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Michael Rosenberg of SI discussed his allegations against Bill Belichick 1-20-15

Jan 20, 2015|

Michael Rosenberg attempted to defend his column full of accusations against the Patriots and Bill Belichick.

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He has the right of the Sports Illustrated we've been discussing and reading up portions of his piece today outlined to play the football just latest corner objects that's accused of cutting. Rosenberg joins us on the AT&T like the morning Michael it's John Jerry and Kirk in Boston thanks for taking a couple of minutes here. Here. Or it's it's cold but it's OK it's all right. Eric premier rock art you your tree holes Michael can tell you that. Before it go just just a bit of history do you have it anyway cheaper for me personal history at issue with either crap or bill will be patron organization. And. No known not in anyway. For your. And any consequences Rick Roberts Tom Brady and it is Pletcher hot. A Michigan man. I can go to Michigan and Everett accurate that our regret. And a hot. So and and I say you know I I have nothing but respect certain or Brady you know it's great so. And you know hours before I wrote this thing I wrote another column big output and input of folk art Arctic it'll all go. Are you can ignore that articulate in origin. Argue you write and go through this kind of point by point if you if you don't mind this is totally believable this is a big deal. Smart opposing coaches put locks on every entry way to the locker room. So nobody from the patriots kept walking and accidentally grab a place cheaper too and inadvertently bring it back. To the New England coaches now is that hyperbole 'cause I can't picture opposing coaches putting locks on every door to their locker room. I think they have done that and I think I'm sure I'm sure that they have done also is somebody's there to Mitch or a bit out you can barely that the nature and are the patriot so far in their head and they would never do that but that you met with them and that there are where we were never read that anywhere else might never heard that. Where. Where I don't know I mean you know I I get on either. People are worried that that's what people need to understand that it might might mean. These are highly argue he's highly competitive people. And once Belichick I think with the spike in other rumors and instinct come out the people here whether don't chew and not. Our people get very worried and in the 88 and the bank. He'll do whatever it takes to win now I also think it actually ridiculous I like. That that's not the re. But yet I do think that that is directly to make their career. So you have had people in the NFL coaches GMs tell you that Belichick will send a guy in there with howls. Still personally but really in there well to steal play well founded whispers you call public. Well I think it concerns here that they get a look every in supply all in. Are more people staffers there than the road change right so that's sure everywhere and there's more remorse suspicions are the patriot and RO where now. Quick speeches say that the ridiculous and that's OK I didn't say that this is a they. This is not like just one guy in the corner saying. I'm concerned about it I mean there isn't the concern people have about featured. Where did the theory on the TV on the parking lot come from because we've had a number of callers Texas. Saying how crazy that is like by the way might include the patriots organization they contact you can't see if the patriots bench. Right salute talked about one that is not he tortured tell us Michael CIBER to telling us is that Dell is a telecheck. Watch is that TV switch is really following can barely see from down the field it's delayed before throws a flag for the coach's challenge. What does that was it was testament to particularly now again that doesn't mean that it that's why they built this. The stadium or anything like that but. That's that's what you are respected guy guy you trust told you that Belichick does that. And it's an advantage. Well they have wondered that now they've got to it's also fair to wonder now would be. A thing that the the first year they worried about it. All the two things Michael two things the patron to call to make it very clear you cannot see the giant TV out of the parking lot at CBS scene. From the patriots bench and perhaps more damning to that. Rumor or story is affected it is only 72 delay. From what you would normally state. They're where would ever entered there were brought to respond here. And don't. Doesn't every team have a guy in the Booth watching TV screens anyway and they have screens in the stadium video but you know there's a communication issue next in end of a declined to scrap. You write like you sort of sort out there like well you know sort of conspiracy to do you but do you believe. The belly check is doing this stuff do you believe he has people in locker rooms do you believe that they lock these eggs do you believe the they put the TB that what do you believe about Belichick. I believe he is willing to do anything other coaches and I wanted Q and then the question becomes what are you going to do what it's not. And then the question mayor is how much evidence. What do you think you just how old boy do you think he's just tell Boyce is spies are I don't know I don't know that but I. I here's the sound plausible. That that they think it's possible that we get our biggest plus one other cultures locked their doors. That's one thing that I astounding and covered sports for a lot are okay. Wouldn't the most successful people are often these hyper competitive part herbs and brilliant people. And sometimes that reason he's in the gets them an edge that the rest of us can only it. It's often very hard and yet and I think almost all the intimate look at the inflated bubble especially at all. And personal I don't think they're gonna get it for this title around like that I have no idea. But this is but that's got on the NBA for a long time and I have partly actually