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Monday, September 10th Whiner Line

Sep 10, 2007|

Huge Patriots win, and now we have camera-gate.

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My views expressed don't know why airliner not necessarily those of the big show with staff for WEEI in general don't blame us for what these nit would say -- -- they don't speak -- They satisfying. That's the whole point man as we we -- yet at this stage means for the who's noble and now David explains won't be close games like these -- -- got the win. Even ten better than anyone about the game of the centenary games. Some good WEEI whiner line. Really -- stuff like this then. These will be -- -- -- Best of -- -- old dial 7793535 a better team than it showed tonight that we're. We gotta do whatever you can become how we got to dole -- keep talking about it from whiner line that we -- by the same note whenever we gotta keep doing it and now obviously this little emotional for you. Tony award. That is not alright -- you know right but W yeah. Coach cards only thing. I -- well on it should watch them money crime to football games -- background of that -- its doubleheader tonight will be. The biggest disappointment football in Baltimore would be. Why do you like Ausmus -- dirt cheap prices Italy or apartment that. At -- going to be aggressive candy store video. Answer you -- for a one on Friday at the point four at the sneakers and -- -- about it -- -- if you call me and he got -- my -- this is this is where I've got a question. What the new balance people like those notes the new balance people sent over two gigantic -- 11 for those who -- what year. So sure -- I look for -- I'd look for you without you previously under house got. I was out but I watershed -- and -- you know it's your growth like. -- don't -- we -- I don't. I I don't know so the one of the week is brought Cuba Grossman's -- -- sort of -- don't know if that christmas body of growth is important when the wind this week made it. They'll need to -- pure fantasy guru and what would that fit in the PP Larry Lucchino and but with both the table with a Crisco with a flash -- And revenues remember that person gets a hundred dollar gift card from Grossman's bargain outlet to remember how the deal works we keep score for the entire year 52 weeks. And at the end of the year somebody's going to be awarded and presented at the -- awards next year -- -- 85000 dollar Grossman's -- now which shopping spree don't get better than that. I -- -- that the rest of them. And I don't want to vote. And then on the bones of that. And then -- page. So right -- such ranking at this week to -- Peoria remark after a -- start that they -- this is Bozeman BA is the return of state coach they got smoke and because drinking Coke and pickles right wing talk radio welcome back Stephen pretty. Let him back -- that jay is now Konerko -- motorcycle Steve. I don't think you want to be included two of those about you know -- to want talking I don't want him to. Actually they were listed as a foreign -- but it's one and though. It came from you're -- -- patriot game. Before yet today that they -- we have now. And that -- all the pressure off of old age he scored the a warning right -- -- yourself Coca you know second ago this is a Yankee series -- doesn't make -- different -- they clinched it. He'll play dozens and dozens of good middle school. It's democracy blooming and really you know what delicate Kenny to a fault -- back XP. Jack -- -- -- I don't know it's over so I was of the rest -- people believe this stuff not to make it up -- ago. Maybe the New York potion okay and then from then you get the manhandled in the now since the release. Are you gotta wait it why I expect Atlanta already -- quiet by Ford. And then he was we you without within the ball. -- kid didn't stop to comply so it's I have a ball. And then message -- like about it for experimental I don't like about it. You know you -- gone have been defiant when the coach should give my chance but no you bought into it you said you don't want to how many of the guys channels like speaks we listen I'd. Gore folks. Ever at what point. Who no longer a -- in the giants. Prevent him the man but that demand that is so much development people it. It and -- -- no by the way is good is definitely runs to really outline. Hey Mike -- tribute not -- right now yeah. And the message boards at each tally. I don't know what more impressive yesterday Arafat Saturday got -- -- back there probably kept up put them side by side in the sidelined blowing -- People -- -- -- who is not that. The patriots won and everything but I kind of figured out by the get as much trouble kind of food but we street the morning with my control them -- and -- Pat heading into other end thing and then practice and live alma. So I'm a bit wanna stop doing -- I with the big boys. And then I managed to accomplish in the -- it's true it if all the days for that the first error it was going to on Sesame Street I don't think dole dole chicks who says and that's why you know that. Hey Eric angry you'll love the bacon -- -- I've been speed and Garrity. You know rat bat that but all right fail. And -- message. The -- -- I can't move that that you have to complain about route -- through an investigation. I can't remember a bigger or defense how good how -- the presidential campaign. And then mentally I guess it really does. Reek of you know normal handle it we're just fans want the game forfeited or the patriots first round pick a white -- sure so well -- wants capitalism -- sneeze in this group reliable people out I don't like this buy from allegation if it's going to be an excuse but -- -- -- yet another world. Like the patron ot and not a lot of film scouting. And -- up I think that's him that's one person this evolving story right now as well all we have data outlets you throw -- out to all those he is loving this. Tape they go out that the game -- but it downtrend stadium and I could it would it sort of Eric Mangini playboy it said that we got little. I'd dealt bella jacket pocket picked up I need a complicated game about it Bob that's -- obvious that you don't play good too much. And that message. Did you meet him man who knows that I would. You that you let him win. Wouldn't that we want to -- -- I -- bills right now what you know or just a lot of -- grip it grip political I don't half. They're big but the bottom of the alleged cameramen had wandering what the computer paper always probably don't -- big clearly don't. And that message to win this thing. I think we take