and Wallace at the school does not. The way he's even outside in the New England is Tom bradys the kind of guy who would you open it spread to land roper. Run a new low or partisan way to go get it private jets. To take it supermodel wiped out of the Bahamas for the weekend. And Peyton Manning because it'll come over to get off the ground dust you off and take out for wings and beer. So what's wrong what we're running somebody over. Yeah. Out of it and I got a guy I understand Anderson I I I get that that's how people perceive report. Mean Mea Ning who has pitched every single product imaginable and it Brady has turned down. Twice as many. Endorsement I don't know what I say here I don't know many does everything but it's been voters that Obama. Well the Brady hasn't under our line he's got hugs and that's as though he's got everything he's got a bottle he's got a he's got more mr. Morton. I I watch games on Sunday and it's constantly you know. The chick in Bonn meet T civic nannies you know then he's in the car and nannies do one of the flip phone to act of years ago and I mean it's it's constant. The home to just carry edit. Where shall elect still the one thing that I thought drew may have actually been on point about was. Brady takes a hit because of the arrogance of patriots fans. And that includes us by the cure you know the only those of us who say all Tom Brady's now you know that the conversations over these past Montana he's now the greatest quarterback whoever lived. And you know drew doesn't believe that there are other people around the country you don't believe that. Bowl we don't even which conversation about it as well of course he's the number one quarterback while time. Yes and if you're gonna have another hole greatest quarterback ever conversation you probably have to do it. Not to go all stand person on you but you you really would have to break it up into twentieth 25 year chunks. Because when you have when you say Tom Brady's greatest quarterback ever. Somebody hit you back wit. John unitas or Otto Graham or Bart Starr well you know two different completely different eras of football on us hard too. Go back and forth mechanic and numbers argument could you say numbers for Tom Brady vs Bart Starr's not fair. Apart and sharks right out of Bart Starr. Think had won twenty touchdown season if he had any at all and in a season right but different I mean it was like it had Jim Taylor had bill hole. You know Vince Lombardi saying she'll hear is still here it's just that they're different air but if you start talking about in the last twenty years. Last 25 years yeah public we have got. It might have put two and two together and I'm not always quick enough to do this stuff but it might Diana when he was on the phone I would have thought is that on the call screeners that drew. Hates Tom Brady it wasn't Bledsoe was that a fact. I'm pretty sure what's probably him a little resentment they have a hatred mapped out adapted. I agree with it on that point Michael about the about the errors because when Brady was getting close to join United's his record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Had he broken it I promise you I swear on my kids I was gonna make no big deal out of it because when Johnny Unitas did it. It was a huge accomplishment it was you know it is receivers were going out there and you could be slowed commitment decent and be against them with no flag. And Brady didn't fell short Drew Brees and that upset a racquet. Good few Drew Brees but it doesn't really mean much John and you would still like EE dominates that category forever to me via your wife rose to stop texting to show it would AG's day says my husband calls out his namely that not. Should this ticket this kind of leave that stuff in the house by the way I may have bought some of those twelve jurors. Believe our role playing discussion board or off the organized marks in Connecticut Haymarket. They're saying are in the that it mammy all the good since it's the fact that HE double hockey stick do you think combined and it is not a fool. Now ready you don't you don't need a commercial who'll stand Strickland. Your honor roll I don't know it's not a good guy I don't it's not gonna help. So does that Polaroid dough before you there. I don't actually sort of let it all a little longer than a plan just this peace if peace stumbled on it got to pick the added I think maybe yeah. I. And pretty. By the late deck as the real objects Dexter Manley is now the number two Jersey seal things to Ron Borges Gary to hang way I had shyness. I previewed this for these guys. Of the top five Jersey sales through the first two weeks I was shocked by and I tell you right now. If you if you. Do not look at the listing at number five we you lock outs or something number ones number. Makes number two Dez Bryant makes in the ballpark sure number three O'Dell Beckham junior greatest act. Yeah yeah attached. Captain guys change football history Ollie out number four rock. To a number of high. Aaron Rodgers and yeah Iowa we are a gallery that's not how I told it's Jerry Kane. Remember the rugby player turned San Francisco 49. Where's he from. From like South Africa error I've I don't Australia some like that. Okay yeah absolute whole country that that would kill anybody in the gutter like the perpetrators they're support our guy and I it will lead. I bet he's got a 100% of the jury's Jersey sales in his particulate target demo. Which is Australians Tom pretty deadly two fumbles in the opening week and who knows he's gonna hang on to the job I don't know if you've spent. Your 95 dollars or. I would it would they have an Australia little when he's. I have known that I heard. You got me mikes at less than they might. We get great great topic you know I'm I'm I guess I'm one of those that noxious agents fan but nevertheless. I think the reason why number Easter is so popular because he is genuine human being and he has. He participate in that but he program. Which might have some participate in my my Brothers. Child. Unfortunately it worked with autism. He. He gives a lot of itself. And I respect that and am and I respect the fact that I am he's. He's he's he's a genuine. Great guy and you can't. That the bottom line is this Beecher to look at the demographics and sure it. I think teenagers. Pick this stuff up people we do and they recognize someone who's human being and recognize somebody's. January and there are and Austin somebody's Gilbert com. And these guys to get up a coach soccer football you name it. They get it can wait before we do it and I think that's the reason like