but you'll hear in the eighteen typical over where it all because if Garrett can negotiate and. And they want all about it and not like a new tactic does not inconceivable that a team would do it. I don't know you know I'd I don't know what they do what they don't do but. Bit. But you make you make telecheck seemed unique in this regard luckiest one guy. He's the the beam the makah belly here who would do anything and everything to win. Break the rules send in spies you know use technology and other coaches are more from honest. I I would say that lights he's the only one who two trips to like you and that he. He is more created I mean look I think pages are now or stop the problem with it it's a year. I mean I've you know I'll get to caught be. No question I don't know broke out Nidal go to subsidies don't like what's out to mean this is probably unfair sounds to me like you I read it might hear you now. You like the guy for some reason like organization for some reason it's like you make it while the stuff up other than Ayers it's to south. On a set that's crazy now I've everything I got in there it's opposite he about the question. And then I wrote the way it for a reason is neither suspects in these are concerned that there are no personal with boats at one thing that I will. I really do respect for raw I think he is. You know possibly the greatest coach in the history of the game and an argument sport what they've burned astounding if they're not Unicode that the flee both altered tape but that's not. The route to success so no I note that that and and I respect that Belichick is but he is he's not somebody who. You know he's tried to make Iran love than any of the step. Seal up any of the stuff is true or not that is kind of throwing out if this works we have a hell of a story right you knew that he was sending spies in there. To steal stuff but here's my way and and you went into detail on the eligibility. Thing which guys are eligible general public as Baltimore. I think is perhaps the craziest. Accusation. It's legal and you say you know there's a gray area here. What's the gray area. It's a legal play you for. Michael that he should of called the league. In the middle of the week and say. I'm gonna use alignment is eligible and a back is ineligible some he's done before some and other teams have done before. And he's gonna call someone at the league office and inform him that's what he had planned. And edit comments. You're theater and you should play it but that did the sound track play but and you think OK well do some some later. You know back seat to see that there are out early I think part of a all the destruction right terrible problem and that's part of like so. And look you can read all that and lots he's Smart and who else and that's okay and the art major and not one of the benefits. It everything and there are being in court about it popular sleep. And I get it. You think Pete Carroll called the league said he was gonna fake punt. Last week do you think Pete Carroll called legal Wednesday and said we are gonna run it properly and run a fake feel Google. Nobody you have a player that you're not that's right on the border you're not sure they're gonna chronological. That. And it's not have been as there are to protect themselves they delegate what sort out did not realize at some insults. And Allen to an end in our this is what noble I don't think any Clara. That's army official the official boxed set because. Very bitter if you look at it and and the officials were not even sent their position. Where have all the staff the couple parts of the patriot that's their fault they're not allowed the ball snapped the app are the eight ball so. I I think it is something to get an edge. I think he couldn't I think you probably violate the spirit of the rule based so it's not violate collateral it will and it worked you know and and and hate America. You have you culminates circumvent chain of the rules. Right ways to circumvent what I circumventing like well hope pointers. If you if you're subbing players are out. Yet can get the summit separate and apart that they that that. But Peter King we're colleague put a clock on it. He went seven Tennant seven seconds on the free place and by the way they threw it to eight tight end. With the number 47 that's not exactly in my governor except of to give against Baltimore the ref isn't bouncing on the PA that number 34 is an ineligible receiver. Reuters seven Paris earns seven seconds from the old reality. This incident Peter King. Two went to an airline now. With the stuff all right. Okay well. I mean which is quick but again that's. In other refs how well checks and as long as they know who's eligible holes not so why did Michael what are the reasons one of the big reasons teams go to the no huddle is to promote the other team from substituting. This did this to leave or right to dedication. But you know what that's that's arguable I think you're accusation on on the blog crafts on the run as something that might have have legs that Michael because titled the craft is gonna. Is gonna take too kindly to this you think that he might get a favorable schedule 'cause he's though a buddy of Sumner redstone which games this year a look at the schedule which games to know that they got a fair feral scared. Look I also think you can barely wonder how much event that it I would argue with nine. I mean I think it's very Smart why did you what did you write to those time did you write that well I just think that these are these are suspicions around that the agent that they get at. And maybe some of it's it's sheltered from winning ticket a fair question I do I do think the bigger issue I mean he's very close to develop. And people wonder if they have an end that way but. You know look at it out it's not something that I don't mix things up OK so. Pictures. There are a lot of people who legal assistant and at stages and I thank you error page it's probably Armenian America. Who told who told you what would here who talked about the walks. I'm marketing and as a coach is a front office who told