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Tom Brady on heading to his 6th Super Bowl 1-19-15

Jan 19, 2015|

Tom Brady discussed his latest trip to the Super Bowl.

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AT&T northeast electrical distributors. How's Lugar cater digital federal credit union what in DC UC view and buy your New England Cadillac dealers Tom joins us as he always does. On the AT&T hotline good morning Tom congratulations. On headed back to the super bull. More and that's about as excited and happy and jubilant as I've seen you in a long while. Just as a practical matter could get any sleep after a game like that be adrenaline coursing through your brains have you been to bed. I'm a little bit yeah I mean how much it was that you here's just a great when virtually unit were shipped via. An exciting one to be a part of we. Put a lot of work in the this year and then to have a culmination. No really great all around performance last night it was pretty sweet for everybody. Was a certain element of your excitement and your jubilation and your hopping up and down have anything to do with a lot of people said this team might be in the Klein after four games. An end to your everlasting credit. You didn't listen of the Croatian didn't get on the roller coaster you turned around and now you're going to suitable of that kind of four game doubt. Play into your happiness today. Now you know and I don't think it it's. I think look there's a lot of people are too good of our ship or a lot of people that. You know it's a bad thing that you and I think just since professional athlete you have to show port every day focus on doing your job. Doing everything you have to do. You know help her to win and succeed at a higher level on a weekly basis so. You know sometimes it doesn't go later they said you know all season long and if you don't win every single game. We certainly never gonna go on the challenge. Stay focused and stay with no work we were. You know expecting ourselves to do which was make improvements over the course received an. You know what you can participate as a pretty good place colder in the playoffs and we took care it's like at all so Richard. This is your sixth Super Bowl your first quarterback to do that but it's only the second time a blip on the you will be. Underdogs. Do you like the sound of that. And look wherever it is it is a note you know I don't I don't make those decisions never root for things like that but it don't work. And we'll go and there are a lot of confidence that it no it doesn't matter whether they can cure winner or loser. In a lot of people can win a lot of people think we'll lose it. None of that stuff for the next. Have you spent any time looking at Seattle yet argue do that. Like today because you get two weeks. You get two weeks and they're available at midnight last night so they. Yes retired. You know you made the Super Bowl three your first four years one is as a quarterback. And only I guess I'll ask that if this age you appreciated Marty appreciate how hard it is to get they're not just this year charged was just in general. To now make a Sioux boy Ben the six whom does it does it feel different now that did 1213 years ago. What other countries can go viewer should learn how hard it is sure that's true. To make it I mean I think you learn how hard it is to. You know make it this far in you can just so many good things happen and you know there are a lot of great for auctions especially in this hurtful or you go to our hotel. The draft to draft position and so forth you know actions. It's it's or that's being made and you know we we probably eight you know keep getting better cubic improved signal that the best coaching we get. Guys who just are so prepared to come to work every day want to rates saying. The dude you're right thing and in its pretty go to great credit all the guys who put the working and so. It's saying if Charlie didn't do it wasn't easy when we first went there and you know why nobody value. Are you play your best teams in the biggest competition in our blah you know earlier in the year coming up here. Two goals Sunday. Tom we overall I think aware of but the blunt force trauma that would Garret blunt brings to the game I was unaware that get that kind of big goal I guess is the term we're shifting list. Probably not a revelation feud you've seen it in practice. He had you know he did a lot of that last year first cued in areas and as much opportunity this year. No and yes it was just over a game so he made great decisions reminisce and when did you know blow up into the hole and then when. Went to you know cut back against the grain and then try to nature so it so. All night you know he was making those type situation in which. Is great to see him and he he had the other element. When you're young Indy into into those three super bulls for it did feel like. You gonna go to a million of them did it feel like in. It was kind of the way it's done here in new England and then you had that struggle and this and that and you know you he went ten years. When though winning Super Bowl this'll be unprecedented if you can pull this off this time. It struck me last night Tom you. Have never been so gratified to never been so excited about a accomplishment. Before about advancing to the game the big game. Well I'm pretty excited than the united I'm always pretty exciting guy tonight. In earning turned got a chance to go to this game who's pretty amazing. You know it happened pretty early in my crew three times out in the seven. You know just a great football team in 2011 we are great football team so. It's you know I'm excited that I'm a very emotional player that's in it's a great accomplishment for achieved so. You know it's shared in the celebration that everybody has an endless. Persistently. It was just a great great keeper. Or whatever you wanna be young guy or or veteran who's hasn't been asked she would have Revis or. A