what they called -- they -- lit up walk that in the NFL commissioner. Picking me kinda. A that would wonder I didn't audio recording equipment he'll put one away material there definitely is eligible for the if you pointing toward. And then have a smile on trial for what it's the finals of bug going finally done -- done we want UT. Get a compel an actual big did. But a pure marketing ploy thought up -- you guys. And that message itself on -- that was one minute that low blow reading a lot of people who thought during the summer stupid it was actually a marketing campaign they did all of this to get publicity -- number that's so it's not a that was through the overall sort of bank books. With all due respect mr. pick up particularly unhappy in Boston today it's a lot of it is for Dennis and Callahan. Then there was -- lockout ended in the men seeds. The ball won't blow that the -- best. Benefit -- he would do what made him. What about that that the ball bothered -- know -- -- Arnold. At his track and then managed an -- and I'm not like you frank. I am happy that they're making more money in the road course sure dale Arnold -- pool hall only lie brad Noel Johnson what I. Brad Mike Adams J loves. -- just well well what do you combine all of -- were about -- who wouldn't know what neighborhood unhappy about what you can sit -- -- -- houses in the -- Milledge -- done -- -- you deserve it. They've done about it. I hit back that -- have been recognized first that you wanted to retract that statement that really mob will no longer. Have a good position era as a patriot. Or would you like retract the statement that it no good this club -- like retract that statement that he's a bad Apple or bad seed. Anything beyond. -- going I don't know and then and it -- I was in the first 45 minutes today. They only got up to the last episode the sopranos is still trying to catch up they'll -- out front at 39 days together they got they got to catch -- -- now. They pick -- that he wanted to get locked out July and August yet would you update patients that don't quite get locked out -- -- And marchers -- division -- ever and I felt that they had -- vacation schedule wouldn't take up. We knew well I'm glad -- there and try again -- back old baton eaten up. And I haven't got a -- brand new contract it is good that they go. Quick -- that we got all they kicked him out next week. And then message. The jury's going to get a vacation like 2010 zone not so she's not always things that. -- it really good Bennett who learned of Cairo back in the morning and let them back but loses -- and I didn't hear I need to know were like inside the Bob Howry I don't. The message. -- five that you get those guys had to go ask channel five. -- angry still put it very -- -- yeah. That was the most pathetic quality but meanwhile I have -- -- -- -- -- but I don't he would get married. And then met most of Frankfurt lost it would do me -- Brian I -- -- -- right. Okay didn't go the other -- that is a good look at that there is going to do. If you had an addiction that people look at photos good has done so that -- -- okay and go to look at a it didn't do. I think that the I ally I idea -- are. Good it. -- these he bank and then that pendulum has. The. Yeah it so I listen it's gotten hit around bald eagles game on Saturday and you know once is bad bad. Except one eagles score these guys that sound like a man you know he'd probably be better equipped and these that you -- And then -- -- John sterling ask some shoes she's they were they were John sterling has this week you know he's going to one by Boston College -- -- talking about it in my -- -- since the civil I think that it wouldn't. Right you know Orioles and -- through this that. Get over excited that -- the big now we do about -- -- a football player that knows -- pocket about. And then that he did -- -- I don't want to Michael who knows what he's talking about it. Why they won't think we're. Unbelievable like animal wouldn't mind going to contribute to pick -- You don't go -- them back again block at a table my leads the league I felt until that day. And then and then -- -- I don't know how who -- -- -- -- but in six weeks though bush was not supplying his -- we're gonna have a problem you. Anybody know you know -- moment that got them got cut it doesn't doubt it appears that the big. Every kind of think like you don't forget that although that. And just now about voice above the boards comet hit on and hit a -- about the boys -- on the balls out of a vice we kind of guy and the phone. -- Romeo Cornell. The word that was emporia it's better could be a fervent in football haven't been hitting the ball well. And that that we'll let Milton went back here. Yeah definitely got a confident that we -- and I put them against it and attack. I like mind with -- and made I'm 57 and French fried potatoes. Big Kosher pickle and quote quite -- -- good god almighty which way do I fear. And does that I'd go you're they don't. Dickerson would -- -- -- -- narrative a deficit was a detailed gaining about eight hours in his man's room to a local -- bald guys -- pony -- all graceful gold -- -- like about doesn't that isn't going to look like a three years. Body you break it appeared in the -- it does spotting red for those of you under it is quite familiar with the work. The picture 75 it will -- massive body thing. Really loud. And then I -- Jon Bryant -- unbelievable memories are sold the volatility of. I don't let it and -- -- and -- just love respect and media that -- Glad I put it. I think that the pregnancy that is going to be good thing for the I definitely feel like it flooded every once about that if you want to say. Glendon public -- -- -- -- -- happen on Sunday -- -- -- New -- -- I -- let me a little league want to see Aetna and glen and again that this is your opportunity -- Atlantic that we side. You know definitely I don't know if it's enough so effective. It's December 7 best and you got him he would had not I was human right. I know I I would like to commit like coaches a question of the week not an. Did coach billick I was you know and -- -- -- and -- Latin haven't -- was suspended for being on APEC DH I think. I would -- years it's -- suspended 1000. That's -- ethnically Chinese food but they look what I -- and ATP executive washroom. And did not clash at Purdue and number two and -- really -- And men exited Asia -- a lot of -- to Greg gross was market -- get dirt cheap rice is a volatile Buehrle thinks of stuff. Grossman's bargain -- who Siro tomorrow

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