I'm ready. Are you so poplar. You know my god I I agree that that teenagers and I did before we do and most things and that's what. That's how trend began and always begins with wireless and my kids look it always begins with a list with the young people no question but I think that he is getting a Jersey because Tom Brady plays on the winning team. And if you look at the top five deal mention. I don't know I don't know what Dez Bryant is like personally government Dez Bryant I think people are buying the jerseys and X visitors because he's an exciting player. Nominees out here. He's very passionate. In place for the cowboys worm most popular teams in the country stamping the ground he's fine. He's that dominant player he plays one of the most popular teams in the country. It's sort of right now Jared had pain I can't explain except that people in Australia love. The fact that one of their own is playing in the NFL. Pick it advocates the simplest and and I'm not disputing anything you say about Tom Brady and and your interactions with them it's great that he has been he's been good. With the organization that you support but I don't think that's. I don't think I will outside of of this area I don't think they know about best buddies and you know the great work that he does of that organization. And frankly I'm not sure that they care outside this area it's great that he does it don't get me wrong I'm just saying in in Iowa do you think they can let an. This area he remember he got criticized for that figure criticized because was the best buddies at the give him access to a car or did they give him a car. It was a car add they didn't but the auto sponsor that revolver guys aren't I I don't have access or somebody gave them a car he had access to a car and and yeah that was a story for awhile. YZ. Why he'd taken yeah yeah he's run the whole thing is this coming Monday nighter in scam. He's line in his pocket out innocently jail issue forum but I'll let out or does he bring his own football's the best buddies. It is a delay ya know yeah he cheated people. People crack me up with charity you know when you criticize somebody. For being charitable and a lot of a lot of times people don't really. Noticed a contradiction. To all of a rich. Professional athlete gift that your charity and say you give about. You make millions and millions of dollars and get 75000 dollars here. So that's. That's only what it. 1%. Of his income 2% of his income. All of you reduce your super senator income to charity burger really great it's funny you should say that because recently we talked about this case event Montreal Canadians. Announced a donation out of its own pocket of ten million dollars to the Children's Hospital Montreal. He's gonna spread it out over a seven year period but he he gave them ten million dollars they've they've put his name up in the atrium of Children's Hospital in Montreal. I read an article out of Montreal saying that he was trying to buy the captaincy of the Montreal Canadians. Because the Canadians hadn't yet named their captain for this year it ended up being Max patch erratic. And there were people in Montreal who actually thought so Ben was making the donation. So that they'd name in the captain of the I had. Dark did you hard have to ready to twist that it took is that pure good. An extreme act of generosity because soup on while he might make a lot of money relative to a you know awesome group relative regal work of people in it doesn't have a infinite supply of cash in and he really gave of himself advance. But I ended I don't wanna make the sonic doesn't growl that's what it was in the with a gala a couple of nit wits who set dogs try to by the captaincy of the Canadians. Inexpensive seat to stick on the front of your cheers and what didn't worked out didn't work again tonight about serenity there may have dollars of these rail about the cap that that's would you do when you bring donuts into the break world that I now. Paulson Boston eight ball I don't. Yeah I don't at all. Yeah I doubt we're we're now Ohio last year and I and I ran into a couple of former director clears. And they actually remember well there you Brady Brady is that people. I you'd order a reference what major. And you're saying let me and it. They would come down adults are gave a full bowl and hang out and shot straight BC government role does the associated with the players. Well like I'm Michael Jordan effect I think that's also. A reason why you are well. All oil and football. Yeah that's an awful thing. Aren't self focus our football that let's go out of it adorning your playbook want to come down have some drinks. At your. Wipes here you accusing him in the event in Rome in return for Monday I'll go up to from both Michael and a lot. Elect an end the caller may be right you know that that maybe. Because he is as much as I think he's rob filed nationally. If you took the smaller sample size of the National Football League is even more reply. NFL players hate him. And any even in the aftermath of judge Berman ruling. When some legal analysts said you know NFL player should realize what a paper Tom Brady has just done for them and then they were not all all all good job. Yeah well quite fiercely fellows. Not I think April of that probably figure that out once he wins the appeal. Anyway you know you win the first round and you win the appeal and they'll figure out. You know how this is a good thing for players that. I players got it already summed it up and I just got out some Aaron Rodgers said something in about this is good for for players everywhere this is this is a win for us aware of about it. It launches silence was deafening and I don't think it's because they weren't paying attention I think it's kids. If Brady's off the field for imported games I think that that's a plus. And in not looking at the big picture of saint he's right you you clowns we pay attention. Anybody explain a Brandon Marshall yet the judge Berman not part of the national. And I just your miniature branding get that yet I don't judge it by atonement. In Iran jets coach balls to tell that your player. Somebody on the set their it showed tired you know what I know you know Brandon Marshall plan for the jets and own probably would know if guys are far away like in New York Mike mad at empire. This area if a federal judge. And apparently a guy that favors a white quarterbacks over the rest of arrow downloading apps. 6177797937. Or at fort top the hour. Evan Harlan an hour from now dale and Hollywood Thornton Sports Radio W media.

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