blunt says you know what's it like what's the most important thing to know before we get on the plane the Glendale. There's a lot and it's it's. I just being important broken for a super rich and it's all the other stuff is there in the calculated to equate their preparation and distract you when we accomplished that. You're you're you're losing track on the other teams so you got to hear what. You know the idea of staying focused you gotta be able. Two. You know who cried through the preparation of builders. Lots of things going on and hope we can surely it. A lot of religious schools suffered terribly different picture earlier in the weeks and not where a lot of those things. It's they. You know it's Syria. It's. It's it's it's a good problem to have but you know that the deal with all those who do good things but their parents. If you'd like scary picture secure religious folks are football which can occur. Did you figure before the playoffs started that element to throw for touchdown pass and so older would catch won't. I know it's it's pretty amazing you know it's who likes you never know how these schemes turned out there are a lot of these genes and you know you got to pull out some stuff that nobody the other teams have been working on them. No we. You know pretty good ways to choose to do that annuity. You know huge play in the game adapt point. Coming out at halftime and put together great drive so. It was just they there's just a great great call it Josh great execution go all the guys in the arts in May catch and run and Willis was phenomenal. I assume the shoulder touchdown play it was worked on successfully in practice otherwise you probably wouldn't abuse did did he score every time he worked out in practice quite frankly. Wasn't sure who's gonna get to the yet to the end zone you can no longer claim to be the slowest guy in the field. Not an eight Strasburg the believe me a lot faster or yet that's easy. You know we never called it in practice. You know combat. That close economic development fields so he just -- were jogging on the field. We never really call it no doubt on the record with the situation came about it try to take advantage of you know them losing technique and they didn't work out perfectly. The F quick slant to go wrong for the yet 317 score 319. Was out about as fashion you can throw the ball that was a great hands only catch by yet rock. He has a great catch in Utica draped all over Google I approached that Ritter yesterday. You know a lot of paper wrote it was just you know they they got it could read your defense and we tried to. You're just chairman and their couple were close put. You know not close enough so you know crop made a great catch on now on that was another huge play you. You're such a strip down there in that area and you wouldn't use. And he's playing like that and at peace he stopped. There's some reports post game last night that the league is looking into that. He the patriots a team to flee but deflating the balls. In the game you heard about the story you deed -- you know the story I'm talking about. Now I know. Care to tell me if you are quite an all time and it it it shouldn't that I have an alert. You know it did so they say the don't think they pick in the except a witness between twelve and half. At thirteen and a half. Pounds I guess with the square inch per square inch right air pressure they deflated more you can grip the ball better you get the sense that you were able to grip the ball better than the colts last night. To tear that we can weigh in on us. And get a bigger grow 2.0. Or Doug. We were trying to pharaoh whose job it is to take the air out of the ball yes. I'm pretty sure it's booked up. So much on such other craft now. A and if they prove that you were deflating them are recently and revert. Change of sickle usually don't colts a goalless. The whole ticket thing you ought to worry about that if that happens the colts ago. They're good at throughout the last borrowers that's you know. You don't I don't respond to put this. I think the left who was so appropriate response but I. Don't I'm always amazed me but you'd Thomas how do you manage to not punch Richard Sherman in the throat when he talked did you two years ago. That that was incredible. Self control restraint I don't think I could've done that. You looking forward to getting re acquainted with your pal the chairman. Or look at what of course look on the controller Kinect game and obviously. And it's it's awesome to sleep at that time. I thought he is coming at the same good gain but at the and that that Paula thought it was an. Though Florida that is literally hear anything and it would have walker wrote that it that it should. There whatever it was the next day that view is you know us. Pretty steady was. I don't know talk trash to me but I I was just party can open that it no dictator so that was vote you know bit of a surprise me. Hey Tom how hard as best you can describe it was the hit to your knees by the two colts defender on that last deep row. Attempt to block fell and you know that was like. Not too far away from disaster. Yet and you're and later the plane hit yet. The other two guys get their. Return just hold it to let you know make a played out she'll play that was eight. Yeah I mean look at who bought the bigger standard you have a lot of places. So it's safety. You know which is a total it's it's Iberia. You're the other player and then you have to be prepared. You know I I feel great today so on the outward about it. The layman would say common sense would indicate with one more game to play the biggest game of the year the super double up 457. You had no business being out they're would you lobby to stay in the game was drop below lobbying to get into the game or did you just people what you were new and you until you reportable wise. Yeah we're just keep doing what we're doing and you know we're not. When you know we do whatever coach what you are overjoyed