you. I'm not told you about. Tucker you told them in the public Huckabee on the side of the elite anybody. Tore up I like to Mike are a buy your book and Rebecca Woody Hayes is great I want to make him have to stop by the putting and I just that's how it would. If it's really true you had confirmation that there are spies are locks or. You know the camera that the TV was set up the debate is an advantage if it if you were just thrown out there if you had confirmation. Upheld a star Mike. Here are spirit that. And then now look I go to the way it did for reasons I mean let let Clinton's epic at it and there. Are eight but you know. Maybe some of this is just colonel and maybe some of the citizens you and you don't know what they're split. I think reluctantly become a what sort of benefit out and again on this particular issue I don't think it. Gonna cost them any thing let these are concerned about patriots I don't think it's quite a but I think Belichick suspecting that you're in and energy and it and again these are. You think you Loranger we wonder okay it's not something that I renal make things up. So you think there will be no repercussions in there will be exonerated. On deflate gate. Well. I don't know how deeply spotlight that the U. No I mean I guess if you grab a ball or a couple of balls and the ref said it you know venom it's said. What wouldn't be benefits should be what's his face from Saturday. And said these are under inflated these are only ten pounds per square and Reich then you got it coach you mean if you. Well you'd have to prove how and under what it would mean. Thumb and. Good question now we can just sit there at one story. In the earthquake like. Sometimes something can happen and you look at it but my kids the ball gets under played it sometimes so. To prove what happened I answered the question might well but I can capture captain cases. It was than usual not typical noticed it. Indicate he's found them under plated and they were angry about it of course culture had maybe an agreement which could not and do so well. And they reported and because it's the patriots because there are there were suspicions about Asia. It's a Super Bowl they've and it's it will explore an opt. That and it can result in helping me. You're gonna have to find some troops so hard haven't that they did and I. Again who don't put out there I would be shocked if they actually found part of that open and I can look how well in draft pick I'd be surprised that. Michael Rosenberg Sports Illustrated thanks very much for take some time this morning we appreciate your comments on area this morning. Thank you Michael Rosenberg witnessing talent on the AT&T hotline. So in a nutshell he couches everything by saying some people are wondering. There are concerns across the league. Suspicions exists in the NFL that's not unlike say and your critics say it in on your credit Tuesday they did not. Either not on the story did not write this he wrote the story from the point of view he believes stuff and if he was told this by like a credible forces general manager. Or an owner in reports I would have quotations around it's and said and owner sent a general matter right now what that's that would be. Really it's almost as a massive eight or if you quoted general manager sand. My coach has to bring a lot to lock his door to lock the doors cause we don't trust these people knowing or my coach. Thinks that those cowboys steal my idea of the story on my coach thinks that they are still videotaping. He writing it into the story I mean it's. I know I suddenly like my one defective accidentally defective ball theory now because he makes a good point. The league it's going to have to prove who did this ball boy. Village Jack Belichick's kid assistant coach somebody special teams guy do there are no hard pressed to to prove who did this. That's why I don't think they're gonna prove anybody did it but I think they're gonna have to say there was one defective ball maybe it was a while walks wicket to say no we found no evidence. Because only people believe that at all big picture here people believe what the wonderful ball angle that they are gonna hunt either that Carlo Hamburg sources are gonna believe that it would at least expert abolishes it would at least acknowledge what the cold believed to be true. It is yet right David Rosenberg has sources and he has that. Sort of like crazy guy in organizational. View he says yep you know I wonder sometimes what that TV over the right what what's a lot of that joked about it no like a Bill Polian type who writes the page but that's a failure and him and he has to note that SuSE this (%expletive) this is if you do it do you have quotes from it. Anonymous gentleman is that in the magazine in that like a historic cover story don't wait they'd they'd put on the front of their website as a cash after story. Story story. Huge huge story and maybe there's a follow up common because this opens some doors. People are gonna say people and ask yeah you know ask another general manager do you think the patriots. Send spies in the locker. Peter King should be on the fault there but he he knows he's there should be on the full everybody you know right. Mortenson should be on the full Glazer should be on the and by the way the patriots every single member of the organization. He's available to the media next week I there's no Heiden an assistant coaches. In general manager of the that the players every player craft will be. All going to be talking about to get the sense that Rosenberg answer questions typically my answer questions from somebody in a non friendly patriots since I'm at a key felt like he was on defense had sort body came on an audio and the question emotions are excuse you butter him up by telling you really liked his book the great body haze of but it bush about what FaceBook is a good book not after Britain's part up. There toward people wondering if it's all made up there are conservatives across the league that might be. If the decision exists that suspicion exists.

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