and again when over which you know. Just wanna finish and finish it out and huge strong and know we had a great chance to that. And this is the time each week where we allow you to give all the credit to the offensive line I don't understand how this works don't. They were it was a mess you know obviously early in the year were talking. About you know coach goose. Don't hear his name mentioned anymore yeah August like elephants one minute when things go well you don't mention the guy at all. But Scarnecchia. Got to bring him back I mean you have real issues now. Didn't get touched officially. They had to quarterback hits and one sack but you were pretty comfortable in the pocket and once again this. Offensive line this sort of patchwork offensive line did the joke. But they did a great job in the eighty and they did a great job all season and it's. We gave up you know such a few not sacks this year that we. It's such a great job of lending we've been out one of our most consistent position so. Those guys that that's hard when you're through different types of injuries and our guys have really made. You know great. You know strides in improvement over the course you were cut off and compliant so it saying. You know it's it's great to be able to it just came here at the end and he ripped those guys have accomplished as. All sorts of last September sure you're playing the other plane you know. You know the more you play together through the legislature gonna make it in the press conference goes up to. Nor tackles or guards you know all the go to the plates and they're just done such a great job for so I'm proud of them it's it's city. Notes as they aux and also achievement of those guys can go pro ball what they've been able to accomplish. You know it's always a great crowd there to let them have been a million games I was at the Baltimore game the crowd was great and last night people Tweety could you just you're on TV. The crowd was great it felt like Gillette through playoffs issue was a real just from a crowd noise perspective a big home field advantage. Yet they were happening when they get off to an art it's law it was so loud touched it I was probably it probably won't thunderbird stadium so. It was it was just the runoffs who has just the other great home experience we've always. Pedigree popular theater crowd this play in every game that we played in Tampa. You know it's made a pretty special when it sort of a home crowd too so that's got to make lectures shall. Tom there were probably. A dozen and a half for two dozen great plays six of them obviously went for scores to the did not with a great catch by of marine in the first quarter. At a place I was really impressed with because it it it seems like it's so dangerous and that is. Element coming across the back of the formation in hyper speed. And the snap has to be perfect your turn have to be perfect does that always work out that welcomes it it worked out perfectly but there seems to be no margin for error in that play. The other not and it seems to happen pretty quick especially dispute that that's what tools are group so. It saying yeah. You know it's it's bird a lot of those play into that execution is all timing certainly a player like that is the Cheney made a great player early in the game catching apparatus that is. You know kind of a well to me one of the big plays in and help would get out to elite you know. That was a you know great player relations and make it bought your. They're in such a consistent. In the credible Claire refugees that are just a you know an amazing player for us. Our talk quarterback question of the week we'll get Johnny here on now brought to you by you're doing at Cadillac dealers does win the Cadillac dot com your exceptional offers that you have so much Super Bowl experience. How big will be Brady traveling party be how many tickets will you need and perhaps most importantly how will you. Make sure your focus stays on stuff that you need to do when your up there as opposed to deal with family matters and friends and hangers on. Well I'd say. You know electric say it's a great. It's a great thing to beat you and so you know it's it's a lot of people obviously want a common but we're only allotted a certain amount of tickets and I try to get. You know as many as they can't from the different happening to Nike shorts. It's pretty. A hotel rooms at all that and so forth so it was thought that goes along with that in our markets and return to give. Knocked out of the way is as quickly as possible. So that you know it's it can be all football and when next week start so nobody quite a few as usual it's it's a you know it's I got a lot of camera a lot of friends or become so it's just not a great pleasure for me to at river but he counts support Bihac. Had so much support over the years and it's hard for a plea deal and without the support part human and Easter. The market to go out there and and you know plate first on this that is as we play itself. Takes a lot of people to help us get there and it's great for the and you could experience some special this. And the world wants to know will you be FaceBook and from from Phoenix. And repeat the B word to be accurate the bailout or. He's got this idea was that shot on Saturday night from the stadium. Very artsy like some cutesy and in gallery commercial shot it. Pretty well and I love it or do something with decently picture thing on FaceBook this weekly climb on Sherman nerd decently. Strong climb on a blue on blue horse or putt like a punch things publisher. Yeah just for RC. Yeah who. How we were pretty. Congratulations Tom. Are expected at the suitable talk radio interview brought to you by AT&T northeast electrical distributors house lubricate your digital federal credit union. Well in DC UC do you amp by your New England Cadillac dealers. 617777937. Headlines is next with a hand Tim Hasselbeck after that.

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